Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Grocery Shopping: February Week 3

Did my grocery shopping, yesterday, at one of the regular supermarkets (not ethnic grocery store).  Bought:

1 gal. milk = $2.89
1 bag frozen corn = $1
1 loaf of multi-grain bread = $1.99
Bananas @ $.69/lb (6 bananas) = $1.46
4 cans of tuna @$.50 = $2
1 bottle of oil (32 oz) = $1.89

Total =  $11.23.

Also bought some toiletries ($.5.98) and cat food ($21.99) - budgeted for separately.

Total spent on groceries (for me) in Feb. so far: $44.63 + $11.23 = $55.86
Budgeted amount is $75.
I've $19 left for the rest of the month. 

I didn't buy any meat because I have chicken curry and cooked chicken breast in the freezer, along with sausages, and I've canned fish and canned corned beef in the pantry.

I didn't buy any fresh vegetables because I still have half a head of lettuce, most of a bag of carrots, the green beans and cabbage I bought last week; so, only the bag of frozen corn to have on hand.

I didn't buy any fresh fruit other than the bananas because I still have half the papaya and the cantaloupe I bought last week, as well as 5 oranges I picked from my tree, yesterday (and more oranges still on the tree), plus the last of the pomegranates (from my tree) and apples in the fridge.  Plus a few frozen berries and cans of fruit.

For brunch, yesterday, I had 1 banana and 2 slices of the multi-grain bread with half a can of sardines from the pantry; will make sardines on toast for tea with the rest of the can of fish.  Dinner was at a friend's house, last night.

Today's breakfast has been a slice of the bread with butter and a banana.

I don't make firm meal plans for the week.  Instead, I decide on a couple of options and go from there.  For example, since I bought bread, I can take sandwiches to work for breakfasts (peanut butter and banana, perhaps) and lunches (tuna salad or egg salad sandwiches), or I can have scrambled egg on toast for a light dinner.  I took out a package of chicken curry from the freezer and will have that with rice and vegetables for a couple of meals during the week.  There's some leftover shrimp curry in the fridge, too.  Maybe I'll have that for dinner, tonight, with rice, green beans, and the last of the cucumber, sliced.  

How are you coming along with your grocery budget and meal planning?


  1. We are just wrapping up a "use-it-up" time at our house. I am in the process of refiguring our monthly grocery budget to see if we can do better than what we have been. I try to regularly make meal plans and follow them, though I often find that I follow them loosely because we end up with leftovers. I love pomegranates- how nice that you have your own tree of them! :)

    1. Dawn, a "use-it-up" time is a good idea. I am thinking of making March a "eat from the freezer" month, since I seem to have a whole bunch of frozen leftovers. Thank you for your comments.


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