Saturday, August 14, 2021

August Grocery Shopping Part 2

I did a grocery pick up on Saturday, August 14.  Daughter and I put the order in around noon, intending to pick up on Sunday.   But there were several pick up slots available in the evening, so, I went with a same day pick up!  Before I left to pick up the groceries, however, daughter helped me to clean out the produce bins in the fridge.  I washed the bins and the bottom of the fridge and relined the bins with paper towels.  

I bought:

1 quart half & half (they didn't have the 1/2 gal. size) = $1.99

1 frozen pizza = $2.49

1 frozen garlic bread (16 oz) = $1.50

1 sandwich bread (24 oz) = $1.50

1 pk. 8 ct. hamburger buns = $1.99

1 pk. 12 ct. "street taco" sized tortillas (11 oz) = $.99

1 lb. beef (London Broil) @ $3.99/lb = $4.03

10 ct. hamburger (ground beef) patties (35.2 oz) = $10.00

1 x 7 oz. cold cuts = $2.49

14 oz. container soft tofu = $1.49

18 ct. eggs = $1.49

3 bananas @ $.65/lb. = $0.71

2 lb. bag nectarines = $2.99

2 lb. bag plums = $2.99

2.95 lb. grapes @ $1.99/lb = $5.87

3 lb. bag onions = $2.99

10 oz. bag spinach = $2.99

1 iceberg lettuce = $1.49

1 bottle salad dressing = $3.49

1 bottle apple juice (64 fl.oz.) = $1.79

1 bottle orange juice (52 fl. oz.) = $3.99

1 container (5.25 oz.) garlic salt = $1.00

1 container (0.5 oz) dried parsley flakes = $1.00

3 bags ground coffee (11-12 oz) @ $5.99 = $17.97

1 bottle mirin (12.68 fl. oz.) = $3.99

5 x 4 lb. bags sugar @ $0.97 = $4.85

1 Hot Cheetos = $2.49

Total = $90.56

The sugar was at a great stock up price!  It was store brand sugar, on sale with a digital coupon which could be used up to five times.  I bought the maximum I could buy!       

I also bought 4 tubes toothpaste @$1.00 = $4.00 + $0.76 tax = $4.76.  That doesn't come from my grocery budget.  I was down to my last two tubes of toothpaste and wanted to stock up.  

Daughter and I had salad for lunch.  Dinner was half of the pizza, some of the garlic bread, and daughter finished the leftover salad.  We will finish the pizza and garlic bread, tomorrow.

The meal plan for next week will include hamburgers, salad, and probably chicken curry.  Plus leftovers.

How is your August grocery shopping and spending coming along?


  1. I will only have to buy some fruit and veg next week but the rest of this month's supplies were purchased last week out of July's budget so I will be saving most of this month's allocated monies. I will possibly spend some of August's food allowance to trial a new meat & fish supplier but will need to use up some of the freezer supplier before I can do that.

    1. Sounds like you are doing well with your grocery budget, Eileen. I will probably buy some frozen fish fillets in the next shopping order; I ordered salmon this time and the store was out of it. Fish tends to be rather expensive, here; is it the same there, too?

    2. Yes, fish is expensive here too. I've not been too impressed by the quality of meat and fish from the supermarket so am trying a local independent supplier this time. He sources from local farms for meat and gets the fish direct from the sales at the ports. My plan is to eat (maybe) less meat and fish but what I do eat will be of better quality. I do buy tinned fish for sardine and sometimes salmon, and will continue to do that. The rest of the time I'll stick to vegetarian meals. I'll see how it all works out!

    3. Eating better quality meat and fish when you do eat it and having more vegetarian meals in between will probably be better for your health! Eating more vegetarian meals would be good for me, too!

  2. I always like seeing your grocery "receipt". That was a good price on the eggs or is that an average price?
    Haha - I always smile at your daughter's hot Cheetos.

    1. Thank you, Debra. They no longer print out a paper receipt! It is all online! The eggs were on sale this week and that price was with the loyalty card and digital coupon. Without the digital coupon and only the loyalty card, it would have cost $3.49 according to the ad. 18 eggs are a lot for me (unless I do a lot of baking), but, at that price, I wanted to get some. The hot Cheetos are a regular purchase when she's home! :D


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