Saturday, August 15, 2020

Hot on Saturday!

92F at 6:15 P.M. in the Family Room

Today was a hot day.  When I went outside to refill the garden cats' water dish and water the fruit trees in the back yard at 10:30 a.m., it was already 96F outside, according to the weather report, which also stated that it felt like 105F in the sunshine.  I believe it, because it felt burning hot, even at that hour of the morning.  Later, the day's high was 103F; I didn't check what it felt like, but, inside the house, it registered 92F!  It almost made me wish I had asked M to install the window air conditioner in my bedroom!  Instead, I changed out of my longer than calf-length skirt into a pair of shorts!  LOL!

There is a stage 2 flex alert to lower our electricity use during this time because when it is so hot, there is more demand for electricity as people crank up their air conditioners.  If not enough people comply, then, they will go to stage 3 and do rolling blackouts.  In fact, according to the evening news, they did start rolling blackouts in some parts of the state, today.  So far, however, I have been lucky and have electricity.  I can manage without air conditioning, but, I'll find it very difficult without electricity to run the fans!

I practiced the piano in the early afternoon, before it got too hot in the living room and then, drew the drapes closed to keep the afternoon sun out.  

I spent the better part of the afternoon doing a craft project:

Fabric Covered Box

A friend of mine gave me this piece of fabric, along with some others that she had in her stash, several years ago (back when I was undergoing chemo!).  I decided that I could do with a couple of fabric covered boxes for storage purposes.  

Two of Them

I used two of the smallest delivery boxes that I had and regular white glue to glue the fabric.  I didn't do the neatest job with covering them, especially the insides, but, that's OK.  I just want something to corral various bits and pieces and still look a little better than a cardboard box.  

I am, once again, dealing with too many things to store and not enough proper storage space.  I also have more open storage (shelves) than closed (drawers and cabinets).  Actually, I like the open storage because then, I can see what I have.  But, then, it becomes visual clutter!  Not everything needs to be stored where it can be seen, does it?  As I told one of my friends, what I need is a big room lined with wall to wall cabinets and drawers!  LOL.  But, I don't have that, so, I need to figure out something else.  

In the evening, I put water by hand (using the garden hose, rather than the sprinklers) to the back yard.  It was slightly cooler outside, by then.  I wanted to put water to the front yard, as well, but, my hand was cramping (I don't have a spray nozzle on the hose in the back and use my finger to regulate the water flow), so, I decided to water the front, tomorrow.  

When it is hot like it was today, even the cats feel hot!  The garden cats were panting in the afternoon, when I checked on them.  Dancer fares a little better inside the house:

A Cool Spot for Sleeping

He likes to sleep on the cooler ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Dancer Tries to Keep Cool

Today, I am grateful for:
- Electricity and fans
- Water for the garden
- My friend sharing her fabric stash with me
- Having everything I needed to cover the boxes on hand
- Iced water!

Today's joyful activity was making the fabric covered boxes.

Tomorrow will be a little cooler, according to the forecast, with a high of only 95F.  That is a comfortable temperature for me.  

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. Hope there's a break in the heat soon. Don't forget to keep hydrated.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn; I've been drinking plenty of water! Definitely don't want to get dehydrated!

  2. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm waiting for my supermarket delivery to arrive. My nephew and family will be round later to collect the uniforms and sort out the radiator shelf for me.

    It's quite cool today (I've closed the windows and have put a cardigan on) but I'd rather have that than the heat you are experiencing. It rained during the night but it's been a dry day so far, just overcast and rather dull.

    I like your covered boxes. Will you make any more or will you have enough with those two?

    1. I hope your groceries were delivered and you received everything you ordered. Hope, too, that your nephew was able to fix the radiator shelf for you.

      Well, you were hoping for cooler weather, weren't you? August and September are our hottest months; sometimes it stays hot until mid-October or so. I think, next week, I will ask M to set the air conditioner unit in the window. That way, I will have the option of switching it on and retreating to my bedroom if it gets really hot.

      Thank you. I am planning to make a few more covered boxes. I have a different fabric for them - a solid, more neutral color.

  3. I am so glad you have electricity (not restricted) to run your fans. I don't think any of us ever have enough storage, Bless. I know I could use a whole lot more-but also know I need to GET RID OF some stuff. I have WAY too much STUFF. lol
    Have a great Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Thank you, Diana. I am very grateful to have electricity. :) I, too, could get rid of more stuff, but, I struggle with that! I can usually find a very good reason for keeping everything that I have! LOL.
      I hope that, you, too, have a lovely day. Stay safe!

  4. Gosh - that is hot, Bless.
    I'm very glad that your electricity stayed on and you were able to use your fans to stay comfortable.
    I have a couple battery operated fans that have come in handy - something to think about. They aren't big but they work and I've been glad for them in the past.

    It's cool here in Rhode Island. Yesterday was the first day in a while that we didn't need the a/c at night. It was in the low 60's last night which was very nice.

    1. I like the idea of battery operated fans - thanks, I shall look into them. Today is cooler, only 85F inside the house at almost 11:00 a.m. I don't even have the fans on, yet. :) My plan is to get one small shelf unit organized and get the piano practice done before it gets too hot in the afternoon. Enjoy your cooler weather. :)

  5. We had a hot day Saturday but nothing like what you had! Poor garden cats. At least Dancer has a tile floor to cool down on. Your boxes are pretty. A covering makes all the difference. DH has some binders in a cardboard box, I'm thinking maybe I should see what I can cover it with.
    We are having a rainy, cool Sunday. I wish I could send you some of that rain. It is bucketing down right now. It has thundered from time to time but any storm must be far from us. I've just made some "Jam Squares" since it is cool enough for baking.

    1. Yes, the poor garden cats have to make do with shady spots under the plants.

      Thank you; I am going to cover a few more boxes with a neutral solid color fabric. I think it will help with the visual clutter. I also used to cover cardboard boxes with contact paper and that worked out well, too.

      Enjoy your cool, rainy weather and the jam squares! They sound delicious!

  6. Animals are usually sensible during extremes of weather and I like Dancer's idea of lying on the cold tiles. It's been a warm sunny week here but nothing like the high temperatures you've been experiencing. I hope you manage to take things easy and keep cool.
    Love the boxes. X

    1. Yes, they know to keep cool and take it easy when it gets too hot. Glad you are enjoying some warm sunny weather. Thank you; I put the boxes on a shelf unit, yesterday, to contain some stuff. :)

  7. I hope the heat breaks too! It is hot here, but I expect it, plus I have central a/c. I have been covering some cardboard boxes with contact paper we found at Mom's. It is a short term solution to contain things until I begin the major decluttering when Son3 and DIL3 leave.

    1. Thank you, Anne. It was 85F at 10:00 a.m. today, with a high of 98F expected; tomorrow is supposed to be 103F. :) I, too, have used contact paper for covering boxes, but, right now, what I have plenty of is fabric! So, that's what I am using. :)


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