Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good Enough on Thursday

Well, yesterday's post had some formatting issues, because I used two different computers and different programs to type it over the course of two days.  By the time I typed the first part and copied and saved it as a draft on one computer and retrieved it and finished typing it and copied it again, on another computer, and posted it to the blog, fonts and background colors had changed!  But it's OK, I think.  It's not perfect and I've been known to get stuck on perfection at times; but it's good enough.  And sometimes, good enough is perfectly fine.     

We've all heard the saying, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well".  We've had it said to us by others, perhaps a parent or a teacher; we might have said it to ourselves or to others.  Often, it acts as a positive motivator, inspiring us to do a good job, to do the best we can.  Sometimes, however, we strive for perfection and we become discouraged, because, there are times when perfection can't be attained.  And sometimes, we don't do anything because we are worried that we won't do it perfectly and we don't want to be less than perfect. I've had times when I've tried for perfectionism and not managed to get much done because I couldn't achieve perfectionism.  But, these days, I am learning to accept that good enough is OK, too. 

Today, I woke up with a stiff neck and shoulder.  I must have slept awkwardly, or it might be because I carry my rather heavy purse by its shoulder strap on that shoulder, or even because I sit under an air vent at the office.

I had a productive day at the office.  There was a department-wide meeting in the morning followed by an annual group photo.  I got quite a bit of work done during the day, so it was a good work day.  During my lunch break, I went to the post office to mail my utilities bill payment and went to the weekly farmers market to buy a baguette of French bread ($2.50).  I had taken some butter, mustard and turkey cold cuts in containers and made myself a sandwich with some of the French bread for lunch! 

I had another sandwich for dinner - I really enjoy this crusty French bread.

I've had a quiet evening at home - video chatting with my daughter and relaxing.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Crusty French bread
- Farmers markets
- A relaxed evening
- Safe commutes to the office and back
-  Video chatting with daughter

How was your Thursday?  Are you a perfectionist?  Or are you OK with "good enough"?


  1. For 7 years I have happily written my posts in 'Live Writer' - but last week that started playing up. I have settled for 'good enough' for the time being writing direct to blogger [life is too busy to sort out another program right now] I think I realised a while ago that what matters is Doing My Best. It may not be perfect, but if its done with love and enthusiasm, that is what matters.
    We now live near a Lidl which sells little 'sandwich baguettes' for just 19p. Two of those will make the basis for a good lunch for the pair of us - and one, sliced neatly on the diagonal, will fill a little basket to accompany an evening meal.

    My Thursday was great, thank you - lots of things accomplished xx blessings xx

    1. Angela, I like that: "doing my best with love and enthusiasm". So often, I look back over what I've done and think, "I could have done better, I should have done better"; when, in fact, I did the best I could have at the time. Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a wonderful Friday.

  2. One of my posts the other day was like that too.

    These days I tend to be more of a good enough person. Some things I used to be a perfectionist about, but as long as I do a decent job, it's good enough. I tend to have more important things to do these days.

    1. Yes, it's good to prioritize, so we can spend our time and energy on the more important things. And, with some tasks, just getting things done is more important than doing them perfectly. Hope your Friday is going well, Jess.

  3. Good enough..
    If I start a project and start wanting it to be perfect... I have to tell myself, life is too short.. Do the best I can, and move on..It will all be fine..
    Have been reading your blog post that I missed , and all that talk about that French bread, is really making me want some.ha

    1. Judy, one of my former supervisors at the office used to say he'd rather have a less than perfect product than not have anything because it was being perfected. That's really hard for me to do, but I'm learning to go with less than perfect for some things. I hope you get some French bread!


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