Monday, August 24, 2020


Sunday has been slightly cooler.  I did need two fans in the afternoon, but, the evening is cool enough for just one fan!  LOL.

I spent another quiet day, today.  I put away the laundry from yesterday, practiced the piano, watered the front garden, watched a little TV, and spent the afternoon reading an American classic, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I knew the story, but, this was the first time I actually read the book.  It was required reading for my daughter when she was in 7th grade and it was her copy of the book which I read, today.  I had kept it, all these years, intending to read it!  Well, I've read it and it has been decluttered from my bookshelves.

8/23 Decluttering

A recent post by Sharon at My New Uneventful Life had me thinking about my collection of magazines.  At one time, I had so many magazines that I put up shelves in the garage to store them, all!  Eventually, I got rid of most of them.  But, I held on to a few knitting and crochet magazines, for one reason or another.  Today, I went through some of them and decided to declutter the two shown above; they are both from the 1980s!  I had held on to them for various reasons - one had the pattern for a toddler's crocheted dress that my mother made for my daughter. the other had some sweaters that I liked, including a couple I had knitted.  Sweater patterns don't change all that much, but, I have a lot of knitting books, too, so, these magazines can go.  Thank you, Sharon, for motivating me.  

Today, I am grateful for:

  • A quiet, relaxed day
  • An afternoon spent reading
  • Phone calls from friends
  • Having electricity and water
  • Being able to video chat with my daughter
Today's joyful activity was reading.

Monday's To Do List:
- Practice the piano
- Piano lesson
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. My husband still has a lot of woodworking magazines which are a lot like knitting magazines--lot's patterns that don't get old. He also has a lot of books, and maybe someday he'll be able to part with the magazines, but not yet. In the meantime, he has his subscriptions down to just one. Progress.

    1. Yay for progress! LOL. I still ask for magazine subscriptions as birthday/Christmas gifts from my daughter - last year, she got me four subscriptions (for a grand total of $8!) and they have been something I've looked forward to receiving during these months of staying at home, especially since I am not making use of curbside library pick ups. But, they are home/garden type magazines and I find those easier to declutter. :)

  2. I re-read The Scarlet Letter not too long ago and enjoyed it much more than I did when I had to read it for school. But you will never catch me re-reading Lord Jim!
    I wish I had not seen your list about cleaning the fridge. I guess I need to bite the bullet and clean mine, especially since tomorrow is trash day!

    1. Sometimes, reading books for school spoils all the fun of reading!

      Yes, I list cleaning the fridge on Mondays because Tuesday is trash day! :D

  3. Well done on the decluttering. I rarely buy magazines and I never keep the few that I do buy. I sometimes cut out recipes and keep them in a folder but that too gets decluttered regularly.

    How are you getting on with your piano practice? I guess your are still enjoying it because you are still taking the lessons. Will you take any piano exams do you think?

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I, too, used to cut out recipes and keep them in a binder, but, I've stopped doing that since one has access to so many recipes online. However, every couple of years, I ask my daughter for magazine subscriptions as a birthday gift, so, I still get magazines. But, I pass them along afterwards.

      I am enjoying the piano playing, but, no, I will not be taking any exams. This is purely for fun (and to keep my brain active, learning new notes, etc.) :)

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning me!

    I'm still plodding along on the magazines and I can certainly see the difference. It seems like with each item I get rid of I actually feel a little lighter.

    Reading your blog always gives me motivation to keep going - to try to get organised and decluttered. For me it might be a long process but each step I take is a step forward!

    Hope you have a great Monday!

    1. You are welcome, Sharon. :)

      Yes, eventually, it does make a difference and that keeps the motivation going. It's good to know that we can motivate each other. I've mentioned this before, but, for me, decluttering is like peeling an onion, layer by layer. Things I couldn't bear to part with last time around become a little easier to part with this time around. :)

  5. I used to save magazines years ago but now I just have one magazine, Woman's Weekly from England, dated around 1970 I think and what amazes me is an advertisement for a really frumpy dress for women who are 40! I don't know a single woman who would be willing to wear such a dress today in her 40s,50s,60s or older!
    The mouse saga continues, we have now caught a total of 4 and I wouldn't be surprised if another one or two end up in the traps by morning.

    1. Ha, ha, back then, weren't people considered to be "over the hill" after 30? I got rid of a couple more magazines, but, I am keeping three old magazines - two are from 1974 (the year I came here) and one is from 1993 (the year my daughter was born; I'm saving that for her, although she isn't interested, yet!)

      Good luck with getting those last couple of mice! I think you might have to get a recording of a cat meowing and play that to keep the mice away! :D

    2. Don't tell me - Dancer is putting out his CD and you are promoting it!

    3. But, of course! He's singing and I'm accompanying him on the piano! :D

  6. I used to buy and subscribe to quite a few magazines over the years and kept most of them.
    I got away from buying magazines and have slowly donated the ones I had.
    I had quite a few knitting magazines. I'm sure someone walking into the library was happy to see them on the free rack. :)

    1. That was very kind of you to leave the knitting magazines in the library for anyone to take. Maybe I'll save these magazines for when the library reopens. :)


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