Monday, February 23, 2015

Apple-Pomegranate Jam

Apple-Pomegranate Jam

Sunday, I made a batch of apple-pomegranate jam.  I had some apples (bought at $.39/lb.) that needed to be used up.  And, since I was running low on jam, I decided to make some apple jam (as opposed to apple pie or turnovers or applesauce).  And since I had a bottle of pomegranate juice (bought on sale for $1.99), that also needed using up, I decided to make the apple-pomegranate combination.  I think it was a good decision.

I didn't have a recipe, as such; I generally tend to follow the general guideline of "equal amounts of fruit and sugar, add some lemon juice and boil till it gels".  But this time, I actually measured my ingredients, so I could write this post!

I had 6 large apples (2 Red Delicious and 4 Granny Smith), which I peeled, cored and chopped.  It amounted to 9 cups of apples.

So, here's my recipe:
9 cups chopped apples
8 cups sugar
2 cups 100% pomegranate juice
2/3 cups lemon juice
1 cinnamon stick (about 3 inches long)

Combine chopped apples, lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon stick and boil, stirring all the time.  I added the pomegranate juice halfway through, after the apples had softened a bit.  Cook until it thickens to jam consistency.  I use the "sheeting" test to judge if the consistency is right.

I like the combination of apple and pomegranate.  The apple jam, by itself, was very sweet, even with the addition of lemon juice.  The pomegranate juice added a nice flavor.  There's more pomegranate juice leftover for something else.

I made 10 jars of jam.  It took me 2 hours, start to finish.  I had bought the canning jars on sale for $8 for 12 jars.  I estimate the cost of ingredients to be under $6.00.  Each jar of jam cost under $2 to make. 

Have you made apple-pomegranate jam? 


  1. Sorry if these sound like dumb questions but I'm new to canning and really want to get your recipe right!!!
    How much headspace and how long did you process them for? How long do they last?

    1. Hi Veronica, so such thing as a dumb question. I usually leave about 1/2 inch headspace. I don't process my jams in a water bath, etc. I sterilize the jars and pour the jam in while it is still hot, close the lid and turn it upside down for about 10 minutes. Then, I turn them right side up and leave them like that until it makes the popping sound which signifies a seal. The resulting jam will last for a good year or even longer. Once opened, however, it should be stored in the fridge.

  2. Are you sure there's no such thing as a dumb question?! My entry: is that two-thirds of a cup of lemon juice, or two-three cups? I've never made apple and pomegranate jam, but I've made lots of other apple combinations as they set so well and complement many other fruits.

    1. LOL, yes, I'm sure there's no such thing as a dumb question! :D Your first guess is right - it is two thirds of a cup of lemon juice! I should have written it down as 2/3 cup, not cups! One year, I made apple-cranberry jam and my daughter, who doesn't like most jams because she says they are too sweet, loved it, because it wasn't too sweet!


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