Saturday, June 3, 2023

Friday's Happenings

Dancer's Medications

Dancer started on his medications today!  The three syringes are filled with his medications and they are supposed to last the month.  He is to receive 0.1 ml of the medication a day in two 0.05 doses, administered morning and evening.  I waited until he had eaten in the morning and was settling down for a nap to give him the first dose; he was in a mellow mood and tolerated having his ear cleaned and the gel applied and massaged in without any fuss!  Good boy, Dancer!

One of the Brocade Bedspreads

This is one of the two brocade bedspreads I was given by neighbor S and family.  I have it draped sideways over the loveseat, with the tassels on the two sides over the arms of the chair, but, you can see the design.  The colors are more vivid than shown in the photo - cream, gold, and grey (I don't know why I thought the grey was burgundy, yesterday).  

We had some morning clouds, but, the rest of the day was sunny with a high of 70F.  I opened the windows to let that warm air in!

In the afternoon, I noticed that neighbor T's daughter K's car and T's son's truck were parked in their driveway, so I called K and asked her if now would be a good time to bring over the money for the file cabinet and asked her about the patio set.  She said that there was only one chair, but, if I wanted it, I could have it, free of charge, and also, the filing cabinet was free, too!  I told her that was too generous, but, she said it was the least they could do as I had been such a helpful neighbor to her mother.  She said she and her brother will bring the items over and they did:

New To Me Patio Set

According to K, the patio table and chair came from one of T's long time friend's garden and that friend had passed away fairly recently.  K said T will be happy to know that I have the patio set, now.  It is metal, not resin.  In the evening, when he was here, M washed it for me and removed some bird droppings.  We set it up under the patio overhang and I will tidy that area a bit to make a nice area in which to sit.  I might paint the set, eventually, to spruce it up a bit.

New Filing Cabinet

It's a letter sized filing cabinet with two regular sized drawers and a shallower top drawer; the keys are taped inside the shallow drawer.  I asked T's son to place it here, in the family room, but, later, decided that I didn't want it in the family room, after all, and took it to the spare room to place next to the other filing cabinet.  It wasn't too heavy to move, but, rather than carry it to the spare room, I put it on one of the old sheets I use as dust covers on the sofas and dragged the sheet.  I now need to order some new hanging file folders to get started! 

I picked some fresh, almost ripe peaches and some blueberries and filled the bowl I had placed on the coffee table, yesterday, and gave that as a thank you gift to K and her brother.  It was the first time either of them had seen my back garden and they were so impressed to see all the fruit trees and other plants!  They were happy with the fresh fruits, too.  Dancer says he makes a better centerpiece than the bowl!

New Centerpiece for the Coffee Table!

I think I had better find another place for that crocheted doily!  

I called the vet's clinic and left a message to notify them that I started Dancer's medication, today.  He's had both doses for today and seems to be fine with it, so far.

I also did a load of laundry, mostly some bedsheets.

Brunch was leftover milkrice with mackerel curry and seeni sambol.  Dinner was mackerel on toast and a cheese burek.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Generous neighbors
- A new (to me) patio set
- A new (to me) file cabinet
- Dancer is letting me put his medication without a fuss
- Fresh fruit from the garden

Today's joyful activity was receiving the patio set and the file cabinet!  

Plans for Saturday include checking out the yard sale, next door!  Both K and her brother asked me to attend the yard sale and I will, if only to see how things are going.  I love going to yard sales, but, had to stop doing so because I was buying stuff others were decluttering and adding to my clutter which then needed to be decluttered and donated!  I haven't gone to a yard sale in years, but, I will attend the one taking place next door.  I'm not planning to buy anything, but, I am still looking for an end table with storage space for the family room.  I thought the file cabinet could act as the end table, but, it didn't look right.  

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday? 



  1. What a good boy Dancer is not making a fuss about his medication, he knows you are taking good care of him.
    Your neighbours have been very generous and your patio table and chair is lovely as is the bedspread. Dancer looks good on the doily but best to put an different bowl on methinks. Have fun at the yard sale today.
    I'll be watching the football FA cup final today, it's a Manchester Derby the place I was born and grew up so I'm not sure which team to support :)

    1. He is a good boy, isn't he? I was expecting a lot of fuss.
      I do have some very generous neighbors, don't I? I like the patio set and my daughter thinks it looks cute. K told me that the chair was not very comfortable to sit on, but, I will make a cushion for it. I will be on the look out for a similar patio chair, as I think two chairs will look better than one (although, I suppose one is all I really need). I haven't been to the yard sale, yet, but, I'll go over in a few minutes.
      Have fun watching the football cup final. Cheer for the winning team! :D

  2. I like your new patio set. I think you will enjoy having it in your backyard. Glad things are going well with Dancer.

    1. Thank you, June. Hope you are having a good weekend and please give Annie a little petting from Dancer and me.

  3. I hope that Dancer's meds start to have an effect soon and he will be back to eating properly again. Good that he tolerates the administering well.
    Enjoy your freebies! It was kind of T's family to let you have them for nothing and I'm sure they are pleased to know the things have got a good home where they will be useful.

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. Dancer has been sneezing since Thursday evening so I don't know what that is all about. He wasn't sneezing when I took him to the vet last week. But, he's letting me apply the medicine for his thyroid issues and I'm happy about that!
      Freebies are wonderful, aren't they? I do plan to enjoy them and have already ordered the hanging file folders to set up the new filing cabinet! I'll be going over to the yard sale, soon, to take a look. :)

  4. It's very nice of K to give you the file cabinet and the patio furniture. I'm sure you'll enjoy the future. Perfect to sit out and enjoy your garden! I think Dancer makes a lovely center piece!

    1. Wasn't it nice of her to do so? There are some very kind and generous people and I am blessed to know them. I'm looking forward to sitting out in the garden, more. The patio table has an opening for a patio umbrella and I still have the one from the old set that I had. Maybe I'll put that up later in the summer.
      Dancer does look nice as a centerpiece, doesn't he? :D

  5. How interesting to have a leaflet entitled "Applying transdermal medications to cats"! It sounds very professional, what you are doing. I hope his condition improves and that he has no side effects. Not sure he respects that fine doily!
    The file cabinet and the patio set look great. Now you have a lovely place to sit and admire your beautiful garden with a cool drink, when your weather warms up.
    We had so much smoke yesterday evening that our neighbours were concerned, (there are wildfires a few kilometres away) and they called the fire department. Fortunately they found nothing here, but it was good that our neighbours were vigilant.
    Today's special joy was watching a hummingbird taking a shower as I watered the garden!

    1. To be quite honest, the way the pharmacist was explaining how to apply the medication, I felt quite nervous about it! But, it's nothing more than squeezing out the prescribed amount to a gloved finger tip and then, applying it to his ear! And massaging it in to make sure that it gets absorbed. He let me apply it this morning without any fuss; hope that continues.
      Yes, I removed the doily! I'll put it back in the linen closet!

      I sat outside to say my prayers this morning and I was happy to see that the white plastic chairs I have out there are also a good height for the table! How lovely to have that hummingbird enjoy a shower while you watered! I've had one taking sips of the water when I've watered the garden! And once, there was a mockingbird who took a shower when I was watering the calamondin tree!
      I'm very glad that your neighbors were vigilant and called the fire department when they smelled the smoke! The latest news here is that a second insurance company has said they will no longer issue new home insurance policies to clients in California due to the risk of wildfire danger! Wonder how that will work out!

  6. I'm glad you were able to give Dancer his medication. Sometimes they don't like it at all.

    The patio table looks like a lovely edition to the garden. So nice!

    1. Thank you, Sharon; it's only the second day, but, so far, he's been good about letting me apply the medication!
      Thank you! I am very pleased with the patio table! :)

  7. I hope Dancer will be feeling better very soon, and it must have been a relief for you that he was quite accepting of his treatment.
    The patio set is lovely. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Dancer lets me put the medication on without a fuss, but, he's taken to hiding from me! Last night, I had to call and search for him for about 10 minutes before he came out of his hiding spot (bribed him with tuna!)
      If the weather ever warms up, I might actually be able to sit outside and enjoy my new patio set!

  8. Oh goodie! I am so glad you got the table and chair. It looks like a perfect size for you to have a seat and relax in your back yard.
    And that filing cabinet looks brand new. It sounds like it will come in handy for you to store your things in.
    But don't shove things in there and forget about them....We don't do that anymore ;)

    1. Thank you, Debra; I'm sure you are glad to know that the filing cabinet is still empty! I ordered and received new hanging folders, but, I still haven't started the actual filing process!


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