Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday: Summer Nightdress No. 2

Today, I have the day off from work.  I was up early to call daughter and wake her up since she had to go to her summer internship job.  Then, a cup of coffee, some news on TV, a quick look around on the computer, and a small load of laundry - the old sheets I use as dust covers/cat fur protectors on the family room sofas.

After that, I cut out and sewed myself another summer nightdress:

Summer Nightdress No. 2

No yoke, this time.  Instead, I put a few dart-like tucks around the neck in front and attached an embellishment I've had since daughter was born!  (A friend had given several such embellishments when daughter was born, for my mother to use on the things she was making for daughter; this one embellishment had been extra and sat in the stash until now).  The lilac color of the rose matched the pale lilac fabric of the nightdress:

I attached it by hand, with a running stitch.  Everything else is machine stitched.

Again, the fabric (broadcloth) was bought on sale (70 or 75% off; $1.20 or $1 per yard, depending on the discount).  Assuming it was 70% off, then, the 3 yards I bought would have cost $3.60 (plus sales tax, of course).  I already had the thread and the embellishment on hand.  So, this is another fairly frugal nightdress.

Lunch was more of the leftover fried rice and fried spicy shrimp from Saturday's outing.  Haven't decided, yet, what to have for dinner - I've chicken curry, smoked sausages, and lentils in the fridge, but I haven't felt like eating a big dinner, the past few days, due to the heat.

Today, I am grateful for:

- A day off from work, which gives me a long, 3-day weekend and an extra day to relax and sew
- Having sufficient sewing skills to make simple garments
- Ice-cold lemonade made with lemons from the garden
- Fans to keep me cool!
- Electricity to work the fans!

But Mondays, even if I have the day off from work, means that there are things that must be done, so
Monday's to do list:

- Laundry (done)
- Sew 2nd nightdress (done)
- Wash hair (done)
- Take trash cans out
- Water the front garden
- Water houseplants

 Other items to be done this week:
- Plant succulent cuttings
- Water back garden
- Put gas to the car
- Pay bills
- Car registration renewal
- Schedule mammogram
- Schedule eye exam
- Weekly house cleaning routines

How was your Monday?  What have you planned to do this week?


  1. Very frugal nightdresses :-)

    My Monday was good. Got a last minute text asking if my niece could come over and she will be here every day with me as big sister decided very last minute she wanted to attend a day camp this week. We made brownies from scratch, we make something everyday she is here which so does not help me lose weight :-) This evening we filled Little Wolf's tiny pool up and sat him in it and let him splash for the first time.

    This week I need to finally get my pool cleaned out and filled up which my mom is coming over tomorrow when she gets off to watch niece and Little one so I can work on it. Saturday the husband and I am going out to celebrate our anniversary with movie and dinner.

    1. Happy anniversary! Nice of you to watch your niece; maybe you could do a craft project instead of baking. Or make some fruit-based snacks/desserts.

  2. What a pretty night dress. Love the broadcloth soft and comfortable. I made my mom [who is in a wheelchair] a few recently..She loved them.. Now, I need to make me a couple.. love, love to sew.
    Proud you had an extra day off.. and got to sew and enjoy the extra day..
    We ran errands today, and I did some extra cleaning ...
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Judy, thank you. I've seen some of the items you've sewn on your blogs and they are lovely. I hope you get lots of time to sew, this week.


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