Monday, March 1, 2021

Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt - February

These are my photos for the WPSH in February:

#7 - An opening:  I have two possibilities for this prompt!  Couldn't quite decide which one to select!

#7A:  An opening of the purple pea pod to show the green peas inside:

#7A: An Opening

#7B:  An opening of leaf buds on the Fuyu persimmon tree: 

#7B: An opening (of leaf buds)

#13 - Something beginning with C:  Chimney!

#13 - Something beginning with C 

#14 - One of many: Osteospermum flowers in the garden

#14: One of Many

#13/15/16: Something beginning with C, something with legs, a face!

#13, 15, 16: Cat, Legs, Face!

LOL!  I'm cheating here, I know, but, currently, my phone is not uploading photos so, I am using the photos I already have!  Besides, I can't post yet another photography-related post without Dancer Cat being in it, can I? 

Alt. B:  Textured: Again, I had lots of photos for textured, but, I decided to go with the blanket I knitted for my daughter while I was expecting her.

Alt. B: Textured

I am linking up with Eileen for the February WPSH.

My December WPSH photos are here.

My JanuaryWPSH photos are here.

There is still another month left in the WPSH if anyone wants to join!


  1. Of course Dancer had to be included (and I'm expecting him to turn up in the March photo challenge as well - begins with C!). I think the pea pod is my favourite for 'opening' and you have a great choice for 'texture'.

    Thanks for joining in.

    1. Thank you for providing the opportunity to participate, Eileen. Ha, ha, you know that Dancer takes every opportunity to have his picture posted! :D

  2. See how helpful Dance is! 😁 I wish I had a helper like him.

    I too like the pea pod for ‘opening’. 😊

  3. I do enjoy your interpretations of the photo prompts!

  4. It's always fun to see your photo choices.

  5. I love the basket weave blanket! And may I point out that your submission for prompts 13, 15 and 16 also works for 6: horizontal! (Maybe there should be bonus points for the one who can make a single photo count for the highest number of prompts!!!)

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. Ha, ha, Dancer already posed for #6 Horizontal in December! But, yes, it would qualify for #6, too, and I quite like the idea of bonus points for a single photo that qualifies for most prompts! :D

  6. I like the pea pod for opening but how exciting to see those leaf buds opening!

    1. It really is exciting to see the leaf buds opening! Spring is springing all around me!

  7. Wow you have been busy with the photos. I really love the pea pod one.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; it seems that the pea pod is a favorite with many!

  8. lol
    I think Dancer would say, "yes, you can use my picture for every prompt."
    And we all would agree.
    I like your creativity of using the peas for the Opening prompt.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Dancer will be appearing in the March photo challenge, too! :D


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