Friday, April 21, 2023

April Grocery Shopping - Part 2

I ordered groceries today and picked up the items in the afternoon.  It's been two weeks since my last grocery pick up.

I bought:

3 Bananas, 1.1 lbs. @ $.69/lb. = $0.76
Grapes, 2.44 lbs. @ $1.99/lb., reg. price $2.99/lb. = $4.86

1 Cucumber = $0.79

1 doz. Eggs (store brand), reg. price $3.99, on sale with coupon = $3.49 

3 lb. Ground turkey, reg. price $6.49/lb., on sale with coupon @ $2.99/lb. = $8.97

10 cans Tuna in water, reg. price $1.59@; on sale @$.99 = $9.90

1/2 gal. Milk, store brand, reg. price $2.79, on sale with coupon = $1.79

Cereal, 12 oz. box, reg. price $5.49, on sale with coupons = $1.99

Saltine crackers, 16 oz. box, store brand = $2.69

5 lb. Flour, all purpose, unbleached, store brand = $3.19

1 loaf Sandwich bread, 20 oz., store brand = $1.99

2 bottles Cranberry juice cocktail (store brand), @ 64 fl.oz., reg. price $3.59, on sale with coupons $1.99@ = $3.98

Frozen Gyoza (dumplings), 20 oz. = $5.99

Hazelnut wafer cookies, 2 packets @ $1 (reg. price $1.25) + $0.10 tax per package = $2.20

Bag fee, @$0.10 = $0.30

Total Spent = $52.89

I mostly wanted to take advantage of the sale on the ground turkey and the canned tuna.  Plus the deal on the eggs.  I was also all out of cereal and had been waiting for a sale to buy some.

There were a couple of substitutions which I accepted  - the frozen gyoza (a different brand) and the wafer cookies (hazelnut instead of chocolate).  The gyoza was my splurge item; but, I figured that if I was able to get two meals from it, spending $3.00 per meal was not too bad.  I had some for my dinner, tonight and it was delicious.

My April grocery budget is $100.

I had spent $42.71 during the first grocery pick up earlier this month, which left a balance of $57.29.

April grocery spending to date: $42.71 + $52.89 = $95.60

Balance left = $4.40.  

I don't anticipate grocery shopping again, before the end of the month.  I will carry the balance forward to May.  

Dustin brought my groceries to the car for me - this is now the third time he's brough the items to me.  I asked him about Jennifer and he said she was at the store; she was supposed to have been off today, but, had to come in because another worker called in sick.  According to Dustin, Jennifer was not happy about having to come in on her day off!  I guess one can't blame her; I wouldn't have been happy to have to work on what should have been my day off, either!  

I froze two of the packages of ground turkey and kept one out to cook, tomorrow.  There will probably be some spaghetti on the menu, next week!  LOL.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to order groceries online
- Being able to pick up the groceries/have it brought to the car and loaded into the trunk 
- A safe drive to the grocery store and back
- Being able to shop the sales for a good portion of my purchases
- Having groceries available for purchasing

Today's joyful activity was picking up groceries!

How is your April grocery budget coming along?  Have you found any good sales?  Are you managing to keep to your budget?  


  1. You did well with the offers and it's wise to stock up when items are at a good price. I've been doing so with jars of coffee as the price of my favourite brand has rocketed recently so time for a change.
    I don't blame Jennifer being unhappy having to work on her day off. In my working life I was a store manager for many years and covering for staff who phoned in sick was a regular occurrence for me and I became weary of it. One time I had a phone call from an area manager who told me my store was to start opening on Sundays and as I was already working six days a week I told her bluntly I could not work seven days a week! She told me she would get back to me which she never did so my store continued to be closed on Sundays, thank goodness for that!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Yes, I try to stock up only when there is a sale or when I think that the current price might be increasing. It's becoming harder and harder to find good sales! I've been meaning to ask you how the switch to a different grocery store (as the previous one raised their delivery fee) has been working out. I know you said that the first delivery from the new store had some substitutions you didn't accept.
      I'm glad you stood up to the area manager and let her know that you couldn't work 7 days a week! That's too much! I hope Jennifer gets an extra day off, later on.

  2. Looks like you won't be going hungry at your house. :)

    1. Yes and it's truly a blessing, isn't it? It's sad to think that in this land of plenty, there are people who go hungry. I have a few items set aside for when the Postal Service comes around to collect for the food bank - they usually do it in May, either the first Saturday or the Saturday after (just before Mother's Day); I forget which day. But, they leave a bag to be filled and left outside by the mail box to be collected by them.

  3. Prices here in France seem very high. I try to keep to my shopping list every week, but it is still expensive. I shop at Lidl, and if they have their "special" weeks I try to stock up on items I like (halloumi on Greek week, pasta sauces and bruschetta toppings in Italian week etc)

    1. Sounds like you are shopping wisely, stocking up when things are on sale. :) I watch some online videos posted by another British person living in France and she talks about the prices she pays for her groceries. I find it all very interesting. :)

  4. You did well stocking up on the turkey and your tuna - can't forget Dancer!
    Along with the chicken in your freezer you now have the ground turkey.
    As another reader said, no going hungry in your house :)
    Another month under budget for you. Good job.
    Yum- Spaghetti and meat sauce.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I did stock up on canned cat food for Dancer, but, he does enjoy his tuna! Yes, plenty of chicken in the freezer and now, some ground turkey. I browned one of the packets of ground turkey, last night, and will be using some of it for a meat sauce for spaghetti.
      Hopefully, no one will go hungry in my house! I've done what I can do to make sure of that! :) One of the first items brought into the house when we moved in was a small container with 7 varieties of grains/seeds (rice, lentils, mung beans, chick peas, etc., a handful of each), as advised by the Buddhist monks and placed on the altar by one of them, as a symbol of plenty, and there is a framed piece of copper engraved with a special prayer or blessing (the Buddhist equivalent of "Give us this day our daily bread", I suppose). There might be times when money is tight and the rations are reduced, but, hopefully, there will always be something to eat. :)


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