Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Still Productive Tuesday

I was able to have a relatively productive day, today, even though the antibiotics are making me feel a little nauseated.  I went to the office, went to the pharmacy during my lunch break to pick up a medicated lotion the doctor had prescribed which had to be special ordered, and ran one other errand after work.  My neighbor had brought in my trash cans for me, so I didn't have to do that.

Later, I went through this week's grocery ads:  cane sugar is on sale, again, for $1.99/4 lb. bag.   I try to buy sugar when it is $.50/lb. or less.  I go through a lot of sugar when making jam and chutney.  There were one or two other good deals, too, but I haven't decided if I'll buy anything other than the sugar.

I spent a quiet evening, video chatting with daughter, watching a program on TV, and doing a bit of cooking.  I will clean the litter box in a bit and have a relatively early night.

Are you writing about me, Mummy?
 Today's Gratitude List:

- Helpful and friendly pharmacy staff
- Helpful and friendly neighbors
- A drive through the park on my way to the office
- A restful evening

Did you have a good Tuesday?


  1. Cats have such a hard life :-) That was nice of your neighbor. My Tuesday was good. Stayed at home with Little Wolf. Was fairly productive. Changed the sheets, swept the floor, vacuumed, folded laundry, tidied up the living room, made some fried chicken. For one nap I just rested and watched tv for a while instead of worrying about doing anything else.

    1. Jess, you did a ton of stuff! I'd say you were very productive. It's hard to get housework done when you have an active toddler, so getting anything done is an achievement and you did a lot. I'm glad you took some time to rest and relax. That's important, too. And yes, cats do have a hard life, don't they? ;-) Thank you for commenting.

  2. Is kitty being treated to it's people food? How much does she weigh? Hope antibiotics solves sinus infection, true they have lot of side affects. Today was nuts, DH took SUV for tire change-out, the mechanic stripped the nut, broke the wheel stud, couldn't get a replacement and threw my day out of whack while I dropped my tasks to go pick up stranded [and cranky] DH

    Day got worse at 5:30 when DH kindly walked over to the grocery store for fresh dinner rolls. The rolls were awful, I thought possibly frozen. DH was truly upset so after dinner I drove over to complain. about my ruined dinner and cranky husband. It was hilarious as coincidently, their former bakery manager was standing behind me. The clerk as her for an opinion and she explained the dough had been left to proof far too long and the product was awful! The clerk rebated the money, I was surprised! I'll call the bakery manager tomorrow and ask they do a better job of timing the proofing procedure. I wonder what he'll say lol

    1. Hon, sorry to hear about your bad day. Hope the car can be repaired without further trouble. Glad you got a refund on the bad rolls. Hope the bakery gets the proofing times right.


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