Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wednesday, February 4

Today, there was thick fog shrouding everything when I woke up in the morning and during the morning commute.  Later, the fog lifted, but it became hazy, again, in the evening.  But, in between, we had very pleasant weather.

I had a good day at the office.  I was also able to run a couple of errands during the day.  I went to the pharmacy during my lunch break and I went to the bank during my afternoon break.  Later, I paid a couple of bills and went through the day's mail.  I also read a few more pages in one of my library books and watched a TV program (in addition to news).  I still need to water the houseplants and clean the litter box before I get ready to go to sleep, tonight.

And that's it!   Nothing very exciting, but very much the norm for a midweek working day. 

How was your Wednesday?

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