Tuesday, August 3, 2021

August Grocery Shopping Part 1: Monday

Date Filled Pastries from Neighbor S

I picked up more groceries today!  Partly because I forgot to order a few items in the previous grocery order (some of which will be shipped as the gallon size store brand vinegar is not available for pick up, apparently!) and partly because I wanted to take advantage of this week's advertised specials.  I've been reading some articles about food prices rising due to various reasons including inclement weather, new regulations, and Covid-related issues.  I no longer have a price book like I did several years ago, but, I've learned to recognize a good deal when I see one.  I suppose I could have bought more when I grocery shopped, last week, but, I didn't want to go over the July budget by too much!  We are in a new month, now, and I have all of August's budget to spend!

Speaking of grocery budgets, remember when my budget for myself was $75 a month?  Oh, weren't those the "good old days"?!  Going by that budget, my monthly budget for two people should be $150!  But, it isn't!  I raised my grocery budget to $100 during the first Covid lockdown because I started ordering groceries from one of the regular supermarkets.  The supermarket prices were often higher than the ethnic store prices, but, they offered free curbside pickup.  Later, I increased it to $125 because I started to stock up on things as the pandemic continued.  Then, when my daughter came home, I increased my budget, again, by doubling it to $250.  Some months, I managed to keep to the budget; other months, I went over.  More recently, when I was sidelined by the sciatica, I didn't even bother to keep tabs!  I want to keep close track of my grocery spending this month.

My current grocery budget is set at $250 for the month for my daughter and myself (human food only; does not include cat food, household supplies, health and beauty items, etc.).  Keeping to this budget should not be too difficult because I am fairly well stocked, right now.  It is the stocking up of things that put me over budget!  

Today, I bought:

1 tray (6 lbs; 4 pieces) chicken half breasts @ $.99/lb = $6.05
1 tray (4.6 lbs; 12 pieces) chicken thighs @ $.99/lb = $4.56
2 packs (3 lbs, total) pork loin @ $2.99/lb = $9.00
1 lb. ground beef = $3.99

1+lb bananas (4 bananas) @ $.65/lb = $.90
1 mini watermelon = $1.99
1 x 2 lb. container strawberries = $2.99
1 iceberg lettuce = $1.49

2 x 10 fl. oz. soy sauce bottles @$1.99 = $3.98
3 x 2 lb. white rice @$1.49 = $4.47
1 x 1 lb. potato salad = $2.50*
1 pk. (10 ct; 1 lb) tortillas = $1.00

2 x 1 gallon white vinegar @ $2.80 = $5.60 (will be shipped)

Total = $48.52

* I ordered the 1 lb. tub of potato salad, but, they didn't have that size and they substituted the 2 lb. container for the same price!  Since I love this type of potato salad, I have no complaints!  I offered some of it to friend R, but, she declined.  I had a big helping of it with my dinner, tonight!

In addition to groceries, I ordered some disinfectant spray and wipes, and some Health & Beauty items (shampoo, etc.), but, they are not part of my grocery totals.  

I froze 3/4 of each tray of chicken, the pack of ground beef and one of the packs of pork.  I cooked one of the chicken breasts and four of the chicken thighs (pan sauteed with onions and tomatoes).  Daughter and I had some of the chicken breast, sliced, in a salad for brunch, today, and two of the chicken thighs for dinner, with corn on the cob and potato salad.  My daughter has said she will make bulgogi with the second pack of pork, tomorrow.  

This week's very informal meal plan will include sauteed chicken (Monday and Wednesday), pork bulgogi (Tuesday and Thursday?), leftover ground beef (Friday), and perhaps stir-fry with smoked sausage over the weekend.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to order groceries online
- Free (with minimum purchase amount) curbside pick up
- Water for the garden
- Neighbor S bringing us some delicious date filled pastries
- Her husband taking out the trash cans for me

Today's joyful activity was enjoying the pastries neighbor S brought over!  

Have you gone grocery shopping in August, yet?  Have you had to made adjustments to your grocery budget or shopping habits since the pandemic began?


  1. I haven't done my big August shop yet. I'm wanting to improve my meal plans and will wait until after Wednesday as we are discussing meal planning at the nutrition club. I hoping to pick up some useful tips.

    1. You mean not everyone will grocery shop on the first or second day of the month?! :D Sounds like a good idea to wait for the meal planning discussion and then take it from there. :) I've been rather lax with my meal planning, lately!

  2. As groceries prices go higher and higher, I am very grateful for our garden harvest, no matter how meager (except for green beans)
    It is time for me to start planting a fall garden so we are thinking of pulling up a few of the green bean plants for space, but hate to do it since they are producing so well.

    1. Garden harvests are the best, aren't they? Of course I have to take how much I spend on water into consideration, too, but, I'm not ready to hardscape the entire backyard, so, there will be some watering whether I grow vegetables or not!

      What are you planning to plant for your fall garden?

  3. Those pastries look so good! Did your neighbor S make them herself?

    You did a nice stock up of meat and what a nice surprise on the potato salad:)

    My husband went to the store yesterday. When I looked over the receipt I saw that canned diced tomatoes (standard size around 15 oz) are now .72. That was a big jump from the normal .59 each. Everything else seemed in line.

    1. The pastries were very good, especially since the sweetness came from the dates, themselves. I think she bought the frozen puff pastry to make them.

      Meat prices are going up, so I was very happy to stock up on the chicken at that price; I bought the pork because, as much as we like chicken, we like to have something else from time to time and pork was cheaper than beef or fish/seafood! :)

      Yes, that is a big jump in price per can for the diced tomatoes. But, at least the can size didn't shrink! I've read that more and more companies are downsizing the packages while charging the same amount to try and disguise the fact that the per unit price has increased!

  4. By rights you and your neighbours and friends should be spending less because you are all feeding each other! Perhaps you would all be spending even more without this circle of sharing? (Those date pastries look yummy). I've noticed our prices have gone up, too.
    Yesterday I decided I didn't want to cook supper so DH fetched us a pizza which we enjoyed for a nice change.

    1. You are probably quite correct, Bushlady. :) I know I've benefited greatly from the generosity of others! That was nice of your DH to get the pizza and give you a break from cooking. :)


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