Saturday, August 21, 2021

Friday: Okra Harvest!

The First Okra!

Apparently, I was wrong to think that the okra flower I photographed the other day was the first flower!  It was the first flower I saw, but, hidden from view, on another plant, an earlier flower had bloomed and had, in fact, formed an okra pod!  I saw it yesterday, but, kept it so M could have the honor of harvesting it, today!

Red Okra!

It is a red okra and the first time I've seen a red okra!  But, it turns green when it is cooked!  I sliced it up, added a pinch of curry powder and salt, and sauteed it in a bit of oil:

Green When Cooked!

I probably should have put it in a dish before I photographed it!  I shared it with M and my daughter!  M said it was the first time he had eaten okra.  Now we wait for the plants to produce more!

In the meantime, Fort Watermelon has been officially named:

Fort Watermelon

Yes, it means you, Bun Bun

M was very amused!  Bun Bun didn't seem to mind - he ate some cat food, instead!  Which was fine.  Actually, I was rather happy to see him hopping around!  Because, earlier in the evening, I had shown M something which looked a little different from the average dog dirt on my front garden (I don't have a wall or fence in the front and people don't always pick up after their dogs!) and not only did he think it looked like coyote dirt, he also spotted a clump of off white rabbit fur near by!  Oh, no!  Bun Bun!  But, later in the evening, there was Bun Bun, very much alive and hopping!  

Today, I did two loads of laundry, tidied the kitchen, and mopped the kitchen floor.  In the evening, I chatted on the phone with my cousins and with friend R.    

Today, I am grateful for:
- Okra from the garden!
- Fort Watermelon keeping the melons safe!
- Bun Bun didn't end up being coyote dinner!
- M tending to the garden
- Working appliances

Today's joyful activity was chatting with my cousins.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


August Decluttering Challenge: 

8/1 - 1 pair gardening gloves

8/2 - non-working heating pad

8/3 - old purse/handbag

8/4 - 1 computer CD containing a report

8/5 - 1 plastic lid that cracked and broke in two

8/6 - 1 hooded sweatshirt (received a new one to replace it)

8/7 - old make-up I no longer use

8/8 - 6 plastic laundry detergent scoops (I use powdered laundry detergent; each new box comes with its own scoop; I don't need to keep the old ones, but, it seems such a waste to toss them in the recycling bin)

8/9 - 1 sponge paint brush (unused, but, so old, the sponge is no longer spongey!)
         1 plastic food container

8/10 - 1 blouse (given to daughter); will be donated as she decided it didn't fit her properly

8/11 - 1 broken clothes hanger
          3 bras

8/12 - 2 Zucchini!  LOL!  Eileen informed me that the zucchini don't count!

8/13 - Daughter's old artwork: A poster 

8/14 - Daughter's old artwork: A painting

8/15 - 1 long dress (given to daughter) - she had urged me to buy it for myself one year for all of $1, but, I didn't wear it.  She, on the other hand, loves it!  It looks much better on her than on me! 

8/16 - 1 coffee mug 

8/17 - A book on cake decorating

8/18 - 1 bottle of perfume spray (an "our version of a famous perfume" that someone gave which doesn't smell good to me)

8/19  - 1 blouse (to be donated)

8/20 - 1 pair of slippers/flip flops (unworn; to be donated)


  1. I seem to recall you got an okra in a grocery delivery some months ago, and ate the whole thing yourself. Therefore I am pleased to see that you shared this one around! ;o)

    Looking forward to seeing the watermelon crop. Mum said that in India it is eaten sprinkled with salt. Do you do that too?

    1. You have an excellent memory, Lady Ella! Yes, I did receive one single okra in a grocery pick up, one time! In fact, daughter and I reminisced about it, when I was cooking this okra! LOL. Well, yes, I had to share the first red okra! The rest are all mine! (I'd share with my daughter, except she's not too fond of okra.)

      I have been known to eat watermelon and lots of other fruit sprinkled with salt and/or pepper! :) Mangoes and pineapple, especially. It brings out the sweetness of the fruit!

  2. How many okra plants do you have? I'm just wondering whether the okra will take over where the zucchini left off 😂

    The Fort Watermelon sign made me laugh. It's still standing though ... I'd half expecting it to have collapsed ... sorry to doubt your building abilities!

    1. I have about 12 okra plants. I think I was supposed to have thinned them out, but, didn't! I wouldn't mind getting 130+ okra, however! :D It's one of the few vegetables I actually like!

      Oh, ye of little faith! :D I've engineering in my genes (at least one uncle and two half brothers were engineers). Yes, the fort is still standing! :D M appropriated one of the flower pots to plant a mango seed that I had saved, but, he substituted another one and all is well. :D

  3. I hope Bun Bun can read simple signage! How scary to find what seems to be coyote dirt. So glad that Bun Bun wasn't a victim. I did hear a news item this morning that coyotes have been attacking people in Stanley Park, Vancouver!
    It's very hot and humid, so only "bandaid" housework has been done this morning! Time enough for major cleaning when the weather cools down, even if we do have the AC on.

    1. I think he can read the signage, Bushlady! He stayed well away from the fort, this morning! :D I have seen a coyote walking in my neighborhood, very early one morning, but, that was about 6 years ago. But, if you see one, then, you know that they are around!

      Wise of you to take it easy when it is so hot and humid. We are in the 70s, today! Practically unheard of in August!

  4. I don't think I've ever tasted red okra.

    Haha I love Fort Watermelon!

    1. It's the first time I've tried red okra, too; there was no difference in taste, though. :)

      Do you remember the Sinhalese children's song about the little rabbit? "Mage podi hawa" (my little rabbit), how it came hopping and ate all the tender leaves in the vegetable plot, but, then, saw the scarecrow, got scared and hopped away? I've been singing that song to myself, lately! Maybe I need to make a scarecrow, next! :D

  5. So glad Bun Bun didn't end up being a coyote's dinner. We live across the street from lots of open space and when a pack of coyotes surround a lost or wayward cat or small dog the sound they make is just horrible. Living here for almost 22 years we've heard it a number of times and it gives me chills every time. Liked the little bunny sign. Hopefully Bun Bun takes the hint. Denise

    1. Me, too, Denise; Bun Bun is a rascal, but, he doesn't deserve to become a coyote's dinner! I was ridiculously pleased to see him hopping around the garden, both yesterday and today. So far, he seems to be minding the sign and has been eating the grass and weeds around the fort! He also seems to like the kibbles I give to the cats, so, there is no shortage of food for him, even if the watermelons are out of bounds! :D

  6. I've never had red okra, but I'm not a fan of the green. Do you find them very different?

    Love the sign on around the bunny fort!

    1. I couldn't tell a difference in taste between the red okra and the usual green ones, but, it was delicious because it was homegrown and fresh!

      Ha, ha, glad you liked the sign on the bunny fort! :D

  7. Lol
    Very nice. It is always wise to post the warning in case someone gets confused.

    I'm so glad your okra plant is producing. Your garden year continues on its successful journey.

    1. I thought it was prudent to post the sign, just in case! Now Bun Bun can't say he wasn't warned! :D

      Thank you, Debra; I'm eagerly anticipating being able to pick more okra! I did pick more chili peppers, yesterday - about 15 of them!

      Hope you are weathering the hurricane, up there!


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