Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Grocery Shopping - Week 4

On Thursday, I bought 1 baguette ($2.50) and 1 cherimoya ($3) from the farmers market, which came to $5.50, total.

I had some of the baguette with the ham and vegetable soup for lunch on Thursday and Friday; the cherimoya was dessert after dinner on Thursday and Friday.  I will make French toast with the rest of the baguette. 

Today, I did this week's weekly grocery shopping, and bought:

1 loaf of multi-grain bread = $1.79
1 bunch of bananas (6 bananas) @ $.59/lb = $1.08
5 lb. pork chops (6 chops) @ $1.29/lb = $6.50
Total = $9.37

So, this week's groceries add up to: $5.50 + $9.37 = $14.87

Total spent on groceries (for me) in Feb.  = $55.86 + $14.87 = $70.73
Budgeted amount is $75.
I've $4.27 left to carry over to March.

I plan to cook two of the pork chops to have for dinners, next week, along with leftover chicken curry, and freeze the other pork chops.

Last week's ham and vegetable soup provided me with easy lunches to take to the office.  I didn't mind having the same thing every day, so it worked out very well.  I am planning to make another batch of soup, this week, too.  I have some bits and pieces of chicken, in the freezer, that I had set aside specifically for soup, so, this week, I'll make chicken and vegetable soup.  

How did you do with your February grocery budget?  Were you able to keep to your budget?  


  1. You did a great job on your budget.. [left over amount ..for March..this is great]
    I bought my groceries for Feb, this past week. Stayed on budget, and found quiet a few sales.. I needed to restock my pantry some, since I have been sick and did not grocery shop for 7 weeks..
    Have a great week.

    1. Judy, hope you are feeling better now. 7 weeks is a long time to go without grocery shopping! How wonderful that your pantry was stocked enough to enable you to do so! Thank you for commenting.


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