Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dresden Plate Quilt

This is a quilt I made in 1984.  It is the second Dresden Plate quilt I've made (the first one was given away; it had green background squares with blue sashings).

This is a twin size quilt and the "plates" (they look more like flowers than plates, don't they?) are made from scrap fabric.  The fabrics for the background, sashings, and borders were purchased (on sale, of course).  The back is a bed sheet.

Dresden Plate

This is probably one of my favorite quilts, because it is purple!  The individual "plates" are hand sewn and appliqued to the purple background fabric and then the blocks and sashings were machine sewn together to make the quilt top. 

A close up of the quilt:

Dresden Plate Close Up

Close Up of Individual Block
Each block is very minimally hand quilted with a circle inside the middle and outline quilting along the outside of each plate.  I enjoy the piecing more than the quilting!  

Each block is also a trip down memory lane!  In the block above, I see fabric from four of my mother's dresses, three of my dresses and two nightdresses, plus leftovers from the border of another quilt!  Mother used to sew all our clothes, so, there were lots of leftovers for my quilts!

The quilt block below is also made from all leftovers from our clothes.

There are many Dresden Plate variations; some with a bigger center, some with rounded edges, others with a combination of both rounded and pointed edges.  This was just the pattern I found in a book and chose to make.

Another Close Up


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