Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Monday

Today is Memorial Day in the United States; a day to remember those who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

Today, daughter returned to Berkeley, since she has to be at her internship office, tomorrow.  So, this morning, I made another batch of waffles for breakfast and packed up the leftover waffles for her to take back, with her, along with 2 packages of the cherries, the remainder of the Armenian pizzas, a package of coffee, a bag of flax seeds, a package of cashews, an unopened jar of peanut butter and an unopened jar of lingonberry jam. 

Her flight was scheduled for a little after noon, so I dropped her off at the airport a little after 11:00 a.m.  I had just reached home when she called me to tell me that she wasn't allowed to take the peanut butter and jam in her carry on luggage (we hadn't known that, obviously).  She was given 3 options, she said: either check in her bag and send it as checked luggage (but didn't want to do that as she didn't have any way to lock her backpack), dispose of the jars of peanut butter or jam, or have me come back to the airport to collect the items from her.

Since I live quite close to the airport, I chose to go and pick up the peanut butter and jam.  If I had a longer distance to drive, I would have told her to dispose of the items.  But going back to the airport meant I got to see my daughter one more time, so that was a nice little bonus.  :)

After I came home, I did some cooking.  First, I browned the ground beef I had bought on Saturday, with a bit of diced onion, garlic and tomato.  I haven't quite decided what I will make with it - cottage pie with a mashed potato topping or curry puffs.  I also boiled some potatoes to add to the ground beef mixture or to make mashed potatoes, once I decide what I am going to make!

After that, I got hungry for some lunch, so I decided to make some homemade fries and a scrambled egg.  I selected a nice big potato and cut it up into wedges and fried them in a little oil, in two batches since I used a small frying pan:

Fries in the Making

Homemade Fries Draining on a Paper Towel

They are quite crisp when done, but do go soft rather quickly.  But I don't mind that.  I just sprinkle a little salt on them and eat them quickly before they get too soft!  :D

Daughter called to tell me when she got to her apartment.  The flight itself is only one hour long, but it takes another 1 1/2 hours to get from the airport to her apartment by bus and subway.  But she had a good flight and an uneventful journey to her apartment.  She still doesn't like flying, but she's getting used to it.  Now, it's back to video chatting till her next visit in mid-June. 

I didn't make a To Do list for today (other than taking daughter to the airport), but I did two loads of laundry (bed sheets, towels, etc.) and hung to dry, started cleaning both bathrooms (scrubbed the toilets), emptied the waste baskets and took the trash cans to the curb, and watered the front garden.  I also called and spoke with a friend and wrote to a friend.  Need to remake the beds, too, and put away the laundry when dry.  

Today I am grateful for:

- The weekend visit with my daughter
- One extra hug and kiss before she left
- A safe journey back for her
- A message of love written on my fridge memo board 
- The ultimate sacrifice made by those who served in the armed forces and their families

How was your Memorial Day Monday? 


  1. So glad that you girls had a wonderful weekend together and your daughter had a safe journey back. I giggled a little bit about the pb and jam- I didn't realize those items were not allowed on planes. I would have done the same as you- picked them up at the airport and squeeze in one more hug! :) Your French fries look so good- there really is nothing quite like homemade fries!
    Our Memorial Day was really nice. We initially had no plans at all, we have been so busy packing up to move and cleaning the house and yard, we barely even noticed the holiday (when pressed I probably would have had to really think what day of the week it was or what month we are in- lol- we are that tired right now!) My brother surprised us by coming over in the afternoon with a bunch of meat to throw on the grill. He is a really good cook (former chef) and fired up the grill and we were treated to marinated steaks, seasoned chicken kabobs, hot dogs and burgers. I made a quick pot of homemade mac and cheese and a bowl of corn to go on the side. All in all, we had a good time- it was nice to have a break from all the work and enjoy some family time. :)

    1. Dawn, what a nice surprise to have your brother treat you to a grill out! Nothing like having a chef in the family! I'm glad you got to enjoy a little family time and a break from all the work. Hope you have a great week.

  2. It's nice you got to see your daughter one extra time :-) My Memorial Day was mostly a lazy one. Not much going on.

    1. Jess, I'm sure it was nice to just relax, too. You probably have enough going on just taking care of Little Wolf and the house and everything. Hope you'll enjoy your first week of being a stay at home mom.


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