Thursday, April 13, 2023

Mid-Week on Wednesday

Jasmine Vine
(Photo taken on Monday, when it was sunny)

Wednesday was cloudy, cool day, with a high of 63F.  After morning tea and prayers, I did my 15 minutes of walking.  Eventually, I'd like to extend that to 30 minutes, but, for now, 15 minutes is all I can do.  But, that is OK.  The goal right now is to do this on a daily basis.

Gardener friend M was here, later in the morning, and he watered the garden, front and back, for me.  

In the afternoon, I started the car, picked more snow pea pods (I froze them all for future meals), replied to blog comments, and watched some TV.  I also went through all the grocery ads.  There are some good sales this week, too, but, I am not planning to do any grocery shopping this week.  All the ads have been put aside to recycle.

Aunt C called me in the evening and we chatted for a good long time.  Friend R called me while I was on the phone with my aunt, so, I called her back after I finished talking with my aunt.  Later, daughter and I video chatted.  

I had the munchies, today!  Brunch was half a bagel with cream cheese followed by the puff pastry burek that neighbor S had included with the Easter meal.  Dinner was eaten in two sessions!  I had the last bit of rice and fried fish that neighbor S had given me, first, followed a short time later by the lavash bread, eaten with leftover mackerel curry!  Dessert was half an apple and a bowl of cereal!  

Today, I am grateful for:

- M helping with the garden
- Being able to walk
- Phone calls with family and friends
- The snow peas harvest
- The car started

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with my daughter.  She is now going in to the office two days a week and working from her apartment on the other three days.  This was her first week of doing so (her two assigned days to be in the office are Tuesday and Wednesday).  So, there's more in-person interaction with her co-workers, especially since her cubicle is next to the kitchen!  People pass by her cubicle on their way to the kitchen and often stop to greet her, etc.  

Plans for Thursday include tidying up the house.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Does your daughter like being back in the office and seeing her co-workers?

    1. She does, June. On the first day back, she and a couple of co-workers went out to get boba ice tea in the afternoon and she said that another office friend had suggested going out to lunch, next week. :) She also said that when a co-worker asked her a question about a particular project they were working on, it was easy to walk over another co-worker's cubicle to ask her opinion, too, as opposed to emailing and waiting for that person to respond. On the other hand, it means she is wearing her mask for 8 hours and has to get up earlier to accommodate the commute time, waiting for buses, etc.

  2. I'm glad to read the food in your fridge didn't spoil with the power going off. Some days we all have the munchies, I keep nibbling on my chocolate Easter egg :) I hope your daughter feels comfortable and safe working in the office again but it's good to be amongst company. It's been very windy and cold here but supposed to brighten up for the weekend.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; I was happy that nothing spoiled. We had another power outage around noon, today, but, it was of short duration, about 15 minutes, total. I'm not sure what is going on, but, we had some rain, earlier in the day and gusty winds - maybe a tree fell and knocked down a power line, or, maybe they are doing some maintenance work. In any case, I am glad that the power came back on.
      My daughter wears an N95 mask while she's at the office and does what she can to keep herself as protected as she can under the circumstances (masks are no longer required in the office, so her co-workers don't wear them). The only times she takes the mask off is when she's having lunch and she goes up to the roof garden to eat. If she goes out to eat with work friends, she will do so at a restaurant with outdoor seating. But, yes, it is good to have some social interactions.
      We've had rain this morning and it is chilly and cloudy now, in the afternoon. But, we, too, are supposed to have sunny and warm weather over the weekend. Something to look forward to, isn't it?

  3. Do those jasmine flowers have a sweet fragrance, especially in the evening? You had plenty to dip into when you had "the munchies"! Like you, I probably won't be grocery shopping this week as we seem to have all we need. We are going to have our final syrup bottling this evening.

    1. They do have a lovely fragrance, Bushlady, and yes, it is stronger in the evenings.
      Yes, I have plenty of things to eat when I get the munchies, but, I am missing chips, etc. They've gone up so much in price that I haven't been buying any! Even when they go on sale, you have to buy multiple bags to get the sale price and then, I'm afraid I'll eat them all! :D
      It's a good feeling to know that we have all we need and don't have to grocery shop unless we want to, isn't it?
      I hope the final syrup bottling went well and you have a plentiful supply of syrup for the year (I know you share some of it with your family and friends, too).

  4. Sounds like a lovely day chatting with family and friends. Love the Jasmine Vine

    1. It was a good day and I'm very happy to see the jasmine vine flowering. :)

  5. I think I might make some mackerel curry, myself. Last week I made some spicy chicken from a recipe I had seen online, but it was a lot of faff for a dish which was nowhere near as tasty as your delicious mackerel curry.
    The jasmine flowers are looking beautiful. Xx

    1. If you are interested in a chicken curry recipe, Jules, I have one posted on my blog:
      I used bone-in chicken, but, you could use boneless chicken, too. You could also adapt the mackerel curry recipe and use it to make a chicken curry, too (just adjust the cooking time to make sure the chicken is cooked).
      I'm so pleased to see the jasmine vine full of flowers this year. :)

  6. I bet that jasmine vine smells wonderful.
    I've been nibbling a lot - something I try not to do - in the last week so I know what you mean.
    The holidays seem to throw me out of my normal food rhythm.

    I hope your daughter is able to enjoy her time back with her co-workers balanced with her steps to be cautious in the face of a still present virus. It does seem like so many people I know have covid.
    My neighbor behind us had covid over Easter his wife has had it twice. The neighbor who bought the house next to me told me he has had it twice and also just got over double pneumonia and he has asthma!
    These are all older retired people ranging in age from 69-almost 80.
    But the recorded case count has come down nicely showing a positive test rate of 4.3% in our state which is the lowest since June 2021.
    Of course the majority of cases are not reflected in the data as most people home test but still, it is an indicator. And the hospitalizations and deaths are an all-encompassing indicator regardless.

    1. The jasmine vine does smell wonderful, especially in the evening. :)
      I try to keep the snacking to a minimum, but, there are days when I tend to graze!
      Thank you, Debra; my daughter is living her life as best she can now that Covid is more or less endemic. Los Angeles County has stopped posting daily case counts and switched to a weekly count. The latest count was just over 3,000 new cases reported during the week and the weekly test positivity rate is down to 3.3% which is good, all things considered. I'm still taking precautions and going out only when absolutely necessary. Some might say that's not really living, but, I just try to live the fullest life I can within those parameters. :)

  7. Continued success on the walking, doing it consistently is the key I have heard. Once I get myself out to walk, 30 minutes is no problem, but I am not yet consistent. Let's cheer each other on, shall we?

    1. Thank you. I am still trying to work up to 30 minutes at a stretch, but, lately, the walks have been rather short because my hips have been painful. I will bring it up when I see my doctors later this month, although I know what they are going to say - lose more weight and take some Tylenol or something for the pain! Yes, let's cheer each other on! Celie, I presume? :D


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