Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Pomegranate Tree in the Fall

Pomegranate Tree

I've been enjoying all the pictures people are posting of autumn leaves.  The pomegranate tree is the only tree in my garden with leaves that change color in the fall.  

Yesterday, I received an email notification that my grocery order from the Sri Lankan store was ready for pick up.  So, after a fairly relaxed morning, I drove over to the store and picked up the groceries I had ordered and also bought two packets of frozen grated coconut that I couldn't order online for some reason.  Each packet contains four smaller packets.  

Then, I called friend R and drove straight to her place to give her the items I had bought for her - one of the packets of frozen coconut, a packet of coriander seeds, a packet of sesame candy, and a packet of cream crackers.  In exchange, she gave me more vada (lentil snacks) and another Sri Lankan treat, called "halapa" she had ordered from the lady who makes all these treats:

Halapa - Wrapped in Banana Leaves


Halapa is made with the flour from finger millet (Eleusine coracana), which we call "kurakkan".  The flour is mixed with grated coconut and treacle (or sugar) that has been cooked together and then, spread in the middle of a leaf and steamed.  In Sri Lanka, it was traditional to use a type of leaf called "kanda" (Macaranga peltata) to make halapa, but, when kanda leaves are not available, banana leaves (cut into circles) can also be used.  Both types of leaves impart a flavor to the food wrapped and cooked in them.  As a child, I was especially fond of halapa.  But, I haven't eaten any in years!

After I came home, I disinfected the groceries and put away some of them.  I bought more tea, different types of curry powder, some chili powder, spices, coconut milk powder, snacks/treats like cassava chips, fried breadfruit chips, land sesame-jaggery candy, and some jars of seeni sambol (for my daughter) and chow-chow (chayote squash) preserves:

Chow Chow Preserve

What I really wanted was a jar of pumpkin preserve, but, they didn't have any; so, I will use chow chow preserves instead, when my daughter comes home for the holidays and we make the special cake that is known as Love Cake (I've written about Love Cake in old posts).

Later, I practiced the piano, watched news and some other TV programs, did three loads of laundry, and made my bed with freshly laundered sheets.  I also received the delivery of the two bags of cat food we ordered.

For dinner, I made coconut roti (flat bread), with frozen grated coconut and whole wheat flour.  I made six rotis, but, ate one before I took the picture!  

Coconut Roti/Flat Bread

Dinner was roti and fish curry.

Yesterday, I was grateful for:

- The Sri Lankan groceries were ready for pick up

- A nice drive to the store and back (the car started and had a good run, too)

- Being able to bring some treats to friend R

- Friend R giving me some treats in return!

- Freshly laundered bed sheets

Yesterday's joyful activity was visiting friend R for a brief minute.  

Today, I spent some time in the garden, walking up and down the driveway for 20 minutes, then, watering the front.  Later, I practiced the piano.  In the afternoon, I accidentally knocked over an empty glass jar which shattered on the kitchen floor!  So, I swept the kitchen floor and mopped it for good measure.  Afterwards, I did some paperwork and watched news.  

In the evening, I went to my dental appointment.  My appointment was at 6 o'clock, and I got there a few minutes early, but, the small waiting room was full!  Everyone was wearing a mask, but, at least two of them had their masks on below their noses, which is less than ideal.  The chairs were not set six feet apart, either.  So, as soon as I had signed in, I told the receptionist that I would stand outside until it was my turn to be seen.  Which I did from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., which was when they called me in!  Then, they only took another impression of my bite!  They took an impression of my bite the last time, too, but, apparently, they needed another impression!  I do have a rather odd bite, but, still!  I was hoping to have my partial ready to be fitted, today!  Needless to say, I was not very happy!  I wouldn't have minded if we didn't have a pandemic raging, but, every time I go out in public, I am aware that I am compromising my health!  I now have another appointment at the end of the month!   Sigh.

I came home, afterwards, resisting the temptation to buy a pizza (the dental clinic is located in a mini mall, with a pizza shop a couple of doors down from it) or pick up a burger from a drive through.  After I changed out of the clothes I wore to the dentist's, I ate a banana and later, I ate two more coconut rotis with the last of the fish curry for my dinner.  Dessert was a small piece of halapa, followed by a handful of golden raisins and raw cashews (both bought from the Sri Lankan store; at this rate, all the cake ingredients will be gone by the time my daughter comes home to make the cake!  LOL!). 

Today, I am grateful for:

- A sunny day

- The garden to walk in

- Being able to drive myself

- Yummy treats

- Fresh fruit from the garden

Pomegranates from the Garden

The pomegranates are ripe and I've been picking them, a few at a time.  I am hoping that my daughter will be able to come down in time to enjoy them.

Today's joyful activity was spending time in the garden.

Plans for tomorrow include relaxing and getting some housework done.  

How was your day?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. Bless, this is a delicious post!!! Do you make the coconut roti in any particular way? I make chappatti with just flour and water but yours sound really nice.

    1. Thank you, Ratnamurti. I posted some directions for coconut roti here:

      Basically, add grated coconut (I use thawed frozen coconut that I am able to buy; desiccated coconut will work, too, just add a little extra water) to the flour and water (and a bit of salt, too, if you like). Hope you make some and like them.

  2. Thank you for the link to the roti recipe. How lovely to have your own pomegranate tree! They're a real treat for me, relatively expensive to buy. But I found some pomegranate molasses syrup in a little Turkish shop in February, and use that to add an exotic touch to desserts!

    1. You are welcome, Angela. I hope you will be able to make some coconut roti, one day. The pomegranate tree was a gift from the monks at the temple, when I first bought this house. It was planted in the front garden, near the entrance to the walkway up to the front door for "good luck"! It took some time for it to start producing fruit, but, now, I get to pick some fruit every year. I recall you pouring some of that pomegranate molasses on the banana pancakes you made the other day. :)

  3. Your meals always sound so tasty. I do like the sound of your coconut roti and a quick search tells me that frozen shredded coconut is available from one of the big supermarkets, so I may be able to try your recipe one day.

    That was a bit frustrating about the dentist and a real nuisance that you have to have yet another appointment.

    The pomegranates look so good!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I've had a very gentle reminder from a good friend about the lack of green vegetables in my recent meals, so I need to correct that!

      I'm glad frozen coconut is available over there; maybe you can try making coconut roti, one day. :)

      The dentist visit was a bit frustrating because every time I go out, it means I am potentially getting exposed to the virus. But, then, again, I don't want to pay $600 (my part of the bill after insurance) and get something that doesn't fit properly, either.

      Thank you; the pomegranates are very sweet, this year. I am wishing my daughter can get to taste some; she loves pomegranates.

  4. You have been busy in the kitchen - scones should not be any problem for you (col). How wonderful to grow your own pomegranates. As a kid we always got one at Thanksgiving & it took ages to peel & eat, which was probably my Mother's way of keeping us all busy & quiet.

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence! :D I shall definitely try my hand at making scones this weekend! Yes, peeling the pomegranates and removing the seeds take some time, but, the end results are worth it!

  5. Replies
    1. LOL, I thought of you when I wrote the post! I had a feeling you might want to come to dinner! Next year, Anne, when the pandemic is over, come and visit me. :)

  6. So much good stuff! the Halapa is really interesting. If you don't nee that partial right away I would just skip it for a few months until the virus is under control. It's just too dangerous out there!

    1. Thanks, Martha. I really should have just had the tooth extraction done and said I'll wait for the partial. But, the fear was that the remaining teeth will shift (they've already started doing that) and that will cause other problems and also, I was trying to get everything done before my insurance changed. Sigh.

  7. It must be a real treat having your very own pomegranate tree. I generally just use them in cooking these days but I have fond memories of using a pin to eat them when I was a child. X

    1. Oh, my! I've never heard of anyone using a pin to eat pomegranates! I hope you didn't prick yourself doing so!

  8. I love reading about your exotic (to me) foods!
    I feel really cross on your behalf at the ridiculous way your dentists is organized, especially as you had a specific time to arrive. Here they don't allow anyone in the building until it is appointment time and they use the phone to contact patients outside when it is time to come in. Since I don't use a cell phone I had the first appointment last time and was able to knock on the window to let them know I was around! I hope you can get your partial soon without problems.

    1. Glad you enjoy reading about my food. These are the treats from my childhood. :)

      I think this particular dental clinic is not taking the virus as seriously as they should. I go there mainly because they do just about everything inhouse. The previous dentist I had wouldn't do certain procedures (like root canals/crowns, etc.) and would refer you to another dentist, which I didn't like. One of my friends suggested that, the next time, I call to make sure that the partial is ready before I go!

  9. I have been to many appointments including the dentist over the last several months and all of them have gone above and beyond to make things safe. I am very surprised about your dentist's office. Sounds like there must have been some kind of problem earlier in the day that got them backed up, but they should have asked people to wait in their cars and be called to thin out the waiting room. With all of that being said, I'm sure that it was all okay anyway.

    1. Some of the people waiting were, apparently, family members who were waiting for the patient to be done with their appointment! I only realized that when I saw them coming out, together. In all my other doctors' clinics, there are big signs in the front door that only patients are allowed in the waiting room. At least there is a sign that says everyone is required to wear a mask. Last time, the receptionist wasn't wearing a mask and I questioned her about it! On this visit, she was wearing a mask. The atmosphere at the clinic seems very relaxed. Which is good under normal circumstances, but, we should be a little more careful, these days, in my opinion. The one good thing about yesterday was I was inside the clinic for all of 10 minutes!

  10. Your pomegranate tree has pretty wispy leaves and they turn a nice color.
    Lots of raking going on here but the end is in site so that's good. It's always such a huge job.

    All of your food sounds so good. I saw you mention the other day that you were going to pick up curbside from your Sri Lankan store. I didn't realize they started to offer that. I know you are happy to be able to purchase the things you like getting from them.

    Oh my, your dentist visit left a lot to be desired didn't it. Reading through your responses to comments I see that many of the people in the waiting room came along with someone who had an appointment.
    I do think it's up to the medical practice to make the environment as safe medically as they can and the dentist's office can do better.
    Hopefully they will next time - since you have to go back. Again!

    1. When I first bought this house, there was a type of plane/sycamore tree growing on the parkway in front of the house - it was a street tree, planted by the City, but, its leaves changed color and dropped in late fall, early winter. The City eventually cut most of them down, because their roots were damaging the sidewalks, but, while it grew, my mother and I would rake up the leaves. My current trees shed some leaves (the peach tree, for example), but, M rakes them up for me!

      Yes, curbside pick up is a blessing! I am so glad the SL store offers it.

      I am not at all happy about the safety precautions, mostly not taken, at the dentist's office, but, I did what I could to keep myself safe. I don't want to complain until I have my partial!

  11. That dentist appointment sounds less than desirable. I don't think I would have been too happy!

    The Pomegranates look wonderful. I remember when I was a child we used to get them from the greengrocers. Mum would cut them in half and we'd each get a half. She would give us a pin to get the seeds out. It was such a treat!

    1. You are the second person to mention getting the pomegranate seeds out with a pin as a child! :)


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