Saturday, October 31, 2020


Yesterday, after I did my post, I put in a load of laundry to wash and sat down at the piano to practice.  However, something was bothering me.  I was worried that, even if I mailed the insurance documents on Friday, they probably won't be received at the retirement office until Monday at the very earliest when it would already be November.  Even with my former colleague's reassurance that everything will be alright, I was worried that I might be told, at the last minute, that the papers weren't received in time for me to receive the insurance without any interruption in coverage!

I was still stressing about it when I went outside to walk a bit in the garden.  I kept thinking that I was overlooking something.  But what?  As I told one of my good friends, I used to be an intelligent woman, but, lately, my mind has been scattered!  Eventually, however, the mists in my mind cleared and it occurred to me - I should have asked C to scan the documents!  Groan!  Why didn't I think of that, earlier?

I spent a few more minutes berating myself for being so stupid and then, I reached for the phone and called C!  Within 15 minutes, she had scanned the documents and emailed them to me.  I downloaded them, attached them to another email, and sent them to the retirement office!  They acknowledged receipt of the scanned documents almost right away and I heaved a big sigh of relief!  Whew!  

Later in the evening, C brought over the paper copies and the originals.  She said her co-workers enjoyed the muffins I had baked.  I picked some pomegranates and sent them home with her to share with her family.  

Then, I put the original signed forms into the postage paid envelope I had been provided with by the retirement office, sealed it, and put it in the mail box to be picked up in the morning.  It no longer mattered when the originals would reach the retirement office, but, the envelope was collected by the mail carrier, this morning.  

After that, I watched some TV and dozed off for a few minutes!  I guess I was finally able to relax!

Day 29 Drawing - Prompt "Shoes"

Day 29: Shoes

Yuno from Hidamari Sketch, thinking about the time they made shoes from clay in class.

Today, I slept in.  Then, spent a quiet afternoon watching TV and just relaxing.  It was a warm day, outside, but, at least 20 degrees cooler inside!  I opened all the windows in an attempt to warm up the house!  

When M came over to tend to the garden, I asked him if he could put some gas to the car (I was just below half a tank, again) and, when he asked me if I needed him to pick up anything from the convenience store at the gas station, I asked for half a gallon of milk.  Afterwards, he shared some vegetable seeds and wildflower seed mix with me.  The vegetables are cool weather plants - snow peas, carrots, broccoli, chard, radishes, and turnips.  Just a few seeds of each.  We planted them around one of the moringa plants and we enclosed it with some wire mesh that I had on hand, to try to keep the garden cats out!  It is a tiny victory garden, but, I am hopeful that it will do well.

Day 30: Prompt - Ominous

Day 30: Ominous

Today, I am grateful for:

- C was able to scan the documents for me

- The retirement office confirmed that they received the scanned documents

- I received confirmation that my ballot has been received and my vote will be counted

- M put gas to the car for me and shared some vegetable and flower seeds with me

- I have a tiny victory garden of cool weather plants!

Today's joyful activity was gardening and planting the vegetable seeds.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?  Will you be celebrating Halloween? 


  1. So glad you got the documents sorted. How often do we allow ourselves to get stressed about something that has a simple solution. So grateful for the wise words of another which solved the problem. I think one thing that really concerns me about the pandemic is that many people end up really isolated from the simple conversations which put things into perspective. People spend too long alone, overthinking things, when a friend's comment can bring peace of mind.

    1. Thank you, Angela. I am a natural born worrier!

  2. Paperwork can be so annoying and worrisome. Good idea to scan and send them for peace of mind. It will be fun to watch how you vegetables do.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. I am grateful that I was able to do that (scan and send) with the help of my friend. One of the first things I need to do after my daughter comes home and has a look at the printer (it is, technically, her printer), is get it to work or replace it with one that does work!

      I am all excited about my "winter vegetables" garden. :D

  3. I'm glad you have completed the submission of all the documents and are able to stop worrying about it. I think your mind does slow down after retirement, at least I know that mine has so I make the effort to do plenty of puzzles and quizzes to keep active in that respect.

    Good luck with your victory garden. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything grows for you.

    I don't celebrate Halloween. It's a relatively recent event over here and we never bothered at all as children. Bonfire Night on November 5th was the big celebration for us as children and I have very fond memories of that.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. One of the reasons for the piano lessons was to keep my brain active, but, lately, I've been overwhelmed with everything that's been going on. Between the pandemic, the elections, the need to get the paperwork done on time to make sure my medical insurance doesn't lapse, and non-working equipment, it's been a bit nerve wracking! I started on the medical paperwork back in August. It was supposed to be easy, except, it wasn't! But, now, it has been done and all I have to do is wait for the bill and pay it!

      I took a picture of the victory garden - I expect to see the first seedlings in about a couple of weeks. :)

      I didn't know about Halloween until I came to this country. My roommates had to tell me all about it! This year, traditional trick or treating has been discouraged due to the virus and I haven't decorated or anything.

  4. Sounds like you had a good day. Glad your friend was able to scan the documents. I dropped off my ballot weeks ago. They do not provide confirmation here, so I do hope mine is counted! Celie

    1. I did have a good day. Thank you, I am so grateful that my friend was able to help and scan the documents for me. Otherwise, I'd still be worrying about the documents reaching the office in time! I'm sure your vote will be counted, Celie, especially if you dropped it off weeks ago. They keep changing the cut off dates for counting absentee ballots and that is confusing; it's a good idea to get them in as early as you can.

  5. That's great that you thought to have the documents scanned. Now, as you said, it doesn't matter when the mail arrives. They have what they need and you have your Medicare card - you are all set.
    I know it's a relief.

    I hope your vegetables do well.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I'm glad I thought of scanning when I did. Now I can relax!

      Oh, I hope so, too! :)

  6. What a clever solution to the insurance problem; as you are right, you cannot risk not having complied with the requirements exactly because they can drop coverage if they decide to adhere to the fine print.

    1. Thank you, Susanne. I'm glad I thought of it while there was still enough time to get it done! :)


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