Tuesday, August 3, 2021



Dinner: Pork Bulgogi, Rice, Vegetables

Another warm summer day, today.   I brought in the trash cans, shared some of the tomatoes with neighbor S, watered the indoor watched some of the Olympics on TV, and checked this week's grocery ads that came in today's mail.  I'm not planning to buy anything in particular, but checking to see if there was any good sales on beef; $4.99/lb. seemed to be the best price (for tri-tip roast or family pack of steaks).  

My daughter had milkrice with seeni sambol (onion relish) for brunch; I had potato salad!  Later, I made us smoothies using frozen bananas, peaches, and some apple juice.  

In the afternoon, our new laptops and the package with the printer ink arrived!  Daughter set up my new laptop for me and I am using it to do this post!  

In the evening, daughter did the prep work for the pork bulgogi, cutting the meat and making the marinade.  She kept it to marinate for 30 minutes and I cooked it and the rice while she had her piano lesson.   We had some of the pickled and marinated vegetables she had made earlier (for the Japanese meal to celebrate the Olympics Opening Ceremony) with the bulgogi and rice.  There are enough leftovers for another dinner.  After dinner, I ran the dishwasher (and washed the pans by hand).

We also called to make an appointment for my daughter at a medical clinic down here (her regular clinic is up in Berkeley), because she has been breaking out in hives!  They first appeared in mid-May, when I was experiencing my sciatica pains and she took over watering the garden for me.  At the time, she thought they were bug bites that were red and itchy.  But, she has not been out watering the garden recently and she's still getting new hives and they seem to be coming in clusters, now.  Of course, it could have been due to stress because I was in pain and she was tending to me, working, and trying to keep up with the housework.  But, I've been OK for several weeks, now and have been doing most of the housework other than vacuuming.  She shouldn't still be getting new hives due to that!  We realized that the hives first broke out about 3 weeks after she had her second dose of the Covid vaccination.  If my sciatica inflammation was a stress response to my vaccine (according to my doctor) then, could her hives be a similar response?  She was able to make an appointment to be seen by a nurse practitioner at the clinic, tomorrow.  I hope she can get a diagnosis and a prescription for something to take care of the itching.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter was able to get an appointment to be seen at the clinic, tomorrow
- The hives are not painful, just itchy
- She was able to get time off from work to go to the clinic
- The new laptops arrived
- Online ordering and free delivery

Today's joyful activity was trying out my new laptop!

Today's decluttering was an old purse/handbag that should have been tossed a couple of years ago!  Yesterday's decluttering was a microwavable heating pad that malfunctioned!  It had pockets filled with a type of gel and one of the pockets burst when daughter microwaved it!  The instructions say not to use the heating pad if the gel pockets burst.  In that case, there is no point in keeping it.

Plans for tomorrow include taking daughter to the clinic and having M tend to the garden before he takes a couple of weeks off on vacation.

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. That's interesting about your daughter's hives. I hope they are able to pin down the cause of them. Good luck to her at her appointment today.

    The bulgogi sounds delicious. It seems I am always hungry when I read your blog
    (or maybe reading about the food you are enjoying makes me hungry!) because now I want some bulgogi too. lol
    I have never made it and I probably wouldn't have all the proper ingredients but I'm going to take a look at some recipes.

    You must love having your new laptop.

    1. Her health care provider called her this morning and offered to change the appointment to a phone consultation if she can send pictures and she opted for that to decrease exposure to Covid. She is currently on the phone with the nurse practitioner.

      The bulgogi was very tasty. It does require a fermented red pepper sauce called gochu jang, but, my daughter says she can find a substitution online, if you'd like.

      I do like the new laptop. :)

  2. Oh, I do hope they can help your daughter. Constant hives sounds really miserable especially in the sort of temperatures you are experiencing. I'm keeping everything crossed for a simple and effective treatment for her.

    Well done with your decluttering effort.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Daughter's health care provider called her this morning to offer her a phone consultation option instead of coming in person, which daughter accepted to minimize exposure to the Covid virus. She's currently on the phone with the nurse practitioner.

      Thank you! I'm trying!

  3. Hopefully your daughter gets an explanation to the hives & it's something simple to treat. Let's hope it's not a reaction to zucchini!

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou! Oh, no! Hopefully, not the zucchini! :D That would be sad, wouldn't it?

  4. Oh, hives can be miserable. I hope you daughter gets some relief.

    1. Thank you, June. The nurse practitioner has called in an antihistamine and a steroid cream to the pharmacy; we will pick it up this afternoon. Hopefully, that will help with the hives; if not, she was asked to call back in 2 weeks (or, sooner, if things become worse) to be referred to a dermatologist or allergist.

  5. I do hope your daughter gets some help and relief from the hives, it sounds really miserable to put up with.
    I love the name "bulgogi" for the pork dish! It sounds quite exotic.
    That is great that you already have your new laptop up and running. You are inspiring me to order one soon. I have been wondering if it would be hard to set up, but probably won't be at all.
    We had a good trip today, the donations have gone and I didn't find anything in the charity shop to bring home :) I'm ready now to look for more items to declutter now those are gone.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; she spoke with the nurse practitioner today (changed her appointment to a phone consultation) who prescribed antihistamines and a steroid cream. If things don't improve in 2 weeks (or they get worse), she is to call them back for a referral to a dermatologist or allergist.

      Bulgogi is a Korean dish. It is quite flavorful.

      I do like my new laptop. My daughter set it up for me, but, she assures me that even I could have done so! :D It took her no time at all to have it up and running.

      Well done on getting the donation dropped off and not buying anything else to bring home! :D Are you trying to find 31 items to declutter in August?

    2. I broke out in hives one time. Covered my entire trunk. Not painful at all, just kinda unsightly. I know in my case it was probably stress related. I think if it were caused by the vaccine, your daughter would've gotten hives in the first few hours, not weeks later. It's probably just stress related. Hopefully when she sees the nurse she'll be able to prescribe her some kind of cream or ointment. Good luck to her. Denise

    3. You are probably right, Denise. She was rather stressed at the time, because I was having my sciatica pains around that time. She has been prescribed a steroid cream to apply to the hives and an antihistamine to take, as well. If things don't improve (or they get worse), she is to call back for a referral to a dermatologist or allergy specialist. We picked up the medications, this afternoon. She has started applying the cream and will start on the antihistamine, tomorrow (she was told to take it once a day in the morning). Were your hives itchy?


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