Monday, August 2, 2021

Sunday: Starting August


August has started out sunny and warm (88F).  In the morning, I picked some roses - a red rose to place near my mother's picture and the double colored ones for the altars.  Then, I cooked milkrice.  Except, I burned the first pot of rice because I forgot that I had kept it to boil!  Making milkrice on the first of the month is supposed to be auspicious; I'm not sure what burning the pot of rice means!  I hope it's not a bad omen!  I set my timer on to check on the rice every five minutes for the second pot of milkrice and didn't allow it to burn!

In the afternoon, daughter and I did a little online shopping!  Daughter needs a new laptop as hers has giving her trouble (yesterday, for example, she couldn't even log on to her laptop, and it has been giving her error codes, etc.) and I have been wanting a new laptop for some time, myself.  Today, we put in the order for them.  We also ordered more printer ink, printing paper, and photo printing paper!  Never let it be said that we don't do our part to keep the economy going!  LOL!

I also put in another grocery order!  I had forgotten to buy a couple of items, such as more vinegar for the additional batches of zucchini chutney I have planned to make, during my earlier grocery order and  I wanted to take advantage of this week's sale priced items (chicken at $.99/lb., for example), before the sale prices change on Tuesday.  Plus, there were a few items that daughter will be needing since her stay has been extended.  In addition, with new Covid cases rising, once again (3,045 new cases reported in Los Angeles County, today), we decided to stock up on disinfectant spray and wipes while they were still available (there was already a limit of 2 sprays per order).

In the evening, I watered the back yard.  I've at least three watermelons that seem to be coming along nicely:

Baby Watermelon 1

Watermelon 2

Watermelon 3

These are about 2 inches in diameter.  I hope they will grow big enough to harvest them!

In the meantime, daughter and I picked some tomatoes, today:

Today's Tomato Harvest

We picked 50 tomatoes, today!  A mixture of Early Girl (at the back) and Roma (in the front).  A few green ones broke off when we were trying to reach the ripe tomatoes in the middle of the plant, but, I will use them in my cooking.   

Today, I spoke on the phone with neighbor T, friend R, aunt C, and cousin P.  That's my family and friends spoke of the Balanced Life wheel nicely plumped!  

Today was the first day of the August decluttering challenge!  On Day 1, I tossed my old pair of garden gloves because I had bought a new pair which I had already started using back in May.  

August Decluttering - Day 1: Old Pair of Garden Gloves

Today, I am grateful for:
- The start of a new month
- Being able to shop online
- Garden produce
- Water for the garden
- Phone calls with family, friends, and neighbors

Today's joyful activity was picking the tomatoes.

I am going back to making daily to do lists, now that I feel I am more able to actually do things!

Monday's To Do List:
- Pick up grocery order (between noon and 1:00 p.m.)
- Clean the fridge
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Make zucchini chutney
- Do the dishes
- Clean the litter box

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. You are having a banner year with your vegetable harvests.

    1. That I am! All that watering and fertilizing is paying off! :D

  2. You both are doing a grand job of helping stimulate the economy - well done! I'd say those old gardening gloves owed you nothing :)

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou! Just doing my bit to keep things going! LOL! But, I assure you, it wasn't a lighthearted, spur of the moment purchase; it was budgeted for, much discussed, and thoroughly researched prior to ordering. :)

  3. Two new laptops - how exciting!

    I thought mine was a goner the other day but I googled the problem and was thrilled to find a fix that has worked - for now.

    Look at those tomatoes. My goodness. What a garden bounty you've had this yer.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Glad you were able to fix your computer issues. :) My daughter has been trouble shooting both computers and keeping them going. But, she definitely needs a reliable computer (part of the laptop, itself - the hardware, I guess is the correct term, is also broken); especially since she uses it for her work online meetings (she brought her work issued computer with her, but, left the computer screen behind because she didn't want it to get damaged during the journey; the screen she is using down here is actually a TV screen and doesn't have a camera for Zoom calls, etc.) I don't have the same sort of need for a new computer, obviously; mine is more of a want!

      The garden has been producing very well, this year, as a result of LOTs of watering, fertilizing, and tending! :)

  4. Congratulations on the harvest! Especially the baby watermelons 🙂 They look bigger than 2" diameter. Looking forward to following their journey to table.

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. The baby watermelons have grown since I took the photos on Friday! I now have to find a way to bunny-proof them! Bun Bun was nibbling the chilli plant and the watermelon leaves, this evening!

  5. Burning the milk rice can only mean one thing - you were distracted! We all do it with pots on the stove. My usual is the pot of potatoes that is boiling over! Results in a lovely smell of potato chips on the hot burner at first, quickly followed by a burning smell.
    I've been putting off buying a new laptop because I am sentimental about my old one which plays horrible tricks on me and can be so slow. However I do plan to replace it soon. There are limits to what one can put up with!

    1. Well, yes, I was responding to blog comments and lost track of time! :D

      Aw, that's sweet of you to put off getting a new laptop because you are sentimental about your current one. :)

  6. Wow, that's a lot of tomatoes! My husband would be in his glory, tomatoes are one of his favorite things. I'm allergic to certain kinds and my mouth will let me know. Ouch! How cute are those watermelons. Hopefully they grow big and sweet. I like to put some in my water with a bit of stevia. You have me wondering if I should stock up on Clorox wipes since you said there was a limit on wipes and sprays when you placed your order. We're spiking too, but there is no limit here on products. Not yet anyway. I can do without a lot of things, but my Clorox wipes aren't one of them. I love those things! LOL Denise

    1. The last time I grew tomatoes, I had a total of 6 or 7! So, I am very pleased with this year's crop! I saw the neighbor's rabbit eyeing my watermelons, so now I have to rabbit proof them if they are to grow! The limit was on the sprays, not the wipes. We were able to order 3 containers of the wipes. But, it might be a good idea to get a couple of extra containers of wipes while you can! My daughter, too, loves those wipes! :)

  7. The baby watermelons are so cute. How long will they take to get big enough to harvest? Is this the next stage in the battle between Bless and the rabbits?

    Well done on making a start with the decluttering. x

    1. Yes, this is the next stage in the battle with the rabbits! :D I've read that watermelons take several weeks to ripen - I don't have the empty packet of seeds to see how long this particular variety will take, but, the melons are supposed to turn creamy yellow on the underside and sound hollow when tapped lightly. I'd say they'll be ready sometime mid September, if the rabbits don't get to them, first! :D

      Thank you; my daughter is helping me with selecting items to declutter! :)


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