Saturday, September 28, 2019

Rain and More Sewing on Saturday

Yesterday (Friday), it was cool, cloudy, and we had a little drizzle.  Today, has been cloudy and cool, too, and it rained in the morning!  In fact, I woke to the sound of rain!  Rain in September is very unusual for us! 

I spent the morning playing online - responding to blog comments, visiting a few other blogs, doing some nonograms, etc.  Neighbor T called and we chatted a bit and my daughter called to wish me a good morning.

In the afternoon, I sat down to sew the Halloween gifts for my cousin.  I had bought 1 yard of this fabric:

Halloween Cats

I cut it in half, lengthwise, and sewed a table runner with one half:

Table Runner

It's a bit too big for my coffee table, but, my cousin will use it on her dining table and it will be a good size (my dining table is being used as a sewing table and I didn't want to clear it to put the table runner on it to take a photo!).  I backed it with some cream colored upholstery weight fabric that I had been given by a friend who was getting rid of her stash!

Neutral Colored Backing

With the other half of the fabric, I made two cushion covers:

Matching Cushion Covers

I used a piece of black cotton blend fabric I had in my stash for the back of the cushion covers.  These covers have an "envelope" opening, with a flap that covers the opening:

The Flap for the Envelope

You simply slip in the pillow/cushion form and the flap covers the opening.  It eliminates the need for a zipper (I don't like sewing zippers; I find it intimidating!)

Flap Covering the Opening

In the past couple of days, I have been able to use up five small pieces of fabric from my stash!  Yay!  There are some small scraps leftover, but, I'll use them up in another project or something.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The rain shower!
- Cooler weather
- Being able to sew the Halloween gifts
- The fabric stash
- My sewing machine

Today's joyful activity was sewing the Halloween gifts.

Plans for tomorrow include selecting the fabric for the baby girl quilt!

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. Envelope cushions are so quick and easy! My plan today is Harvest Thanksgiving followed by a 100th birthday party

    1. Yes, envelope cushions are very easy to sew. I saw your post about the Harvest Thanksgiving (and left a comment). Wow! A 100th birthday! How wonderful!

  2. That's such fun looking fabric. Today is dark and rainy again, so we're going to go swimming. X

    1. They have some cute novelty print fabrics. I wanted to buy them all! LOL. Sounds like a good activity for a rainy day. Now you have me singing "Swimming in the rain" to the tune of "Singing in the rain"! :D

  3. The other day I cut fabric to make two envelope cushions. I didn’t want to spend time looking for matching zippers. 😊

    1. I really need to get over my fear of sewing zippers! The machine even came with a zipper foot! But, I've only used it once, to repair a zipper that was coming off.

  4. I'm okay with sewing zippers but do get bored with sewing button holes! The Halloween gifts are lovely and I'm sure your cousin will really appreciate your efforts.

    1. Sewing button holes can be tedious, I agree. Thank you, I think she will like the gifts. I know that she decorates her house for Halloween and she likes cats. :)

  5. That fabric is just too cute! Made for cat people. You are really getting some good sewing done and great to be able to use up some of your stash.
    We have sunshine and I'm wondering what we shall do on this lovely fall Sunday afternoon, perhaps go for a walk or just putter working in the yard. It's quite cool, though.

    1. It is a cute fabric, isn't it? As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy some for my cousin, as she loves cats. :)

      Sounds like you are having lovely weather; a walk or some gardening sounds good. It's sunny and bright, here, too. I am planning to go to the fabric store!


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