Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fish and Chips Wednesday

Busy day, today.  Went to the office, then, attended a work-related meeting in the evening.

I've been craving fish and chips for several weeks now.  It's been quite some time since I last had fish and chips.  Today, I passed by my favorite fish and chips shop on the way to the evening meeting.  So, I picked up an order of fish and chips for dinner.  I must say that it was every bit as good as I remember them being.  And it made me feel quite nostalgic.

When I first moved to this city, I lived in the same neighborhood as this fish and chips shop and I worked in a building across the street from the fish and chips shop.  I usually brought my lunch from home, but many of my co-workers would buy fish and chips for their lunch and I'd occasionally join them.  It was a treat then, and it is still a treat, now.

  There is another fish and chips shop, not too far from my present home, but the one time I ate there (many years ago), I got sick!  I don't know if it was due to what I ate, but I never bought any fish and chips from them again.

But the fish and chips I had today was delicious and for $3.24, an affordable mid-week dinner treat (I had the smallest size serving, which was one piece of fish with fries).. 

Do you like fish and chips?  Do you have a favorite fish and chips shop?

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