Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tuesday's Happenings

Last night, I dreamt that I was cleaning the house, trying to get ready for an almsgiving or something, and my mother was alive and she had let go of the house keeper and I was getting angry because now I had to do all this cleaning by myself and, to make matters worse,  in my dream, the kitchen was outdoors and there were all these big rocks to get around!  I have the weirdest dreams!  I always wake up feeling tired from all the work I do in my dreams!  LOL! 

The drive to work was really congested, this morning.  Traffic was practically at a standstill at one point, and then, it started to move and there was no accident or anything to have caused a delay!  Anyway, I got to work without any incidents, which is always nice.  I was listening (and singing along) to a favorite CD, so the drive itself was quite pleasant.

The work day was OK.  I did what I had to do, including attending a really long drawn out meeting. 

I called the cemetery manager and discussed the issue with the grave site.  She promised to look into and said she'll have the grave site cleaned.  She asked for my cell phone number to post me pictures after it is cleaned, but I don't give out my cell phone number to many people, so I gave my regular phone number and said I'll be checking on the grave in person.  She said she wasn't sure if she could get to it this weekend - well, we'll see.

However, I forgot to call the surgeon's office to say that I had seen the doctor, yesterday.  Will call tomorrow. 

In the afternoon, I went for another walk.  This time, I went in a different direction and up a slight incline.  I used to walk up that incline years ago, when I used to travel to work and back by bus and I took that incline in stride.  Today, I am chagrined to say that it winded me!  So, that is going to be my next challenge - to try to build up my stamina to climb that incline and sustain it (the incline continues for three additional blocks, that I didn't walk, today).

Yarn-bombed Fence!
I passed by a vacant lot that is being developed as a park, and I saw these yarn figures on the fence - probably a leftover from the Women's March?

Then, I passed by this mosaic, which is a fountain, as well:

It is titled "A Topographical Map of Water Sources in Los Angeles County"
It used to have water flowing down the canals, but almost all the fountains have been turned off as a water saving measure.

After I came home, I watched the State of the Union address and the response.  Then, watched news and a TV program about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (part of the American Experience series on PBS).

Then, I prepared my dinner - all I cooked today was the rice; the other times were from the freezer and I just had to reheat them in the microwave. 

Dinner - Rice, Shrimp Curry, Green Beans, Lentils

Breakfast had been a banana; lunch had been leftover noodles, chicken, and peanut sauce from last night's dinner.  I packed the leftovers from dinner for my lunch, tomorrow, and washed the dishes.

Then, I replied to my friend's email and video chatted with my daughter.  She made herself some "chocolate chip cookie in a mug cake" while we chatted.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Another, lovely, warm day
- A safe commute to the office and back
- Another afternoon walk
- An easy dinner!
- Being able to listen to some of my favorite music in the car

 Tuesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Call the surgeon's office - Oops!  Forgot!
- Call the cemetery manager - DONE
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Put away dried laundry - DONE
- Put away the dried dishes - DONE
- Paperwork/pay bills/file - DID SOME

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Call the surgeon's office
- Water the back garden
- Clean the bathroom

How was your Tuesday?  What have you planned for Wednesday?


  1. I like the map of the water resources. Having spent a lot of time looking at topo maps, it intrigues me.

    1. Glad you liked it, Live and Learn. I thought it was rather interesting, myself.

  2. Don't you wonder what if anything our crazy dreams reveal about our daily living? I know I do and I have some doozy dreams.

    1. It used to be that I would dream in my native language. Then, after several years of living here, I began to dream in English. Sometimes, in my dreams, I am still in the house I lived in as a child, but, somehow, it has been moved to over here!

  3. Your dreams must be very vivid Bless, you remember them in so much detail. We can sit in traffic a lot over here for no apparent reason. It's frustrating but I'm always glad the wait isn't because somebody has had an accident.

    I can empathise with the lack of stamina. We went to an old mill today that's been turned into a store and I had to climb 2 flights of stairs. I had to stop for a good 2 or 3 minutes to get my breath back. Back in the day I'd walk up 6 flights of stairs to my office no problem.

    I would love to have so many different things to look at on a walk, around here we just have houses.

    Just to let you know I've posted on my blog if you care to take a look. No obligation obviously, but there are a couple of pictures of Amy and Thomas although I'm sure they've not changed that much in the 4 months I've been away :) xx

    1. Actually, if I walked in my neighborhood, it's mostly houses, although, there are some stores and churches, too. But no art work, as such.

      Thanks for letting me know about your blog, Suzanne. I took a quick peek at both, but didn't leave a comment, yet. Will do so, tomorrow. (The evening is getting away from me!)

  4. Good plan to practice climbing that incline again. Anything that gets your heart pumping a little harder than usual is beneficial. You'll be so proud of yourself when you realize that you can climb it without becoming winded! I was thinking just yesterday that I should start going up and down my stairs for 5 minutes to build up my stamina too. The cats will probably become very excitable if I do that, I have to make sure they won't be running in my feet and make me fall.

    I'd love to have seen that topographical map as a fountain, that must have been something. I actually love the concept, very clever!

    Do you always cook your shrimp with the shell on? That's the way they cook them in France too, and they eat the heads (apparently all the good juices are in the heads). Not me, I peel the whole thing first so it's less messy when it comes time to eating. Plus I have no patience, when I'm at the table, I just want to eat and be done, lol.

    1. Nathalie, I usually remove the shrimp heads, but cook with the shell on, but my daughter prefers it when I remove the shell. She says that removing the shells means the spices get on the shrimp, directly.

      Yes, I plan to walk up that incline again, until I can do it without getting winded!

      Be careful going up and down the stairs with the cats being underfoot! Maybe do it when they are distracted watching the birds!

  5. The photos of the areas where you walk are very interesting and I have enjoyed seeing them all. Thank you.
    Today was not a good day to walk here, but I did go up the road to the mailbox using a walking pole with the rubber tip removed from the spike so that it was good support on an icy road. It was snowing lightly which in itself wasn't unpleasant, but it was about -10°C and I didn't have warm liners to my pants. My legs were cold and my fingers were cold by the time I returned, even with sheepskin gloves. So it was good to get into the house and put the kettle on and read the local paper which had been in the box.

    I keep replenishing the bird feeder every day as the little goldfinches get upset if the seed goes down so that only two feeding ports are useful instead of all six. I have a second feeder with a tray around the base and the chickadees favour that when the finches take over the other one. Meanwhile DH is dedicated to throwing out the peanuts for the blue jays and squirrels.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; glad you are enjoying the pictures. Brr! That is cold! Be careful when walking on the icy roads! I'm sure the birds and squirrels appreciate you and your DH feeding them. :) They do get used to having their food provided by you, don't they?


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