Saturday, April 8, 2023

April Grocery Shopping - Part 1

I ordered groceries this morning and picked them up in the afternoon.

The store from which I order was having a sale on chicken for $.99/lb. again and store brand butter on sale for $2.99/lb. with a digital coupon, which is a good stock up price for butter these days.  Plus, it has been three weeks since I last grocery shopped and I was out of bread, carrots, cucumbers, and bananas!

I bought:

1 tray/family pack chicken drumsticks (3.97 lb.) @ $.99/lb. (reg. price $2.49/lb.) = $3.93

1 doz. large eggs (store brand) = $4.99
(I was hoping eggs would be on a good sale this week, for Easter, but, this was the best price for a dozen large eggs)

1/2 gal. milk (reg. price $2.79, store brand) = $2.39

4 lb. butter @$2.99/lb. with digital coupon (reg. price $4.79, store brand) = $11.96

1 plain Greek yogurt (5.3 oz. container, store brand) = $.88 

1 pkt. American cheese slices (24 slices; Kraft) with digital coupon (reg. price $6.99) = $3.99

1pkt. cream cheese (8 oz., store brand) = $2.39

1 pkt. plain bagels (6 count; non-store brand; store brand was out of stock, the price was the same) = $2.99

1 loaf sandwich bread, store brand = $1.79

3 bananas (1.21 lb.) @ $68/lb. = $0.83
6 apples (1.79 lbs.) @ $.99/lb. with digital coupon = $1.78

6 tomatoes (1.65 lbs.) @ $.99/lb. = $1.63
1 cucumber = $.79
6 carrots (2.09 lbs.) @ $.99/lb. = $2.07

(The joke was on me with the carrots - I didn't see any 1 lb. bags of carrots on the website and didn't want to buy a 2 lb. bag of carrots for $1.99 because I thought that would be too much; so, I picked the loose carrots and thought 6 carrots would be about 1 lb.  But, they turned out to be huge carrots, most of them over a foot in length!)

Long Carrots!

There was a $0.10 charge on plastic grocery bags, which was reinstated effective January 1 of this year (the bag fee was waived during the Covid emergency, but, the state of California declared that the Covid emergency was over effective April 1); today was the first time they actually charged me and they only charged me for three bags (although they packed my groceries in 6 or 7 bags!)  I have my reusable fabric bags in the trunk of the car, but, of course, since I pick up the groceries, they are bagged for me in reusable/recyclable plastic bags by the store staff.     

My total for groceries plus the bag fee came to $42.71

In addition, I bought five 4.2 oz. tubes of toothpaste, on sale for $.99@ with a digital coupon = $4.95 + $.47 sales tax on non-food items.  This does not come from my grocery budget, but, rather, from the $10/month household/toiletry budget.

April's grocery budget is $100.

I spent $42.71 today.

Balance left in the budget: $100 - $42.71 = $57.29

I froze the butter and I now have a good stock of butter on hand.  I am also well stocked on toothpaste!  

Have you gone grocery shopping in April yet?  Are you finding any good stock up prices?  


  1. We stopped at the village shop because I needed eggs. They cost twice the price of my usual free range ones from the supermarket!

    1. The price of convenience, I suppose? But, I'm glad you have the eggs you needed. :)

  2. Those are big carrots, you could freeze the five you're not about to use! I order loose bananas and loose onions and it's pot luck whether they arrive big or small. Our supermarket home deliveries arrive in trays so I have to have my bags for life ready by the front door. There is one frozen food store that charge for plastic bags which are packed and ready to be dropped off at the front door but as there is no delivery charge over a set spend amount it's not too bad. I agree with doing without plastic bags as it's for the good of the environment. I do stock up when there is a good offer on goods and I have a good stock of toothpaste too :)

    1. I bet Yasmin would have liked one of those carrots! :) Carrots usually keep well in the fridge; if not, I can always make some carrot muffins.
      My grocery store, too, waives the pick up fee if one buys for more than $35 worth of items. I don't mind them charging me for the bags and I reuse them for other purposes or recycle them. It's good to have a stock of both food and everyday items like soap and toothpaste, isn't it?

  3. Not much on sale for stock up prices these days, but I did find a dozen eggs for $2.10. That's about half of what they have been. I don't know if that was an Easter sale or if they are coming down in price here.

    1. That's a very good price for eggs! I hope you were able to stock up on them at that price. :)

  4. 3 weeks between grocery visits is quite an achievement!
    You must be happy to have a bit of a stock up to your everyday items, bread, bananas, milk etc. And another good sale on chicken. You are stocked for a while.
    I haven't seen butter any lower than that price either. I guess the $1.99 for a pound sale is a thing of the past.
    I've been to the store a few times this month but not necessarily to take advantage of anything on sale.
    My eggs were $2.13 last week. I hope yours come down to around that soon.

    1. I was very tempted to put in an order for groceries a week or so ago, especially since they were having a good sale on peanut butter ($.99/lb. jar, store brand), bread ($.79/loaf with coupon) and cereal ($1.99/box). They were all items I wanted, but, I had used up all my March grocery budget and I really didn't want to dip into April's. It worked out OK; I didn't go hungry! :)
      Yes, last time I stocked up on butter, it was $3.99 on sale and I bought because I didn't know if it would ever go on sale for $2.99 again! So, I was very happy to see it on sale for $2.99. Now I have enough butter to last me a good while. Maybe if the economy collapses, I can barter with butter! :D
      Live and Learn (above) commented that she, too, got eggs for $2.10 a dozen. I doubt very much if we'll see those prices, here, but, since my neighbor's chicken is not laying any eggs for me, I guess I will have to pay the asking price! :D

  5. Carrots are trying to take over the world!! Too funny that they were so huge. I sometimes make small carrot sticks to eat with our lunch and if I have a jar of pickles that has just emptied, I put a few carrot sticks in there and later they are delicious.
    I noticed that my less favourite store has a good deal on grapes, so they may be in favour if I can find them today. As for eggs, I am so blessed to have a neighbour who will deliver them at a reasonable price from her hens. I also get the enjoyment of hearing them clucking at certain times.
    Guess who showed up at the door, bell rung by DH? My doggy friend from next door discovered that the snow was firm enough to walk on this morning and came over!

    1. I've never seen such long carrots! Each is as long as two regular carrots! I guess they were really reaching deep down for that water? Anyway, carrots are supposed to be high in potassium and they keep better than bananas, so, I'll be having some carrots as sides or grated into my salads. :)
      I hope you find the grapes that are on sale. I'm glad you are able to get your eggs from your neighbor! My neighbor's chicken, who spends all day in my garden, eating the cat food and whatever else it can find, has not obliged me with an egg in return!
      Ooh, your doggy friend from next door came visiting! Hoping for an Easter treat, no doubt! Too funny about DH ringing the door bell for him! :D
      I hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend, Bushlady.

  6. Those are some big carrots! Eggs here have gone down in price a little bit but nowhere as cheap as they used to be at Easter. Have a good weekend!

    1. I'm used to seeing carrots that are 6-8 inches long, not more than 12 inches long! Wonder what fertilizer they added! Eggs are still expensive, here. Maybe they'll go on sale after Easter, when the demand is lower!
      Thank you, Sharon; hope you are having a good weekend, too.

  7. I don't think I have ever seen carrots that length before. I try to shop carefully, as the price of my groceries seems to be ever increasing. Xx

    1. They are definitely the longest carrots I've ever seen!
      Grocery prices are increasing everywhere, aren't they? I hope you are able to find some good sales at stock up prices, Jules.

  8. The carrots look lovely. Were they sweet? I spotted carrots on offer here for 19p/kg and bought two bags! Gave one to Mum and made carrot and coriander soup with the other, which I shared with my sister. I thought of you as I had it ... both for the frugality and because of the coriander. (On the subject of frugality, it wasn't quite as cheap as it sounds as the coriander cost 75p!!) LOL

    1. I have not tried the carrots, yet. You got a good bargain on those carrots! Even with the 75p coriander, that was a frugal meal. Do you know that I've never had carrot and coriander soup? I just looked up a recipe and now I'm wondering if I should try making some! I once made carrot jam (actually, it was the first time I made jam on my own) and I didn't like it (tasted too carroty! :D )

    2. It just amused me that the seasoning cost vastly more than the basis of the soup! But it really doesn't taste the same unless you use fresh coriander. Sister came yesterday to collect her portion and I told her how much the carrots were. She asked if I wanted the money for her share and I said "Yes - but don't assume 10p will cover it" then explained why. She laughed and didn't pay me - maybe she needs to apply for a bank loan!?
      Going to buy more carrots next week if they are still on special offer.

    3. Tell your sister that the carrots are on you, but, she owes you for the coriander! :D
      If you are able to buy more carrots on sale/special offer, maybe you can make some carrot cake. One of my favorite cakes! :)


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