Monday, March 1, 2021

Monthly Photo Challenge: February - Communication(s)

Eileen at A Bracelet of Days had selected "Communication(s)" as the theme for February.  My offerings for this theme are all examples I found close to home, either in the house or just outside, visible from my garden!  

Signs, communicating various things from restrictions:

Road Sign: Parking Restrictions

To open invitations:

Welcome Sign


TV Satellite Dish

TV Antenna

Telephone Pole

Modern Communication Necessities: Cell Phones and Lap Tops

Written communications:

Mail: Bills for Telephones and Internet Services

Mailers Including Supermarket Ads

Plant Identification and Growing Tips

Non-Verbal Communications:

American Sign Language Alphabet

Directional Signs on a Box: This Way Up

Symbol for Recycling on Packages

Laundry Instructions

I am afraid I cheated a little bit with the last two photos!  I took photos of these last two symbols, yesterday (February 28), but, my phone was unable to communicate them to my computer!  The photos are not uploading!  So, this morning, I borrowed my daughter's phone and took these last two photos!

The theme for March is "the letter C"!  Anyone else planning to participate?   


  1. Hmmm one of WPSH prompts is ‘something beginning with C’.

    While taking photos for WPSH, I can also participate in March photo challenge. I’m in. 😊

    You really think outside the box, Bless. I like your different interpretations of ‘communication’.

    1. Yes, it is, Nil - you can certainly participate in both! :D

      Thank you! Many ways in which we communicate! :)

  2. You've found a great selection Bless. I love the cat shaped welcome sign 😊

    I didn't think of plant labels or laundry instructions! Thanks for joining in and good luck with finding all the Cs.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. The welcome sign was a gift from my sister! :)

      Looking forward to finding the Cs and hoping my phone will cooperate!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Martha! You should join us for March!

  4. I think the only thing you left out were smoke signals. :)

  5. I have been checking here every day and still managed to miss this post! It's really confusing reading your blog at both ends - I seem to have multiple "my Two Cents" tabs open!!

    Some similarities with my finds, which is fun. Your washing instructions were inspired! I wouldn't ever have thought of that!

    1. Oops! Sorry about that! But, I think posting two photography related posts, back to back, can cause a bit of confusion, too! Thank you for checking every day, though! :)

      Yes, I noticed some similarities with both yours and Eileen's, but, you know what they say about great minds and all that! :D The washing instructions were prompted by trying to decipher what a particular garment label recommended!

  6. Very thorough selection of communications photos! You always come up with great interpretations.

  7. Great photos! I love all your communication examples!

  8. Great job on collecting all of the different ways of communicating.


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