Sunday, November 29, 2020

November Joys - Review

I had made a list of planned joyful activities for the month, at the beginning of November.  With the end of November in sight, I thought I will do a review to see how it worked out.  As I've stated earlier, it is not yet another "to do" list, but, rather, a list of joyful activities that I looked forward to doing during the month.  

November Joys:

- Craft projects/Play with fabric and/or yarn - I finished knitting the scarf I had been making and started on a sweater!

Sweater in Progress

- Music - play, listen, sing  - I have been playing the piano, listened to some of my CDs, and sang along!

- Art - draw, color, paint - Didn't feel like doing any art!

- Gardening - I have been doing some gardening, mostly watering and picking some of the fruit!

- Decorating for Fall/Thanksgiving - I didn't feel like decorating, this year!  I did put out my fall (autumn leaves) kitchen towel out, but, that was it!  

- Reading  - Not a lot of reading, this month, either.  

- Participate in the monthly photo mini challenge - I did that; have to post my photos, tomorrow.  I also participated in a Thanksgiving photo scavenger hunt.

- Baking - Yes!  Corn bread and candied yam muffins, among other things!

Candied Yam Muffins

- Flower arrangements - There have been a few of those, too, using garden flowers.  

- Candles - I have started lighting a scented candle in the evenings.  

- The possibility of daughter being able to visit for Thanksgiving - Unfortunately, it was not to be and I was disappointed.  But, I'm hoping she'll be able to come home for Christmas, instead!

- Being alive!  (Celebrate birthday #65!) - I celebrated my birthday with good wishes from family and friends.  Daughter insisted on staying online video chatting until midnight, the night before, so she could sing Happy Birthday to me at midnight!  

While I didn't do everything I thought I might enjoy doing in November, I think it was a joyful month, over all.  I am happy with how it turned out.

How was your November?  Did you make a list of joyful activities for November?  If so, were you able to do those activities?


  1. I think you did well with your joyful activities for November. I try to do something joyful every day and, from last week, have been trying to add in some different things. I'm looking forward to seeing your December list.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I think decorating for Christmas will be on that December list! :D

  2. I am glad you had a joyful November even if it didn't work out exactly as planned.

  3. I am hopeful your daughter will be home for Christmas also!
    Months are as good as we make them and these current times require a little creativity. I am glad you were able to find joys throughout the month. Now onward to December!

    1. Thank you, Anne. Can't let one disappointment over shadow the rest of the good things that happened during the month! It was a joyful month, over all. Looking forward to December!

  4. It's such a lovely thing to look back and find that you have chosen joy, deliberately found it and celebrated it. I think that's such a healing thing to do in These Strange Times

    1. Thank you! Yes, I choose joy and happiness! We need it, especially these days, don't we? Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

  5. While I don't make a list, I do try to notice the little things that make me happy. Among them are leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, seeing a beautiful sunrise most mornings, having a purring cat on my lap, and seeing videos of my great nephew.

    1. Those are all very special joys, Live and Learn. I should make it a point to wake up early enough one morning to see a sunrise! :D


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