Monday, June 15, 2015

Peach Harvest and Monday's Activities

Today, I picked this year's peach harvest:

First Peaches

Yes, there were only two peaches, since I planted the tree only this year and it is not quite four feet tall.  In fact, I didn't expect to have any fruit from it, this first year, and was pleasantly surprised when it set fruit and two actually developed.  They are small fruits, of course, but, again, since I didn't expect any at all, I am very pleased to have them.  I am even happier because they ripened enough to pick when daughter was also here.  So I got to share them with her.  We enjoyed a peach, each, for dessert, after our lunch, today.  They were sweet and juicy; sun-ripened and freshly picked.  I'm looking forward to next year, when, with any luck, I'll have more peaches from the little peach tree. 

Today, daughter went back to Berkeley.  We spent the morning relaxing at home.  I baked the curry puffs in the morning.  I used two packages of puff pastry and made sixteen curry puffs.  We had two of them for breakfast.  I kept two for me and packed the rest for daughter to take with her.

Later, after lunch, I dropped daughter off at the airport with strict instructions to call me at various times during her trip, and came home.  Daughter, very dutifully called me, when she cleared check-in, when she boarded the plane, when she got off the plane, and when she got to her apartment!  :D  Yes, she's twenty-two, but I am a born worrier.  Unlike Saturday's trip home, this journey went smoothly without any problems.

In the evening, I took the trash cans to the curb, watered both front and back gardens (I hand watered with a garden hose), did a load of laundry, and video chatted with daughter.

It was a rather warm day, today (highs in the low 90s); more warm weather is forecast for the rest of the week with triple digits for Saturday.  Summer is here.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter had a safe, uneventful trip back
- Fresh peaches from the garden
- Daughter is understanding of my worrying about her safety and is good humored about it
- The close relationship my daughter and I have
- Being able to spend the extended weekend with daughter

How was your Monday?  Hope you all had a lovely day.


  1. So glad you had a nice weekend with your daughter! I am amazed that you had peaches - with the drought and all. How wonderful!!!!

    1. I'm still watering my fruit trees and most of the plants; just not watering the lawns.

  2. I'm glad your daughter arrived home safely and without any problems.

  3. So happy the peaches ripened in time , for you and daughter to enjoy them..That was so nice.
    So happy daughter had a safe trip home.. and I so understand the worrying of a mama. I am the same.. My children are 38 and 42, and they still call me, when they travel, because I worry about them being safe.... I don't think Mama's ever quit worrying about our
    Have a great week.

    1. Judy, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only worrying Mama! :D


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