Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ebbs and Flows

This week, I have not been keeping up with my cleaning schedule.  I've always had my ebbs and flows, when it comes to housework. I get the house to a certain level of cleanliness and then, I tend to relax and slack off on maintaining.

I have plenty of excuses for doing so, of course. Such as, "Who wants to come home after a full day of work at the office and spend the evening cleaning the house? I'm tired; I'd rather relax." Which means the house work waits until the weekend and then, when the weekend comes, I say to myself, "Who wants to spend the weekend cleaning the house? I'd rather relax and play!" As a result, the house gets neglected.

Fortunately, since there isn't anyone else to mess up the house, things remain tidy, for the most part.  And there are things that get done on a daily basis, as well.  The bed gets made every morning, the dishes get done every evening, the litter box gets cleaned and the bathroom floor gets swept (necessary due to the litter box).  I guess, some weeks, that will have to suffice.

Anyone else experiencing ebbs and flows when it comes to housework?

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