Monday, May 11, 2015

Fresh Start Monday

All Nice and Tidy
The photo above is of what I call the small dining table, in the family room, after I tidied it, this weekend.  This is usually where I dump everything, when I first walk into the house, and it's where I place items to be taken out of the house with me (my lunch bag, library books bag, etc.)  It is also my "kitchen table", where I cut fruit for my jams, etc., since I don't have a table in my kitchen (kitchen is too small for a table).  Often it becomes the crafts table, as well.  It's where beverages are placed when I have a party, and where the occasional informal meal is served, in which case, it gets pulled out from being against the wall and the fourth chair is brought into service.  And since it is right up against the laundry closet, it is also where I place the laundry baskets, on occasion.  All in all, it is a very well used table.  But, all too often, it becomes the "dumping ground" and "gathering place for homeless items".  Keeping this table surface clear and uncluttered is an on-going battle, for me.  Which is why I took a photo of it and posted it here, after I tidied it up this weekend.  I am going to see how long I can keep it looking so nice.  It's a fresh start, this Monday, in keeping the house maintained during the week.

I have the day off from work, again, today (once every 2 weeks, I get a regularly scheduled day off; we earn it by working an extra hour a day on the other days).  I am very grateful to have this extra day off, which gives me a long weekend every other week. 

The first thing I did today, while having my morning cup of tea, was make my to do list for the day:
- Put away laundry from yesterday (hung up overnight to dry) - done
- Do another load and hang to dry - done
- Put gas to the car - done
- Go to the grocery store - done
- Go to the dollar store (right next to the grocery store) - done
- Clean out the fridge - done
- Take the trash cans to curb - done
- 20 mins. of paperwork 

I put away the laundry in the morning and ran my errands in the afternoon.  I filled the car with gas for the week; gas prices have gone up 50 cents per gallon since I put gas last!  It was $3.78/gallon, today.  

I was hoping to find terra cotta pots at the dollar store, as I've seen them there, earlier, but I didn't find any, today.  Instead, I bought some disposable gloves, toothpaste, and green grapes (2.02 lbs. @ $1.29/lb. = $2.60).

At the grocery store, I spent a total of $27.72, but that included a bag of cat food ($9.99 + tax), 2 boxes of facial tissues ($2@ + tax), a box of small trash bags ($1.79 + tax) and some personal care items ($3.99 + tax).   These non-grocery items and tax ($1.78) added up to $21.55.  The grocery items I bought were: 
1 box store brand pancake mix ($1.99) 
1 loaf sandwich bread ($1.29)
1 box store brand saltine-type crackers ($1.50) - I've been craving crackers and didn't have any in the cupboards
1 bunch (6) bananas (2.02 lbs. @ $.69/lb = $1.39)

The groceries added up to $6.17; plus $2.60 for the grapes = $8.77 

I put away all the groceries as soon as I brought them in, so no photo of them, this time.  

I had a banana and a slice of buttered bread for a very late brunch (eaten at 3:00 p.m.; antibiotics have left me with little appetite), followed by a slice of my chocolate cake, a bit later.  I also took about 1/4 of the cake over to my neighbor, to share the calories!  :D

Dinner tonight will be some of the roast chicken I made yesterday, with some broccoli.

Today, I am grateful for:

- A clean and tidy house
- An extra day off from work to rest/run errands/prepare for the week ahead
- Chocolate cake
- A sunny and warm day
- Having sufficient to share (the very definition of abundance, in my opinion)

I am looking forward to a quiet evening and video chatting with my daughter.  Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Your dining area looks so inviting! It sounds like you had a very productive day. I giggled when you wrote that you shared the calories with your neighbor when you gave her the chocolate cake- although now you made me want chocolate cake- haha. I am glad that you get an extra day off every couple of weeks- I think that is a really nice thing for your workplace to do for it's employees. Hope the antibiotics are doing their job and you are feeling much better today. :)

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Yes, I'm feeling better. So, are you going to make a chocolate cake?

  2. Very nice. I just find something relaxing about having clean areas. It is a never ending work in progress for me. That sounds like a very nice place to work, getting that extra day off!

    1. Thanks, Jess. I am trying hard to have more clear surfaces. Hope you are enjoying these last few weeks of having to go to work.


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