Monday, April 3, 2023

Meal Plans: March Week 5 Review and April Week 1

These were my meal plan options for the last week in March:

Brunches: Sauteed garbanzo beans (Monday)✔, banana muffins✔, scrambled egg and toast✔, salad✔, frozen burrito, milkrice with seeni sambol and mackerel curry (on Saturday, April 1)✔, leftover milkrice and mackerel curry✔,  bread pudding, cornbread

- Smoked sausage/vegetables stir fry with rice (Monday)✔
- Beef pot pie stew (using canned beef stew)✔ 
- Turkey and vegetable soup; biscuits
- Leftovers✔

Here's how it worked out:

Brunch: Sauteed garbanzo beans, banana muffin
Dinner: Smoked sausage/vegetables stir fry with rice
Snack: Cereal with milk; raisins

Brunch: Banana muffin
Dinner: Salad, smoked sausage stir fry and rice, canned pineapple for dessert
Snack: Crackers with peanut butter and apple/cranberry jam

Brunch: Scrambled egg (1 egg), toast, apple juice
Dinner: Canned beef stew with frozen green peas added.

Brunch: Bara Brith bread pudding
Dinner: Smoked sausage stir fry and rice, another piece of bread pudding for dessert

Brunch: Salad (lettuce from the garden, grapes, bottled dressing)
Dinner: Smoked sausage stir fry and rice, bread pudding with custard for dessert
Snack: Canned beef stew

Brunch: Milkrice, mackerel curry, seeni sambol
Dinner: Pancakes, mackerel curry, bread pudding with custard for dessert

Breakfast: Cornbread
Lunch: Milkrice and mackerel curry, apple juice
Dinner: Scrambled egg (1 egg) and toast
Snack: Apple

Well, that didn't turn out too badly, did it?  I followed the meal plan for the most part.

I didn't make the pot pie, but, ate the stew as a stew because it was easier (and I probably didn't need the extra calories from pastry, anyway, especially since I had made bread pudding and custard, etc.)  There is a little more stew left, so there might still be a pot pie, next week!

I also didn't make the turkey and vegetable soup because I didn't feel like having soup, this week.  

Moving on to April!

I start the first full week of April with lots of leftovers and they will dictate the meal plan options!

Brunches:  Leftover pancakes (1 serving), leftover milkrice (1 serving), leftover mackerel curry (at least 2 servings), a leftover piece of cornbread, salads, frozen burritos, boiled mung beans

- Leftover beef stew (1-2 servings; maybe I will make that pot pie, after all?)
- Chicken curry, rice, dhal, broccoli
- Battered fish fillets (frozen), rice, snow pea pods
- Turkey and vegetable soup
- Leftovers

Desserts/Snacks: leftover bread pudding (about 3 servings) plus a bit of leftover custard, fresh fruit (apples and mandarins), canned fruit, baked chicken wings

At least, that is the plan.  How things will actually work out will depend on a number of factors including if I will put in an order for groceries during the first week of April or not!  The above meal plan is made based on what I currently have on hand.

How about you?  Did you make a meal plan for the last week in March and if you did, did you follow it?  Will you be making a meal plan for the first week in April?  If you are celebrating Easter, what will you be having for Easter dinner?  


  1. Your plans are very detailed ensuing each meal is varied & filling. I do plan for dinners each week & I make it so I can switch which is which on the days. I always meal plan before making a grocery order & a check of what's in the frig. I will be celebrating Easter & hopefully our church will be open by then. It has been closed for two weeks now because of the Covid outbreak & everyone that contracted the virus is still really quite ill - YIKES!

    1. I try to keep the plans varied, but, the reality is I often eat leftovers for several days! For example, there was sausage stir fry for dinner on 4 nights, during the last week of March! But, I don't mind that. I suppose I could have frozen some of it for another week, but, it was easier to simply serve a plate of whatever is in the fridge and warm it up.
      Oh, I do hope that your church will be open for Easter Sunday services and everyone who is ill will recover soon. This virus is with us to stay, I believe, and being vaccinated doesn't necessarily make us immune to it, it just reduces the severity of the illness. I hope you will still be able to celebrate Easter even if the church remains closed; will there be an online service you could watch?

    2. Thankfully there are several options for online church Easter services :) Is your daughter coming to you for Easter? We get Good Friday as a stat holiday, do you in California get Good Friday?

    3. I'm glad you have the option of watching online Easter services, Mary-Lou. No, my daughter is not planning to come home for Easter. She doesn't want to expose me to any viruses she might bring home because she'd have to fly down. She will only come home when she is able to get a ride home with her friend and she usually quarantines herself for at least a week prior to visits. I am not expecting her to come down until Thanksgiving. Good Friday is not a state holiday, here, nor is Passover.

  2. Don't feel too bad about not making the pot pie because I didn't make mine either. Your meal plan for last week turned out quite well. It will be the Easter weekend this week so I have meat in the freezer in readiness and could be turkey, lamb or beef so I will have to order fresh vegetables and salad stuff and I have already treated us to Easter eggs :)

    1. Thank you, Eileen; sometimes, planned meals don't work out because I don't feel like putting in the effort! LOL. Pot pie does still sound good, so, I might make it this week. :)
      Sounds like you have planned ahead very nicely for your Easter meal. I'm waiting to see what the grocery sales will be like this week (our grocery stores change their sale prices on Wednesdays) before I decide if I want to put in an order for groceries.

  3. Have a beautiful day. Regine

    1. Thank you, Regine; hope all is well with you. :)

  4. Plans for sausage and mash one day fell apart as we were going to bottle syrup after supper and the pots of syrup were keeping warm on the stove ready for the tall container with the tap. DH was concerned that the smell of the sausages would get into the syrup!! So we had beans on toast, easier anyway. The following morning we enjoyed some new syrup on pancakes saved in the freezer.

    1. Nothing against beans on toast, but, DH might have missed the opportunity to have a new product: "Sausage Flavored Maple Syrup"! Sausages are so expensive these days that having the flavored syrup would reduce the need for having sausages with pancakes. :D

  5. You did well last week and fingers crossed that it works out well this week.

    My only 'plan' for this week is that main meals will be chosen from the home cooked portions in the freezer but I haven't actually detailed the meals I'll have on specific days. I just need to pick up some fresh veg to add to the meals. xx

    1. Thank you, Eileen. It's only the 2nd day, but, I'm staying within the plan, so far! :D
      I really do like your plan and that's why you batch cook, isn't it?
      I watched a video of someone preparing about two dozen meals in one day of cooking and I got exhausted just watching her! I prefer to cook extra portions of one item and freeze.
      Currently, I have packages of chicken curry and portions of moringa curry in the freezer; all I'd need to do would be to cook some rice to put together a quick meal. :)

  6. I really have to watch what I eat. I just got back from a cruise, and enjoyed things I normally avoid; sticky cinnamon buns, Bon Voyage cake, bread...I don't do well with those foods. They make my knees ache. I try to stick with huge salads, nuts, fruit, and chicken or meat. You seem to do well with your meals.

    1. Welcome back, Stephenie. Hope you had a lovely cruise. I think you eat a lot better, healthier meals than I do! I should eat more salads and less rice, bread, and cake! I'd be several pounds lighter if I did so! :)

  7. Your meal plan looks really good! I have chicken sausage in the freezer but I keep forgetting about them. You've inspired me. I think I'll cook some this weekend. I hope all's well with you.

    1. Thank you, Celie. Yes, all is well. :) Enjoy your chicken sausages. :)

  8. There were a lot of check marks with this weeks meal plan - you stuck to your plan pretty well.
    When did you sneak the custard in? Did I miss you making it for your Welsh bread pudding?

    1. I did well with my meal plan, didn't I? That doesn't happen always! Ha, ha, yes, I made the custard on the following day, I think. Then, I ate all the custard...I love custard! :D


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