Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Goals and Balance Wheel in Review

Can you believe that June has already come to an end?  Time to review my June goals and the balance wheel.  The focus in June was the Environment and Health, since these areas were a bit out of balance in May.

Spiritual: Continue with daily devotions/meditations.  I will probably not be able to attend the monthly prayer meeting due to a schedule conflict.   Focus on gratitude and abundance - I didn't attend the monthly prayer meeting and I kept a list of things for which I was grateful, every day.

- Outside: Continue to landscape the front garden: plant more drought tolerant plants/succulents, etc. - Done
- Inside: Continue to clean and declutter;  go through each room; get the donations organized and call for a pick up - Need to call for a pick up

Daughter:  Continue to be there for her; enjoy her visit in mid-June  :) - We spent a lovely weekend together

Family:  Continue to keep in touch with family members: phone calls, letters, emails, etc. - I spoke with my sister and cousins; emailed other family members including an aunt and cousins

Friends:  Continue to keep in touch with friends through email/phone calls/video chat, etc.  - Done; got together with friends for meals, visited another friend, called/emailed other friends

Career:  Continue to manage work load efficiently; do 1-2 days of overtime- I did one day of overtime; managing work in a timely manner

Finances:  Revise budget to accommodate increased expenses related to daughter's rent.  Keep to the grocery budget of $75 - Unfortunately, I went over the $75 grocery budget because I bought some treats for daughter's visit/for her to take back with her.  But I'll make it up in July.

Health:  Big goal is better health!  I have a doctor's appointment coming up and some referrals to call and schedule appointments - Had the doctor's appt., lab test results were good; have one appointment set up and waiting for a call back on the other referral. 

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies:  Continue to sew from fabric stash:  I want to make a set of placemats for everyday use, some summer nightdresses, and maybe a couple of other items.  Just have to make time to sew!  2 library visits, too - library visits done; nightdresses sewn; placemats cut out and partially sewn. 

Productivity and Time Management:  Continue to make efficient use of my time and be more productive: weekly cleaning routines; meal planning; bulk cooking; etc. - trying!

And that has been my month-end review of the various segments of my life.  All in all, not too bad.  I'm really happy about all the sewing I was able to accomplish.

Do you do a similar review of the month to see how you did with your goals for the month?  Do you think such a month-end review would be helpful?  How do you keep tabs on how you did during the month? 


  1. Sounds like a successful month!

    1. Yes, it was, for the most part. It was a good month.

  2. I went to a seminar on Happiness Contagion and kept wishing you were in the lecture hall.

    We're asked to note 3 items of gratitude, meditate for 20 minutes daily, praise at lease one person each day, do something kind for someone each day, smile for no reason and note if the person smiles back, talk to someone you don't usually talk to...

    We're to report back if these repetitive actions help banish anxiety, result in higher productivity, if you are promoted, win an award and increase in salary.
    What do you think?

    1. Hon, that sounds interesting! I think it definitely helps to find something to be grateful for, each day. We tend to focus so much on the negatives, it's so easy to start feeling sorry for ourselves over what's lacking. But if we focus on the positives, then, we see how blessed we truly are.

  3. I admire your goals, and how well you succeed in them..

    1. Thanks, Judy. I think the trick is to keep the goals fairly attainable.


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