Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cool on Thursday

A much cooler day, today, with a high of 71F, and mostly overcast.  There was a little sunshine in the afternoon, though, as the morning fog lifted.  Needless to say I was dressed in a sweater and had a scarf and a shawl on!  LOL.  

I spent a relaxed morning, responding to blog comments and reading other blogs.

In the afternoon, I took some of the stew I made last night and some bread over to friend R.

After I came home, I did some gardening, raking over one of the flower beds in the front.  I had pulled out all the remaining osteospermum plants that had been growing there and weeded it, earlier.  Today, I raked it and watered it, to encourage any osteospermum seeds that might have dropped to germinate. I also picked another feijoa (pineapple guava) from the tree in the backyard.

Later, I practiced the piano, did the vacuuming, cleaned the kitchen, tidied the family room and did more paperwork and filing.  

I also watched the news, the presidential debate, and a program on public television called Ancient Skies.  And, I got my tote bag ready with the items I will need to take with me to the oncologist appointment, tomorrow (hand sanitizer, disposable masks, file folder with medical reports and the letter regarding the results of the mammogram, and so forth).  I also went through and cleaned out my purse; I try to do that once a month or so, but, don't always do it.  Fortunately, other than an empty sandwich bag and a spare pair of disposable gloves I had tucked into a pocket, there wasn't anything that needed to be tossed.  I also removed a handful of loose coins that were there at the bottom of the purse and added them to the change jar.    

Daughter sent me today's drawing.

Day 22: Chef

Day 22: Chef


According to my daughter, this is Soma, the main character from Shokugeki no Soma, an anime about cooking. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Warm scarves and shawls
- Being able to visit friend R
- A safe drive there and back
- Fruit from the garden
- Sunny afternoons

Today's joyful activity was visiting friend R.

Thursday's To Do List:

- Vacuum - DONE
- Clean the kitchen - DONE
- Tidy the family room - DONE
- Paperwork/filing - DONE

Friday's To Do List:
- Doctor's appointment
- Clean the bathrooms 
- Do one deep cleaning task
- Tend to the garden with M

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. I hope your oncology appointment goes well tomorrow. Have you caught up on all the appointments that were postponed now?

    I'd class 71F as warm, definitely warmer than it is here as the warmest temperature forecast for this area today is 56F. I'm wearing thick woolly socks and an extra cardigan!

    I'm glad you got to see friend R yesterday and had a a productive day by the sounds of it. I hope today is just as good for you.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Well, I am almost all caught up with the postponed appointments. I still need to have an appointment with my primary care doctor, but, her office is still closed! I can call her and leave a message if I need a prescription update or have a question, but, that's all. I also received a letter from my gynecologist saying it's time for another annual check up and haven't made that appointment, yet.

      56F is more like our night-time lows, these days. It was funny, yesterday, when I went to visit friend R - I was all bundled up and she was in a short sleeved blouse. LOL. I am a wimp when it comes to the cooler weather!

      Thank you; hope the day is going well for you, too.

  2. Good luck with your appointment today. I'm sure all will go well.

  3. You are really good with keeping up with things. Stay warm!

    1. I try, Martha. Doesn't always work out the way I'd like, but, I do try to be on top of things. :)

  4. We also watched the presidential debate and were happy that both candidates were given opportunities to respond. It finished late for us but we wound down by reading in bed and I took a melatonin pill just to ensure a decent night's sleep. Today's weather was just as predicted, an influx of balmy weather, lovely to be outside, followed by a thunderstorm this evening!

    1. I'm glad that you were able to watch the debate, Bushlady. I'm glad the thunderstorm held off until evening and you were able to enjoy a balmy day. :) It's cooled off over here and I am missing my hot summer!


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