Thursday, July 15, 2021


Today, I called the Sri Lankan store to see if the order my daughter had submitted online was ready for pick up.  The person who answered the phone said the order was ready for pick up, someone had called, but, I hadn't answered the phone.  Well, first of all, they were supposed to email me when it was ready, not call, but, I hadn't received an email.  No one had called and left a message, either (I get so many robocalls that I usually don't pick up the phone unless it is a number I recognize; I expect people to leave me a message on the answering machine, if they really need to let me know they called).  I looked through my list of missed calls and I didn't see a call from the store's phone number, unless someone called from a cell phone number.  Anyway, the order was ready for pick up and I said I'll do so in the afternoon.

Then, I called the Sri Lankan restaurant that is located about six blocks from the store and placed an order for pick up - three stringhopper meals (each containing 10 stringhoppers, coconut sambol, a hard boiled egg in a milk-based gravy, and a choice of fish, chicken, or beef curry; I chose chicken), three individual servings of chocolate biscuit pudding (they didn't have the family sized container), one family sized container of a coconut treacle pudding called vatalappan (also spelled watalappan), and two dozen fish patties (deep fried savory pastries with a fish filling).  I said I will be there around 2:00 p.m. to pick them up.

Next, I called friend R.  I told her I was going to the Sri Lankan store and the restaurant and asked her if she'd like to come along for a ride.  She was happy to.  

Yesterday had been R's birthday and I had called and wished her, but, hadn't gone to see her.  So, today, when I went to pick her up, I gave her the card and gift that I had for her.  

We went to the restaurant, first, and I picked up my order.  R, too, bought an assortment of savory pastries and rolls that were in the display case to take home with her.  It was then that I told her that she was coming home with me to have a late lunch to celebrate her birthday, a day late!  She was so surprised and pleased!  She laughed and asked if I was kidnapping her and I said yes!  Even the restaurant owner was laughing.

Then we went to the Sri Lankan store; I stayed near the doorway and waited for my pick up items to be brought to me, but, R went inside the store to buy a couple of items that she had wanted.  My order included a couple of items she had mentioned she wanted and a few extras I got as treats for her; I was happy to see that what she bought was different from what I had bought for her.  Items I ordered from the Sri Lankan store included several packets of the tea that I like, curry powder, other spices and condiments, frozen grated coconut, cookies to share with R, and savory snacks to share with my daughter.

Afterwards, we came home to my place and had lunch.  My daughter, too, who was working, took her lunch break then and joined us.  After lunch, daughter went back to her room to work and R and I sat in the family room, chatting.  

After daughter finished her work for the day, we dropped R off at her home.  I think she really enjoyed her birthday lunch and outing.  

On the way home, we put gas to the car, as I was down to 1/4 tank.  The last time we put gas to the car was on May 8, when we put $40 worth of gas (then, too, I was down to 1/4 tank of gas).  It was later that night that the sciatica pains started.  Today, too, we put $40 worth of gas (the price of gas has gone up to over $4/gal., even at the cheaper gas station, so $40 bought us less gas, this time).  I hope I won't get any sciatica pains, tonight!  

In the evening, my friend A's daughter stopped by the house with something for my daughter; I sent a jar of zucchini chutney home with her (and a bag of zucchini might have accompanied the jar of chutney, as well!)  LOL.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Having a Sri Lankan grocery store and restaurant, not too far from me
- Being able to give friend R a ride and a surprise birthday lunch
- A safe drive to the store and back
- A pleasant afternoon visiting with R
- Gas being available, even if the price has gone up

Today's joyful activity was celebrating R's birthday with a lunch for her.

Plans for tomorrow include:

- Oncologist appointment in the afternoon
- M's visit to tend to the garden

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. How lovely to get together with friends to celebrate a special day, I am sure R felt truly celebrated. Good luck with your oncologist appt. today - sending good positive vibes.

    1. It was lovely to celebrate in person. Last year, we were in the middle of the lockdown and I dropped off a case of her preferred brand of toilet paper and a quilt I made for her as birthday gifts. :D

      Thank you; the oncologist visit went well enough although I have to return in 10 days time to receive the injection I was supposed to receive because insurance wouldn't authorize it as it was 10 days short of 6 months since my last shot!

  2. What a fun time for R. I'm sure she appreciated her birthday lunch.

    1. She was very happy, I think, June. I am glad I was able to give her a surprise lunch. :)

  3. What a lovely surprise for R and such a special way to celebrate her birthday. You are a good friend.

    I like the way you send the zucchini chutney and some zucchinis home with A's daughter. That made me laugh. How many zucchinis do you have left now and are there more still growing?

    I hope your oncologist appointment goes well tomorrow.

    1. R seemed very happy we did something to celebrate her birthday (after telling me she didn't want to do anything to mark the occasion, etc.)

      Ha, ha, anyone who is within arm's reach is a potential taker of zucchini, at this point! :D I still have several in the fridge and we just picked 5 more, today! My daughter and I might make another batch of chutney, next week, and I am still trying to find pickling/canning salt to make some relish or pickles. I also think the plants are winding down and will not produce many more after this month.

      Thank you, Eileen; the appointment went well enough, although I need to return in 10 days' time for an injection.

  4. How nice of you to kidnap R and provide such a nice birthday outing, lunch and a nice afternoon chatting! All the best for your appointment today Bless.

    1. Thank you, Martha; R was adamant she didn't want to do anything when I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday, but, I think she was happy that I made an attempt. :)

      My appointment went well enough, but, I need to go back at the end of the month for an injection that couldn't be administered today because insurance didn't authorize it (10 days short of being 6 months since the last injection!)

  5. What a nice day you had. I love that you kidnapped friend R lol
    And she seemed to like it as well.
    I know you've mentioned that R is a teacher and had actually taught your daughter in school. Is she retired now too?
    I'm glad you had a nice day and were able to treat her specially for her birthday.

    I am hoping for a good doctor visit for you!

    1. I think R enjoyed her "kidnapping for a good cause" as she stated in the email she sent me, later, to thank me for her birthday lunch! :D

      R was a Montessori teacher; the school she was teaching in closed shortly after the first Covid lockdown, partly because the property changed hands and the new owners weren't willing to renew the lease. R is currently not working.

      The doctor's visit went well, but, I need to go back, later this month, for an injection.

  6. What fun to "kidnap" your friend and bring her home for a birthday lunch, and how fortunate that she didn't buy the things you had for her.

    We are having a gorgeous hot day, not what was forecast but I'm not complaining as I was able to sit outside in town with my friend, having coffee. DH was also in town near the river but he and his friends were plagued with biting flies round their ankles which was a shame. Sometimes I wonder why we get these things after being so patient for months of winter, waiting for summer, but there are worse things in life to put up with and we are fortunate in so many ways.

    1. It was a fun way to get around R's initial reluctance to do anything for her birthday! I had been trying to plan something since June, but, she had insisted she didn't want to do anything!

      Too bad about the biting flies (I am thinking of that music video you provided a link to about the black flies), but, you are right, there are worse things in life to put up with and we are fortunate in many ways. I'm glad you and your DH were able to spend some time with your friends and enjoy the nice weather. :)

  7. My mouth is watering after reading your take out order. I want to come have lunch at your house!

    1. You'd be welcome, anytime, Anne. Let me know when you'll be in town! :D

  8. It was very kind of you to 'kidnap' your friend :) I hope she enjoyed her birthday lunch.
    I hope your pain has since eased. Try to take things easy for a while. X

    1. It was fun and she enjoyed it. She said she told her daughters (they are all in Sri Lanka) about it and one of them had said she wished someone would kidnap her and treat her to lunch! LOL. Yes, the pain has eased and I am feeling well, thank you. :)


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