Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tuesday: Naps and This Week's Grocery Ads


Yesterday, in the evening, I put water to the front garden and cut a stem of gladiolus flowers to bring indoors.  I love it when I can pick flowers from the garden to display around the house, but I need to be careful to keep them out of the reach of the Cat Who Likes to Eat Flowers!  So the vase of flowers was moved to the top of a tall bookcase, well out of his reach, after I took the picture.

Up early, this morning.  A busy day at the office.  Home again in the evening.  I felt tired and took a nap on the sofa!

After I woke up, I called one of my cousins and had a quick chat with her, washed the dishes, video chatted with daughter, and went through this week's grocery ads.

There are several good sales: one store is selling 18 oz. blueberries for $1.99, 4 lb. package of cane sugar for $1.79, and corn on the cob 4/$1; another store is having mangoes 3/$.99; cherries for $1.69/lb., chicken leg quarters for $.49/lb., peaches for $.49/lb, and strawberries for $.97/lb.  Pork sirloin end chops are also on sale for $1.19/lb., this week.

However, I wasn't planning to go grocery shopping this week, except for milk, because I went over my grocery budget and I really don't need anything else.  I need to eat what I have already purchased!  Hopefully, there will be more good sales when I do need to stock up again.

How was your Tuesday? Did you have a good day?


  1. I was asleep by 8 last night. My mom came by about 3:30 to watch Little Wolf and the niece while I went to work scrubbing the pool out. It's always filthy come spring and a pain to deal with. 3 hours later, sunburned and sore, I quit for the night. Still needs some scrubbing down, but I made a lot of progress. As soon as Little Wolf was down, I was out.

    1. Jess, you must have been tired! Hope your sunburn isn't too bad and you are not too sore, today.


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