Monday, September 14, 2020

September Meal Planning: Week 2 Update and Week 3

I started out the week with good intentions!  These were my menu options for the week -

September Week 2 Meal Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Cereal with milk, French toast✓, scrambled egg and fried potatoes✓, boiled cassava with spicy onion sambol✓, pancakes✓.

Dinners:  Pasta with meat sauce✓; coconut flat bread with onion sambol✓; rice with fish curry hot dogs and cabbage✓; leftovers✓. 

Snacks/desserts:  Fresh fruits (oranges✓, apples), canned fruits, muffins✓, crackers✓, cereal✓, cookies✓, etc.

This is how those good intentions worked out:

Coconut Flat Bread

Brunch: Spaghetti and sauce 
Dinner:  Savory coconut flat bread
Snacks/Dessert: Crackers
Brunch: Coconut flat bread
Dinner: Spaghetti and sauce
Snacks/Dessert:  More coconut flat bread!

Breakfast: Crackers with peanut butter
Lunch: Rice, cashew curry, cabbage, hot dogs with red onions and tomato chutney 
Dinner: Coconut flat bread
Snacks/Dessert: cookie, orange

Lunch:Rice, cashew curry, cabbage, hot dogs

Brunch: French toast
Dinner:  Leftovers from Wednesday's lunch
Snacks/Dessert: cookie, orange, cereal with milk

Brunch:  Scrambled egg, fried potato
Dinner:  Spaghetti and sauce
Snacks/Dessert: Orange, muffin

Brunch:  Spaghetti and sauce
Dinner: Rice, cabbage, cashew curry, hot dog cooked with onions and chutney
Snacks/Dessert: Orange

Brunch:   Boiled cassava with spicy onion sambol (katta sambol)
Dinner:  Pancakes with spicy/sweet onion sambol (seeni sambol)
Snacks: Peanuts, orange

I did well enough, I guess.  I didn't stray too much from my meal options and I didn't go hungry!

On to Week 3!  I still haven't done any grocery shopping, so, I am cooking from the freezer and pantry, this week, too.  

September Week 3 Meal Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Cereal with milk, scrambled egg and fried potatoes, pancakes, tuna salad on crackers.

Dinners:  Stringhoppers (rice noodles) with fish curry, leftover cashew curry, and potato curry; Rice with leftover fish curry, cabbage; Rice or noodles with smoked sausage stir fry; leftovers 

Snacks/desserts:  Fruits (fresh/canned), nuts, crackers, cookies, etc.

How about you?  What are your meal plans for the week?


  1. I'm cooking up some more batches for the freezer this week - chilli, savoury mince, chicken casserole, veggie soups, and something creative with chickpeas but I don't know what yet!

    1. All of those sound good! Especially for the upcoming cooler weather. If you like, you could try how I usually cook chickpeas (garbanzo beans):

  2. Ooh stringhoppers with fish curry! Yum!
    Your meal plan made me hungry, and I have a class in 10 minutes. LOL

    1. Oops! Sorry, Nil! :D

      This is the last packet of frozen stringhoppers I bought from the Sri Lankan store. But, last night, I pulled out my mother's stringhopper mold and the wicker trays. I haven't make my own stringhoppers, yet, but, I want to try. :)


    2. Years ago I made stringhoppers once. I didn’t have enough strength to press the mold, so finally I had to call a friend. LOL

    3. That's what I'm afraid of - that I won't be able to press the mold! Or, my hands will cramp. How did my mother make stringhoppers without any trouble well into her 70s?

  3. Sounds like you are doing great! I only shopped once this month and shouldn't need to go again between what I still have on hand. Maybe a few fresh veggies toward the end of the month but that's about it. Have a yummy week :)

    1. Thank you, Martha. I will need to go grocery shopping, pretty soon, to get some fresh vegetables, bread, and a few other things.

  4. The flat bread looked good and sounds great. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Thank you, Susie. Hope all is well with you and Ted. :)

  5. I had to google string hoppers and the molds. Do you make your own noodles?
    This is what I mean about your exotic meals!

    1. My mother used to make her own stringhoppers, although I haven't made any yet, myself. I have been buying them from people who make them or the frozen ones from the Sri Lankan store. But, yes, you basically make your own noodles - mix up a dough of rice flour (or steamed wheat flour) and water, press the dough through the mold so it falls in thin strands onto woven wicker trays so that it forms a small, round mound, and then, steam the trays; once steamed, the stringhoppers are removed from the trays and eaten with curries, etc. :)

  6. You had me at coconut flat bread!

    1. You should try making some. They are delicious!

  7. Yesterday was takeout for DH's birthday! Today I had to use up half a jar of pasta sauce, so we had spaghetti. Not sure what tomorrow will be. I went grocery shopping this morning so we have 3 kinds of meat in the freezer plus more sausages, and a big bunch of fresh kale which works cooked or raw in a salad, plus frozen veggies and other fresh salad ingredients.
    I've decided to start to stock up on various non-perishables and paper goods so I won't have so much to haul home in the winter. I'm going to use marker on my canned goods so the year and month are easy to see, and the newer ones will go in a closet in the spare room I think. I hate trying to read that small "best before" printing.

    1. Happy birthday to your DH!

      Sounds like you have several options for tomorrow's dinner. I think it is a good idea to stock up on non-perishables before the winter, Bushlady. The less you have to carry back and forth to and from the car in the winter, the better.


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