Monday, February 2, 2015

Craft Projects Queue

Seems like for every craft project I complete, I have another half dozen or so patiently waiting their turn!  At any given time, I have a number of on-going craft projects. 

I just finished knitting the short sleeved top, that I posted about, yesterday, and waiting patiently for its turn is another partially knitted blouse (I need to finish knitting the front and then, make sleeves).  And since that knitted top has a lace pattern which requires a bit of concentration, I started knitting a scarf with more leftover yarn from the blue and white striped knit top, to knit while watching TV, etc.

I recently put together a quilt, but there are 2 more quilts waiting to be worked on! One is a new quilt that is in progress, a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top; the other is an old quilt needing repairs.

And this weekend, I pulled out and laundered some of my mother's crocheted doilies to see what I can make with them...

Then there are all the sewing projects I want to do, which I haven't even mentioned!

How do you organize your craft projects so that they get done in a timely manner instead of languishing in the closets and bins?


  1. Don't know how big your doilies are, but I took 2 small ones that my Grandmother made and framed them. I backed them with some suede-look fabric in a color which went well with my room. They turned out quite nice.


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