Sunday, January 14, 2018


On Saturday, I spent a relaxed morning, catching up on blogs and responding to all the comments you had posted about my walk on Friday and daughter's drawings.  Daughter thanks you all for the lovely comments about her artwork!

Later, for lunch, I tried out a new recipe and baked some rolls/muffins.  Sybil had posted a link to some dinner rolls she had made and they sounded very yummy and easy (flour, baking powder, salt, milk, and mayonnaise).  I read the reviews which said the rolls were very salty as given in the recipe (1 tsp.), and Sybil said she used no salt, at all, so, I reduced the salt to 1/2 tsp., and used Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise, since that's what I have.  But the recipe was very easy and quick to mix up.  According to the recipe, it makes 5 rolls, but I was able to make 6:

Muffin Rolls

They reminded me of baking powder biscuits, similar to the ones I like to get from my favorite fried chicken place!

Split in half to show the texture
They were very good!  I think they would be perfect with some soup!  Another time, I might add some cheese or herbs to them (some rosemary might be nice, I think).  I mentioned them to my daughter and she wanted to try them, too, so I sent her the link to the recipe and she made some, too.

After lunch, I washed all the dishes that had piled up on the sink.  I think Dancer puts them in there when I am not at home! 

In the evening, I went to the temple as they were having a special ceremony during which 1,000 tealight candles were lit as an offering of light:

Some of the 1,000 tealight/candles

After the candles were lit, blessings were chanted and refreshments served.

Then, I came home, changed out of the all white clothes I wore to the temple, and got dressed to go to the monthly prayer gathering at my aunt T's house.  My cousin and her daughter gave me a ride there and back.  It was aunt's 90th birthday, earlier this week, so, after the prayers and dinner, we presented her with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to her.  Aunt had ordered Thai food for dinner and later, she had us all take plates of it home! 

After I came home, I chatted a bit with my daughter. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to attend the special ceremony at the temple.
- Being able to attend the monthly prayer gathering at my aunt's home.
- Being able to celebrate aunt's 90th birthday.
- My cousin giving me a ride to the prayer gathering.
- Getting together with family and friends.

How was your Saturday? 


  1. The dinner rolls look delicious. At first I thought you'd baked scones and now I'm thinking I'd like to bake some!
    The lit candles look beautiful. X

    1. Jules, actually, the rolls did remind me of scones, too, except, I've never made scones at home and the only ones I've bought have been sweet. These rolls aren't sweet, but they do have a dense texture - at least, mine did! I had one with a dollop of pineapple jam and it was perfect!

      The lit candles did look lovely; my photo didn't do it justice!

  2. The biscuits look yummy, and the light ceremony at the temple must have been gorgeous. There's just something about candles at nighttime...

    Happy birthday to your aunt! As you know my great aunt turned 90 herself this past month. That's 40 years down the road for me, I honestly can't imagine living that long! I wish her happy years and good health.

    And to you, a good and relaxing Sunday (and happy years and good health as well, of course!).

    1. The biscuits were very easy to make, Nathalie, and I liked that! I ate one with some pineapple jam and it was just right.

      I enjoyed the ceremony at the temple and it felt good to be able to participate.

      Both our aunts have seen a lot in their long lives, haven't they? Thank you, I'll convey your well wishes to her. She'll be pleased. :)

      And thank you for the good wishes for me, too! :D I am planning to have a relaxing Sunday, but I do need to go grocery shopping, this afternoon.

      Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday, yourself, Nathalie. And, yes, many happy years and good health, too. :)

  3. After looking at the ingredients for the rolls I think I will give them a try but omit the salt altogether. Mayo is salted so shouldn't need more. The recipe is certainly worth trying and I thank you for passing it on.

    1,000 tea-lights must have been an amazing sight. Do you always wear all white when you attend temple?

    Always amazed that you nearly always come home with food from your visiting. Another meal taken care of.

    1. Sandy, I think the rolls will be just fine without any added salt. Even with the 1/2 tsp. I added, they tasted quite salty to me. Mine turned out with a texture that reminded me a bit of scones. I hope you try it and, if you do, let me know how you liked it.

      Yes, I always wear white to go to temple, especially if it is to attend a special ceremony or service; occasionally, if I happen to stop at the temple on my way going to or from some place, then, I might be dressed in my regular, colored clothing. Of course, some people do come to the temple dressed in colored clothes, too, and that is fine, too. I'd rather they attend temple in colored clothes than not attend temple, at all! But, as for me, if I am going intentionally to the temple, to attend a service, then, I wear all white - usually, it is a long white skirt with a white blouse (and cardigan, if needed), or a white sari. White is a symbol of purity and that's the reason for wearing white to temple. It is also meant to blur the distinctions between the rich and poor and to minimize distractions. One doesn't wear anything too ostentatious to temple. There is no equivalent of "Sunday best". That is reserved for parties and weddings, etc. :)

      As for bringing food home - my aunt was ready with a stack of take-away containers so people could take food home! :D

  4. The dinner rolls look delicious and I think your idea of trying with herbs or cheese is a good one, too.
    The ceremony must have been quite spectacular. Your photo would hardly be able to do it justice as it is the actual experience that is so much more. Isn't it great that so many faiths emphasize light in different ways? I'm thinking of Diwali, and the Easter light celebrations in the Christian church.

    Yesterday we went to a matinee concert at which our friends' daughter was soloist and the auditorium was packed as she is a popular performer who rarely comes home to perform. I had experimented with some pork chops on scalloped potatoes in the crock pot, so I was delighted when we came home to a lovely smell and the meal had cooked perfectly!

    We had another -25°C night and I popped downstairs a couple of times when I woke up and threw a few logs into the furnace! Sunny today, a good winter day.

  5. Thanks, Bushlady. One of these days, I'll learn how to make biscuits and scones, but, in the meantime, these rolls make a good substitute!

    Yes, in almost every religion, light plays an important role - it symbolizes the light of knowledge or hope dispelling the darkness of ignorance or despair. If only we could all learn to seek the similarities that unite us than focus on the differences that divide us!

    Sounds like you had a lovely day, yesterday, enjoying the concert by your friends' daughter and coming home to a perfectly cooked dinner!

    Brr! It sounds very cold, to me! Enjoy your sunny Sunday! Keep warm!

  6. Ha...that Dancer! (cute!) It is so nice you have such a nice social life with your relatives and good food also! Andrea

    1. Dancer says he gets blamed for a lot of things that happen in this house! :D

      Yes, I do get together with various members of my family about once a month, or so. There aren't that many of us, here (most are in Sri Lankan and Australia), but we try to keep in touch. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing the share! I am always looking for something quick, especially when dinner is kind of scrappy. I will be trying these!
    The candle picture is beautiful and I bet it was breathtaking to see it in person.

    1. You are welcome, Anne. Try them and see what you think. I thought of your "try a new recipe a week" challenge, when I made them - maybe I'll do a modified "a new recipe a month" version!

  8. That sneaky cat! ;) Those biscuits do look good. I loved the pictures from the temple with all the tealights. How beautiful! Happy belated birthday to your aunt. 90 years old iw quite a milestone!

    1. Yup, you never know what mischief a Dancer cat can get up to! :D Thank you, I'll convey your well wishes to aunt. :)


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