Thursday, August 13, 2020


Praying Mantis

I felt something jump onto my hand when I was weeding in the back yard, this evening, and it was the praying mantis shown above.  I thought it was funny because a friend of mine and I had been discussing praying mantises, recently.  She had sent me a link to a "flower mantis", which are praying mantis species that have evolved to look like some of the flowers in their natural habitat.  Some of them are quite fancy.  My little friend, however, was your typical garden variety praying mantis.  I placed it back on some of the nearby plants after I took the picture.

Back in its Natural Habitat

It blends in quite nicely among the osteospermum plants, doesn't it?

I wondered if it was the same praying mantis I photographed in July:

Baby Praying Mantis in July

The one I photographed in July was just about one inch long; today's one was about 3 inches long.  

Today was a warm day, with a daytime high of 97F according to the weather report.  It is supposed to have rained in some parts of Los Angeles, but, it didn't rain where I live; however, there was some humidity in the air.  "Muggy" would be the term used to describe it. 

I had a slight headache when I woke up, this morning, but it wore off, eventually.  Aunt C called to thank me for the birthday card I made for her and we had a long chat.  After she rang off, I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon replying to blog comments and visiting a few other blogs.  Later, I practiced the piano, tidied up the dining table (the scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies were still out because I thought I might want to make another card, but, didn't), washed the sofa dust sheets,  did a little more file organizing, cleaned the kitchen a bit, and watched news.  

Later in the evening, I watered the garden, front and back, and did a little weeding, which was when I had my encounter with the praying mantis.  

I thought about assembling the quilt, but, I didn't feel like doing it.  It was too hot to be handling all that flannel and batting!  At least, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!  LOL.

Friend R called in the evening and we chatted a bit.  Later, daughter and I had our nightly video chat.

Today, I am grateful for:

  • My headache wore off on its own
  • Phone calls and emails with family and friends
  • Video chats with my daughter
  • Working appliances and electricity to run them
  • Water for the garden
Today's joyful activity was spending time in the garden.  

Thursday's To Do List:
- Clean the kitchen - DID SOME
- Water the garden, front and back - DONE
- Load of laundry (family room sofa dust sheets) - DONE
- Break down the rest of the boxes - DONE
- Assemble the quilt
- Practice the piano - DONE
- 30 minutes of file organizing - DONE

Friday's To Do List:
- Clean the bathrooms 
- Do one deep cleaning task (1 kitchen cabinet) 
- Do some gardening

I am going to hold off on assembling the quilt until it is cooler.  

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. I've set aside crocheting and sewing until the winter. Like you say, it's too hot to be bothering with yarn and materials on hot days.

    It's raining hard here. I was going to go out for a drive but if it doesn't ease off I will just drive to and from town - I need to get the cash to pay T and also book my car in for a service.

    My joyful activity today is to make myself a music mix on YouTube. Well, probably start making it as it will take a while. Have you chosen yours in the morning this time?

    1. Yes, we are having a few days of 100F+ heat, according to the weather forecast. Of course, the house stays a little cooler than that and I could work on the quilt in the morning, when it is cooler.

      I wish we could have a little of your rain! It would help with the forest fires that are burning practically out of control in the surrounding areas. I hope you are able to run your errands, even if you won't be able to go for a drive.

      I haven't quite decided on my joyful activity yet, but, I think it will be making a fabric covered box!

  2. Praying mantises are interesting looking creatures, aren't they? It's always good when you find one in your garden because they eat so many other insects.

    1. They certainly are interesting looking! Yes, they help with garden pest control! I could do with a few more of them, because, this year, I am noticing quite a few grasshoppers!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Regine. :) I kept hoping it would stand still so I could take a picture, but, it kept wanting to walk! :D

  4. As a kid, I would have held the mantis or played with it. Today, I would probably have yelled and brushed it off. Funny how we change thru life. Than again, not so fun-ny as we age into ache, pains, and problems. :) Bless, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

    1. LOL, I am not squeamish when it comes to insects and bugs, unless it is a cockroach! Thank you, Susie; you, too. :)

  5. Lovely praying mantis! I've always been fascinated with all the amazing insects and spiders around. We get a wolf spider in the compost bin every year!
    I can see that organizing quilt batting and such would be far too cozy a project in the heat, makes me hot just thinking of it!
    Had a nice shady visit with my friend this morning at a picnic table under a shelter. A lady came by with a dog which promptly came over to the shade and lay down!

    1. Oh, the poor doggy was too hot! Glad it got to rest in the shade for a bit. :)

      Glad you had a nice shady visit with your friend and hope you were able to pick up those groceries you were planning to get.

      Today, our temp. went up to 100F. It was already 96F when I checked the weather at 11:30 a.m. The house only warmed up to 88F, which is comfortable for me (with a fan on). I organized a small hot spot that was really getting to me. Someone keeps messing up the place every time I turn around! :D

  6. Lovely! Must admit I probably would have let out a squeal. Not a big fan of anything landing on me lol

    1. Ha, ha, I felt something on my arm and was surprised to see it was a praying mantis! :)

  7. They are fascinating creatures aren't they. X


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