Friday, June 26, 2015

Garden in Late June

Today, too, after I came home from work, I weeded in the garden.  I am working on the circular planting bed around the little peach tree.

Peach Tree in Middle; Rose Bush on the Left; Grass Everywhere

Originally, this planting bed held several rose bushes.  All but one have died.  The one that is still alive looked like it might die, too, but it seems to be holding on.  I am thinking about transplanting this rose bush to one of the other flower beds, later, in the winter, when it is "dormant".  But, in the meantime, the peach tree was planted in the middle of this planting bed.  Once the rose bush is removed, I will make the circle smaller, so I'll have less to weed.  Once I have finished weeding, I will mulch the bed to conserve water and keep out other weeds.  The mulch won't keep out the grass, completely, however, because this grass spreads with long stolons, underground.  The stolons send up new grass through the mulch. 

3 Weeks After Weeding!
The picture above is the flower bed I weeded, 3 weeks ago!  As you can see, the grass is already starting to grow!  It thrives in the flower beds because the flower beds get watered.  The lawn doesn't get watered.  Can you tell?

Back Garden "Lawn"
Isn't it ironic, that I can't get the grass to grow in the "lawn" where I'd want it to grow (due to not watering) and it is growing nice and green in the flower beds where I don't want it to grow?

The side yard is also full of weeds, but, in this case, some of the "weeds" are the four-o-clocks that have self-seeded all over.  In years past, I've pulled them out, cut them down, and dug them up to keep them under control, but this year, they have been allowed to grow because they are growing without being watered and add a touch of color:

Four-O-Clocks in the Side Yard
I didn't photograph them, but I've more four-o-clocks growing under the lemon trees and along the driveway near the garage.

I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of my garden.  :)

Today, I am grateful for:

- Crusty French bread from the farmers market
- Volunteer four-o-clocks
- The white dove that sat on the telephone pole and coo'd while I weeded
- Another evening in the garden
-Video chatting with daughter

How was your day, today?  Did you have a good day?


  1. I always enjoy seeing pics of people's homes, that includes the outside.

    My Thursday was good. Dropped by old work for a minute and got several hugs. Even from kids I've known for years and have never seen them hug anyone! It was really nice.


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