Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekly Grocery Shopping

Went grocery shopping today; I went to one of the ethnic grocery stores in my neighborhood, as their prices tend to be less than the regular grocery stores.  I bought:

2 lbs. Shrimp @ $4.49/lb = $9.09
2 bread rolls @ $.50 = $1.00
1 Papaya @ $.69/lb = $1.32
1 Cantaloupe @ $.49/lb = $1.29
2 Asian pears @ $.99/lb = $0.97
1 cabbage @ $.33/lb = $0.31
Snow peas @ $1.99/lb = $0.26
Carrots @ $.50/lb = $0.50
Green beans @ $.79/lb = $0.44
1 cucumber = $0.34
1 can Chocolate powder = $3.69
1 package raw cashews = $3.46
1 package sesame crackers = $2.30
Total: $24.97

So my total for groceries so far in February is $19.66 + $24.97 = 44.63.

Balance remaining in my February grocery budget: $75 - $44.63 = $30.37

The shrimp was a splurge, but it was on sale and I bought extra to freeze.  I cooked some of the shrimp, tonight, and had for dinner.  I will cook the rest tomorrow and package for the freezer.

I am planning to make a stir fry with the snow peas and some of the carrots (along with a can of baby corn that I have in my cabinet and a chicken breast half from the freezer); served with rice, the stir fry will provide 3 or 4 meals during the week.  I am also planning to have a few salads during the week, too.  Not a very specific meal plan, but it works for me. 

How are you doing with your grocery budget?  Do you make detailed menu plans?



  1. 2/15/15 Sunday. Currently in Cambodia, seems better WiFi, can't believe the number of tourists. Tour buses by the dozens and airport chaos/crazy. Every street is under construction, tearing down old buildings and replacing with ugly 20 story glass towers.

    The locals are amazingly patient and kind while the world overtakes them.

    1. Hon, I hope you are enjoying your trip. Will you visit Angkor Wat while in Cambodia?

  2. Your grocery budget seems to be doing great for Feb.. The shrimp sounds yummy.. Proud you were able to find it at such a good price..
    I haven't done any frugal grocery buying the last couple weeks..battling asthma and just staying in, eating from pantry /freezer.. I thank God for it.

  3. Judy, I hope you feel better, soon. It's a good idea to stay home and take it easy, especially if you are living where there's cold and snow. Being able to eat from the pantry and freezer is a blessing, indeed. Thank you for your comments.


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