Sunday, October 11, 2020

October Joys

I am late posting my list of planned joyful activities for October!

What I am trying to do is put together a list of joyful activities that I can look forward to doing during the month.  I don't want it to be another "to do" list, however.  Just making sure that I incorporate a little intentional joy into my days.

October Joys:

- Online Temple services

- Craft projects

- Music

- Art

- Gardening

- Decorating for Halloween?

- Reading

- Participate in the monthly photo mini challenge

- Bake something (when cool enough to do so)


  1. Plenty of choice here, Bless. Wishing that the rest of October is full of joyful things for you.

  2. Nice list. I especially love the ? by the Halloween decorating. I feel much the same.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I usually decorate for Fall, but, sometimes, I put up a few Halloween items, too. This year, I haven't done any decorating, at all!

  3. I like your list of October joys. I hope to join you on a few of those too. Have a great week Bless :)

    1. Thank you, Martha. Lovely to have you join me! Hope you have a good week, too.

  4. Please share with us if you decide to decorate for Halloween. I'd love to see it. X


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