Friday, August 6, 2021

Name That Watermelon!

Watermelon Flower

M planted some watermelon seeds earlier in the summer, using some new seeds he had bought and a few old seeds from a packet that I had, which was at least a couple of years past its grow by date.  The newer seeds germinated first and we had plenty of flowers and even a few teeny tiny baby watermelons:

Baby Watermelon

But, so far, those watermelons have died off.

The old seeds took time to germinate, but, at least two of them did and soon outgrew the vines from the newer seeds!  They set fruit, too, and I took these pictures on July 31:

Watermelon 1

Watermelon 2

Watermelon 3

I have been checking on them and they seem to be growing well.  Inspired by Lady Ella and her pumpkins, I have decided to name my three watermelons! 

My daughter used to say "wawa" for water when she was a toddler; we still say "wawa" from time to time to refer to water, especially when we talk to Dancer and refill his water dish.  So, the melon that was formerly known as Watermelon 1 is now renamed "Wawa Melon"!

Wawa Melon on August 5

You can see how much it has grown in comparison to the piece of cardboard under it - it is about 4 or 5 inches in diameter, now.

Watermelon 2 is a bit misshaped and seems to have developed a gash when I checked on it the other day.  It is growing inside the planting bed (the other two melons are on vines that are running along the ground outside of the planting bed) with several cosmos plants that have been eaten by the rabbit.  Maybe the gash is a bunny-inflicted wound!  It  has not grown as much as the other two melons.  It has been named "Wonky Melon"!  

Wonky Melon on August 5

I am still undecided on a name for Watermelon 3 - Walter Melon?  Whata Melon?   Aqua Melon?  Agua Melon?  I am leaning towards Whata Melon, but, what do you think?  

Whata Melon?

M snipped off the growing tips of the vines with the three bigger watermelons to encourage the plant to concentrate all its energy on growing the fruit.  I am in charge of giving each plant enough water to encourage the fruits to grow!  

What name would you pick for the 3rd watermelon?


  1. I think no 3 looks quite stately so would go for Walter Melon III. 😂

  2. I must say that I've never named my fruit before. You should let M name it. :)

    1. There's always a first time for everything! :D M will probably think I'm crazier than he thinks I am! :D

  3. Anonymous Melon? Hopeful Melon? Ambitious Melon? Whacky Melon?

  4. I am choosing Wandamelon for the third melon!

  5. Ack not sure what I'd name it. Lovely that you have a few growing. How exciting!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. So far, we have a tie between Wanda Melon and Walter Melon! :D

  6. Fun! - I can't wait to see what you picked for the name.

    1. I should do a melon update, soon! Wonky is not doing too well, but, the other two are still growing!


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