Monday, June 15, 2015

Grocery Shopping - June, Week 2 Continued!

Oh, no, you didn't, Bless!  You didn't go grocery shopping again, did you?  I'm afraid I did!

Sunday morning, I took out the meat (chuck steak and ground beef) to thaw and realized that I needed carrots and celery, and perhaps an onion, to make the curry puffs for daughter to take back with her.

I went to the ethnic grocery store where fresh produce is inexpensive.  They had a sale on chicken drumsticks, too.  So, I decided to make a chicken curry, too.   I got some of her favorite vegetables, as well, to share with her (vegetables are cheaper, down here, than they are, up there.)

More Groceries!

Not the best picture, I know.  But I think it's the best of the three that I took.

I bought: 
3 lbs. chicken drumsticks @ $.69/lb = $2.07
1 package raw cashews @ $6.99/lb = $3.60
1 package raw cashews @ $6.99/lb = $3.74
2.26 lb. seedless red grapes @ $.79/lb = $1.79
1 bunch spinach = $.69
1 bell pepper (.48 lb), @ $.79/lb = $.38
1 bunch celery = $.69
1.06 lb. Brussels Sprouts @ 1.49/lb = $1.58
1.2 lb. Mediterranean cucumber @ $.39/lb = $.47
1 cauliflower (1.75 lb) @ $.39/lb = $.68
2 onions (1.06 lb) @ $.33/lb = $.35
1 lb. carrots @ $.40/lb = $.40

Another Blurry Receipt!

I spent a total of $16.44.

I had $5.99 left in my June grocery budget.  $5.99 - $16.44 =  $ -10.45

I'm in the red, again, this month!  But it is OK.  I will either carry it forward into July OR I will adjust my grocery budget to $100, since I am sharing some of this stuff with daughter.  I am blessed that I am financially able to make such adjustments, as needed.

This sharing of groceries is not one way, either!   Daughter brings me goodies when she visits me.  On this visit, she brought me 2 packages of a favorite granola bar, 2 packages of a favorite spicy Indian snack, a package of Indian sweets and a loaf of specialty bread, which she paid for from her grocery budget.

Today, I cooked the ground beef filling to make the curry puffs and made the spicy sauted beef.  We had some of the spicy sauted beef for our dinner and I packaged the leftovers and froze them for her to take back with her.  I will make the curry puffs in the morning, tomorrow.  I had meant to make them tonight, but we had a full day with one of my friends, whose older daughter graduated from university today.

Daughter attended the graduation ceremony as she's good friends with my friend's two daughters.  I joined them, later, to go out to lunch with them and afterwards, we visited a couple of recreational areas and landmarks.  After that, we had tea and cake at my friend's home and then, we sat around and chatted until after 7:00 p.m.

Came home and did the cooking; had dinner and I did the dishes, etc., and cleaned the stove top.  Cleaned the litter box, too.  Called a friend who is recovering from a stroke.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to adjust my grocery budget as needed
- Celebrating another young lady's graduation
- Going out to lunch with friends
- Spending a fun afternoon, sightseeing and enjoying the company of friends
- Another lovely day spent with my daughter

How was your Sunday?    


  1. That's nice that your daughter brings you stuff also.

    My Sunday was alright. The husband finally got his vehicle fixed.

    1. Jess, glad your husband got his vehicle fixed. Hope it wasn't too expensive to fix it. Repairs can be so costly. Hope you'll have a great week.

  2. So happy you were able to get the things you needed to fix the foods for your daughter.. I agree, such a blessing to be able to adjust our grocery budgets ,when we need to.
    What wonderful finds at that grocery store.. ..
    So happy you had such a lovely visit with daughter, and how nice that she brought you such yummy things, that you like..[Aren't our children such a blessing?]
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Judy, yes, she brings me things I like from there and I give her things she likes from here! LOL.


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