Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Grocery Shopping: Week 1

I went grocery shopping, today, and bought:

1 gal. milk = $2.89
1 frozen pot pie = $1.88
1 bag frozen green peas = $1.00
2 boxes hot cocoa mix (6 envelopes per box); @ $.99 = $1.98
2 cans peanuts; @ $1.50 = $3.00
1 lettuce = $.99
2 lbs. banana; @ $.69/lb = $1.40
.78 lb. beef steak; @ $3.99/lb = $3.11

Total: $16.25 (according to the receipt, I saved $11.52).

Earlier in the week (Monday), I had bought bread ($.99), bananas ($1.42) and a box of 3 ice cream bars ($1.00) and spent $3.41.

So my total for groceries this week is $3.41 + $16.25 = $19.66.
My grocery budget (food items only) for the month is $75, for 1 person.

I cooked the steak and had some of it for dinner, tonight, with mashed potatoes.  Leftover steak will be kept for a couple of dinners, next week.

Have you gone grocery shopping in February yet?  Do you shop weekly?  Or every other week?  Or do you do a monthly shopping?


  1. You found some great deals.
    I have not done the grocery shopping for Feb. [sick with asthma right now..eeeh]..I usually buy the main bulk of it , one time a month.. I check the sale papers, and if there is a real big bargain,and I am in town anyway, I will pick up what is on sale .This averages once or twice a month.
    have a great week..
    www.frugallivinginjudy' or

    1. Judy, hope you feel better, soon. I check the sale papers, too, and try to get the bargains. Thank you for commenting.


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