Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend To Do List

It's Saturday morning.  The weekend is here!  Time to make my weekend "to do" list:

- Launder sofa dust sheets/put new dust sheets - done
- Launder bed sheets/remake bed - done
- Grocery shopping* - done
- Buy cat food* - done
- Attend monthly prayer meeting (Saturday evening)* - done
- Tidy linen closet - done
- Tidy clothes closet
- Tidy dresser drawers - started
- Paperwork/file - started
- Meal plan - done
- Bake banana bread*
- Sewing/knitting/reading
- Gardening/weeding
- 30 minutes tidying 3rd room
- Make apple/pomegranate jam - done
- Water indoor plants* - done
- Put gas to the car* - done

* Must do's

I am not sure if I can get all of it done.  I've a tendency to under-estimate the time it takes for me to do certain tasks. The asterisked tasks are the ones that must be done.  Everything else is a "should do" or a "want to do"!

Anyone else making weekend to do lists?     What do you have on your lists?


  1. I hate to sound repetitive but that's a really long list with a lot of time consuming tasks. Stripping and remaking bed likely includes other general laundry and it all needs to be shaken out and hung to dry. At some point all need to be folded and put away.

    Changing out sofa covers has several steps and I wonder if anyone other than Dancer made time to sit there lol. Grocery shopping is a major task, you don't just walk over to the corner. If the store is busy just getting through the till takes time and patience

    Forgive my giggle about 'tidying closet/drawers. did they get messed? Is it just a perfectionist's standard operating procedure?

    Can't begin to guess time frame for jam. Just prepping jelly glasses/jars is a process, I make frozen strawberry jam if I get a good crop and it's an entire day! How do you stretch a day?

    1. Hon, LOL, it is because of Dancer sitting on the sofas that I have to wash the dust covers on a weekly basis! His fur gets all over the sofa covers. I'll update my list later, but I've done the laundry and grocery shopping, etc. But I've taken time out for spending the evening with family and friends at the prayer meeting, yesterday, and an extended visit with a cousin, this afternoon, so lots of downtime, too. *smile*

  2. Hi, looked at all those 'done' and gulped. How early do you start your day? Pomegranate juice is v/popular here in Bangkok, a 12 oz. jar costs about CND $ 1.20. they press it fresh and it's so refreshing in this heat.
    The millenium girls & guys here are very fashion literate, they could easily fill every page of every fashion magazine . The grandparents wear very traditional Thai/Malay garb. What's interesting is how they've modified garments to work better. The Sari up close is actually 'fisherman' pants, the top is a smidge longer to make up for midrif issues and while the fabric is beautiful, it's sturdy.

    I wonder if you saw the quilting 2015 Winners

    1. Hon, you are good for my ego! LOL. My days start rather late on the weekends, I'm afraid. Thank you for the link to the 2015 Quilt show. I hadn't seen them.


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