Sunday, October 25, 2020



Sri Lankan Treats

Clockwise from the top: Mung kavum (with a filling of mung bean and treacle paste), lavariya (stringhopper dough filled with a coconut and treacle filling), kokis (similar to Swedish rosettes, but, not sweet and flavored with cumin), and handi kavum (deep fried batter of rice flour and treacle).  

Today, I took a container of my beef and vegetable soup to neighbor T.  She said she had it for lunch and enjoyed it very much.

I also took a container of soup over to friend R and she gave me all the lovely Sri Lankan treats, pictured above!  R had ordered them from a lady who makes these traditional treats for sale.  It was very sweet of her to share them with me and I will definitely be ordering some, myself!  

It was another cool day as far as I was concerned (R was dressed in summer clothes while I was wearing sweaters and scarves!)  We were supposed to get some rain, but, although there were several dark clouds overhead and it rained in another city a few miles away (gardener friend's sister lives there and he texted me in the early afternoon that they were getting rain), we didn't get any rain at all.  

Daughter sent me her drawing for today.  The prompt is "buddy":

Day 25: Buddy

The drawing is of three friends, Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami, from Lucky Star.

Cousin P called in the evening and we had a nice little chat.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Friend R sharing the treats with me

- Being able to share some of the soup with friend R and neighbor T

- Electric space heaters

- Being able to video chat with my daughter

- Daughter's power didn't get cut (she received an alert that there might be a power cut due to an increased fire risk due to high winds)

Today's joyful activity was making deliveries of my soup and receiving treats from friend R.

Monday's To Do List:
- Change bed sheets
- Load of laundry 
- Piano lesson
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. Those Sri Lankan treats look rather special. I hope you enjoy them. I like the way you all pass on food to each other. Is neighbour T okay after her fall in the shower?

    I think we had your rain today as well. It was supposed to be sunny and dry but it's wet and very dull. I have the lights on in the living room to cheer the place up!

    1. They are rather special because they all take time to make them and not many of us make them, due to lack of skill! Food is our language of love, I think. We show we care by feeding each other! Neighbor T is doing better. She has various on-going ailments, but, she is coping.

      Oops! Sorry you got our rain! No rain here! We have some strong winds blowing and they blew all the clouds away! Bright sunshine, this morning. Still cold, but, sunny.

      Hope you have a lovely day in spite of the rain and gloom.

  2. Those Sri Lankan treats sure do look yummy!

    1. They are very yummy and I probably shouldn't eat them because they are mostly sweet! Not to mention deep fried!

  3. They look fascinating and tasty. I've been cooking quince fruits. Pleased that I can smell their fragrance. It has been wet and windy here. Very Autumnal. Tomorrow we have the long drive back to Dorset so now I have to pack up the bungalow as we won't be back till after Christmas

    1. Sounds like you've been busy during your weekend away! Glad to know that your sense of smell is returning. I hope you have a safe drive back to Dorset.

  4. Those treats from your friend R look delicious. That's great that you now have a source for some of your Sri Lankan favorites.

    Your daughter's drawings are so much fun. I am not familiar with any of the anime stories or characters so it's been enjoyable to take a peek into that world.

    1. The treats are delicious, but, I have to be careful and not eat too many of them! However, according to friend R, this lady also makes stringhoppers, so I am looking forward to ordering some. :)

      Half the time, I don't know the anime characters she has been drawing, myself, Debra. But, her love of manga and anime led her to learn about Japanese culture and the language, which I think is wonderful.

  5. Those Sri Lankan treats look so interesting!

    This morning we actually had a flurry of snow which settled for a while but eventually melted. I saw squirrel tracks on the deck and remembered that soon the "critters" will not be able to hide their comings and goings from us. I love to see unknown tracks across the yard and try to guess what has walked there!

    1. They are even more special these days because we can't get them as easily.

      Ooh, snow! Have fun trying to guess who has been in your yard. :)

  6. How great that you found a source that makes homemade treats you like. While I've never had any of them, they look delicious.

    1. My waistline is not going to thank me, but, I'm happy to have found someone who makes these treats. :)


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