Saturday, May 2, 2015

Weekend To Do List & Daily Gratitude

I am hoping to have a productive weekend, so here's my weekend to do list:

- Laundry/bed sheets (done)
- Remake bed (done)
- Vacuum (done)
- Tidy family room (done)
- Do dishes (done)
- Call friend (done)
- Office work (done)
- 1 hr. paperwork/filing (done)
- Water front garden (done)
- Water house plants (done)
- Give cat flea prevention treatment (done)

- Weekly meal plan (done) & cooking
- Sew (lunch bag & 1 nightdress)
- Weed 2 flower beds in front garden (done)
-  More paperwork/filing (done)
- Clean litter box (done)

There might be a visit with a friend, over the weekend (waiting to hear back from her) which might mean switching around some of the activities, depending on when the visit takes place, and might involve baking more bread!  :D

Plus, there's video chatting with daughter, on both days.

 As for daily gratitude:  A friend invited a group of us to list 3 items for which we are grateful, each day during the month of May.  This is something I used to do, every day, when I kept a paper journal; I used to write a list of 5 things for which I was grateful, each day.  Every now and then, I've included a gratitude list in my blog posts, but not on a regular basis.  I have now decided to include a daily gratitude list in my blog posts, for at least the month of May.  I'll keep it to 3-5 items.

Here's my list from yesterday:
1. Technology (I was video chatting with daughter; I was sitting at home, listening to her singing in her apartment, 400 miles away).
2. Employer paid medical insurance (went to my dr's appt. in the morning).
3. Free plants from cuttings (frugal gardening/saves money). 

And for today:
1. Sleeping in on Saturday morning.
2. Coffee with hazelnut creamer.
3. Crafts shows on TV.
4. Automatic washing machines which makes it easy to do laundry (there was a time when I had to hand wash laundry, including bed sheets and towels).
5. Fresh lemonade made with lemons from the garden.

Do you have a weekend to do list?  Do you keep a daily gratitude list?



  1. I've never done a daily gratitude list, but used to do a daily list of things that made me happy. Now I just sum that up at the end of the week. The big things on my weekend to do list was attending a cookout yesterday and today going grocery shopping and doing laundry.

    1. Jess, I like your weekly summing up of what was good and made you happy. :) Sounds like you have a busy weekend. The cookout sounds like fun! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  2. I haven't done a gratitude list..but I sure like it.. Great idea.
    You really accomplished a lot this weekend..
    I have had a really busy weekend.. Lots of spring cleaning/organizing... that has
    gotten behind..
    Hope you have a blessed week.

  3. Judy, sounds like you are getting a lot done, too. Hope you have a wonderful week, too.

  4. Happy Mothers Day.. Hope your having a good one..


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