Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Cantaloupe that Wasn't and Other Garden Tales

 Remember this melon that I had been calling a cantaloupe?


On the Dead Vine

Well, when M came to tend to the garden, today, we decided to pull out the vine and cut the "cantaloupe" to see what we find:

Harvested "Cantaloupe"



LOL!  Well, at least, it looked like a honeydew melon instead of a cantaloupe!  I honestly don't recall tossing out honeydew seeds!  But, maybe I did?  I tasted it to see, but, there was no taste!   The fruit was about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, but, the seeds looked fully matured!  I am going to save the seeds and plant them, next year!  Just to see what happens.  Maybe I'll get a cantaloupe?!  

I am holding off on harvesting the other melon - it is about 3 inches in diameter and starting to turn yellow, but, that might be because the vine is starting to die from our current heatwave (it was 100F, today).    It, too, looks more like a honeydew than a cantaloupe.   

When M was cleaning up the side yard, where the melon was growing, he noticed the resident praying mantis!  Of course, I don't know if it was the same one or not, but, I am assuming it was.  This time, it was feasting on a wasp!  I didn't have my cell phone with me to take a picture, though.  Then, we moved to the front garden, and I noticed a wasp eating a grasshopper!  As M said, I've a whole ecosystem going in my garden!  

Today, M pulled out most of the old osteospermum plants from the front planting bed and weeded it.  I still have a couple of rose plants, a lavender plant, and a rosemary plant growing in that bed.  The osteospermum plants would have seeded themselves and the new plants will emerge, later in the fall.  If not, I'll plant something else, there.  

M brought me a new plant, today - a cutting of a philodendron plant that he had rooted - to replace the Chinese evergreen plant that died.  I am hopeful that it will grow.

My day has been good.  I cleaned the bathrooms, practiced the piano, put down the broken down boxes in the side yard, and did a little much needed deep cleaning and organizing.

There is a plastic drawer unit in the family room, the top of which had become very messy.  I had repurposed a mesh picnic utensils holder (with a space for plates, a spot for napkins, and holders for cutlery) to organize a few things, like bottles of glue, etc., which over the years had become a place to stash various things.  It had become an eye sore and was bugging me.  So, today, I decided that I wanted to organize that!  I took everything out, sorted through the stuff, tossed a bottle of glue that had dried up, checked the other bottles of glue and unclogged the caps of two of them, found different homes for some of the items, and washed the mesh picnic utensils holder.  I replaced it with an empty basket that I had on hand and put the bottles of glue and some other items like a pencil sharpener, two hole puncher, and calculator, in there.  Then, I wiped down the outside of the drawer unit.  I want to sort through and reorganize the drawers, too, but, that's for another day.  

Aunt C called me in the middle of my organizing project, so, I took a break and chatted with her.  Much later in the evening, cousin P and friend R called and I chatted with them.  

It got rather warm in the afternoon (did I mention it was 100F, here, today?).  It was only 88F inside the house, but, it was a little humid, too.  I wanted something cool and made myself a relatively guilt-free treat:

Peach Banana "Ice Cream"

One frozen banana blended with a big spoonful of my homemade peach jam!  It was cold and delicious!  This time, I didn't mind it tasting so banana-y, because I was wanting something cold and ice cream-like.

Today, I am grateful for:
  • Homegrown melon seeds
  • Fans and electricity to run them
  • M bringing me another plant
  • Phone chats with family and friends
  • Banana "ice cream"
Today's joyful activity was organizing the spot on  top of the stack of drawers!  It really pleased me to have that tidied and organized.  

Friday's To Do List:
- Clean the bathrooms - DONE 
- Do one deep cleaning task (1 kitchen cabinet top of drawer unit in the family room) - DONE
- Do some gardening - DONE

Saturday is my catch up day to do any cleaning that didn't get done during the week.  I might do more tidying and organizing in the kitchen and family room, if I feel like it.  If not, I'll take it easy and just relax, as it will be another hot day.

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday?  Have you planted something thinking it was one thing and discovered it was something else?


  1. I got a kick out of this...a few years ago, I had a rather large herb garden. Suddenly, I got a few mystery plants: the first turned out to be rhubarb that was planted as a joke. Then I noticed a corn stalk, but since we had ornamental corn hanging on the gate, we could understand that. Over the next few weeks, a tomato and a (we thought) a watermelon vine. I let them stay and we got two cherry tomatoes and a watermelon that grew to the size of a golf ball!
    My father-in-law called them poop plants. He claimed the squirrels ate the food and pooped out the seeds. Never heard of anyone else calling them that.

    1. Gardens are mysterious places where all kinds of magical things happen! I have had several plants come up that I hadn't planted, which I thought were the result of bird droppings. I have one such plant growing in the garden, right now. I have no idea what it is, but, my gardener M thinks it might be a carob seedling! I'm letting it grow to see what it turns out to be. :)

  2. I'm having a quiet day. The migraine pain has gone but I feel rather drained so am doing as little bad possible. I'm washing the bedding to have a fresh bed to sleep in tonight, but that's about it!

    With the heat you are experiencing I think an easy day is just what you need. Switch the news on, sit back, and enjoy yourself xx

    1. I'm glad you are having a quiet day, Eileen. Migraines can take a lot out of one. Take it easy and rest.

      It's another hot day, here, today. The temperature right now, at 11:30 a.m. is 96F, but, according to the weather report, it feels like 105F in the sun. I believe it, because when I went outside to replenish the garden cats' water dish and water the fruit trees at 10:00 a.m., it was burning hot, already! I'm planning on doing very little!

  3. Organizing messy spots always makes me happy, too.

    1. I have a very high threshold for messes, but, eventually, it gets to me and then, I have to do something about it. :)

  4. On Friday I cleared out my cutlery drawer and my utensils drawer. That was very satisfying!

    1. It's always so nice when those drawers are nicely organized, aren't they? :)

  5. Glad you are doing well. I love having electricity. Love it !! My heart breaks for those who are still without. I heard a news report that people were having time to work with plants now. I just hope they realize not all house plants are good to have around pets. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you, Susie. We are having a stage 2 power alert due to the heat - it means there is a high demand on electricity and we need to keep the air conditioning to 78F or higher and use major appliances, such as washing machines, until after 7:00 p.m. in order to limit usage of electricity during the day. If we don't conserve enough electricity and we go to stage 3, that will mean rolling black outs! I don't have any air conditioning, only fans. But, I'm doing my part to limit the use of energy, because I don't want there to be rolling black outs - I worry about the food in the fridge/freezer!

      I am very careful to keep my houseplants out of Dancer's reach! All but one, that is - the dracaena plant is too tall to place on top of a bookcase. But, he has learned to stay away from it! :)

  6. So, it was a honeydew. But because it was so immature you're not 100% sure?
    I think that's where we stand anyway. lol
    I like the idea of purposely planting the seeds and tending them.
    Then we will know for sure.

    I've been decluttering my "office". I use quotation marks because it's not really an office.
    My old desk top computer is in there and I've wanted to get rid of it for ages so I started the process of deleting things from it.
    I finally go all my pictures transferred to a thumb drive and I think I'm done.

    So it's all unhooked and I'm going to take the cover off of the tower and remove the hard drive and dispose of the rest. I can recycle the monitor at Staples but I'm hesitant to recycle the computer itself. I know that even though I've deleted everything there's still a way to access the info on that drive if someone wanted to.
    So I will just keep the hard drive until I can figure out what to do with it.

    1. It probably is a honeydew, Debra, because it didn't show the characteristic stripes of a cantaloupe (even small cantaloupe are supposed to have an indication of the stripes from stem to blossom end). It's just that I don't recall tossing out honeydew seeds! I was convinced that they were cantaloupe seeds! LOL.

      You've been busy getting your office sorted! I, too, have an old desk top computer in the corner of the family room. The monitor works, but the computer, itself, doesn't! As a result, neither my daughter, nor I know how to erase any files it contains! But, I am not sure if I need to keep it set up in the corner of the family room, either! Maybe, now that I have all these empty delivery boxes, I might just place it in a box and store it in the spare bedroom (which has returned to being a storage area, anyway, as that's where I've been storing all the stock up items I've bought!). Hm, something to consider! Thank you for giving me the idea! :)

  7. Well it is too bad there wasn't much flavour in your baby honeydew melon. Maybe you will do better with the other one, if it survives the drought. We have been hearing on the news about the California drought and rolling blackouts. I hope you don't have to put up with this where you live. At least one hour shouldn't be too harmful for the fridge and freezer if they stay closed, but this heat we are hearing about certainly won't encourage you to put together that quilt! It is only around 86F here at the hottest the last two days, but humid enough. I did a little yard work this morning but not for long and was lazy the rest of the day!

    1. I hope the other one tastes better. :)

      The heat is back on! We went up to 103F today; it was 92 inside the house. So far, I have electricity; I am hoping it will continue to be that way.

      It's been a bit too warm to do anything much, today. I practiced the piano and did a sort of crafts project. Will water the garden, later.


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